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I really do think we will see more games revert in the near future with a subscription offering. I liked it so much that I actually believed them when they announced the cash shop was re-worked to a more consumer friendly state, but it still was P2Win and so I uninstalled it with a fool me twice shamed state of mind. If you do go back and try it again on a subscription, or know someone who does, please share this information.
Con: above and I had a bad experience with their support even if they did give me a refund in the end.
If only they matched people with the same talent tree lvl unlocked against each other and it would be perfect. 390 Rb for 30 days’ playtime, with option to sub for 60 or 90 mo at a time at a slight discount, I didnt bother checking what payment options there are. For the moment, those are items like Storage, Megaphones (??), Guild Symbol change scrolls (??), Ship appearance change coupons, Magpie Assistant, Wedding Dress, and other pleasant surprises. All mounts currently available for the free servers in the cash shop will be available on the subscription server as well. Mounts may be purchased from NPC vendors or obtained in astral events, raids and mass pvp events.
One more thing worth mentioning is that exactly the same game client can be used to play on the subs server as the free servers, from which I would assume there is the same amount of Engrish Translayshun available to subsers as there is to f2prs. When one compares any MMO to WoW they need to say which iteration of WoW they are referring to. Has anyone ever done a detailed rundown of what the current version of the Allods shop actually costs someone playing at endgame? From what I read (including here), the consumable perfume thing was effectively an hourly fee for playing content where you were going to die.
The estimates back when the initial cash shop was launched was roughly $80 a month for perfume alone if you actively participated in PvP on a daily basis…the death debuff was just crippling, you pretty much had to have perfume at all times or the game was completely unplayable.
I don’t know any of the details after the cash shop overhaul, obviously most of us who were following this game had already left as the damage was clearly done at that point. I came back after they revamped the perfume items, but the rune synthesis cost was still functionally uncapped since the amount for max level was still too high to be worthwhile. When I’m looking at which F2P game I want to spend my time on, I make my decision based purely on gameplay experience because there is no price barrier to trying out the game. This is one game I’d consider trying again if they did offer a NA subscription server. Given that the article seems to point to Allods opening up one server rather than fully converting, it’s more a case of a F2P title moving towards offering a hybrid payment model.
Just just had to respond to the naysayers and misinformed people who make comments about games they have never played or set foot in for 5 hrs or less..

If will alays play ALlods Onlime on and off because it is a fun experiemce and if you have a character for each faction, n either will ever repeat the same quests or content. Allods is a 3D fantasy themed, multiplayer, online role-playing game, which is published by GPotato. The game is free to play but players can buy virtual game content with real world money or by using a good hack.
Our Allods hack is tested and found working on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. Allods cheat works like a charm on all the servers across the world, as it is a globally working program. Gold is a primary game currency, which can be used to buy Weapons, Items, Armor, etc in the game.
Speed hack feature allows you to move around as well as attack your enemies at unimaginable speed and agility. Invisibility mode, Level hack, Fly hack, etc are some of the additional features offered by our hack. Our Allods hack is a user-friendly program which means you can access the previously mentioned features by just pressing few clicks. Our Allods cheat is equipped with a smart anti ban system that keeps your avatar well hidden from all the anti cheat engines and thus saves you from being disqualified. Once you download our hack, you don’t have to install updates manually as it has a built in auto updater, which mechanically installs new updates.
Stuffed with all these amazing features, Allods hack 2012 is certainly the best hack available over the internet for Allods game.
The Russian MMO Allods Online is slowly moving towards launch and next Tuesday the open beta phase of development kicks off in Europe. The designers of this game made a product where one could see the love and attentiveness, and then were tasked to break their child’s bones and sell P2Win crutches. The way I read this, currently both occur simultaneously, and they are looking into providing those as separate? That armour on the left looks like a near pixel-level copy of some Warrior armour I had at what Tier 4? Its a WoW clone in a time where even WoW had to bribe subscribers to stick around by giving away Diablo 3. For me it actually is worth $15, which is saying a lot given that I have become somewhat Scroogie with successful B2P cash shop MMO’s like GW2 and non-ending Steam sales. We now see what was specifically included by the devs as punitive game mechanics solely to generate profit from the cash shop. As far as I am concerned BC and earlier versions were far superior to the more recent WoW versions.

I just see it as a missed opportunity to not undercut the big guy (WoW) for some free word of mouth marketing, which at the same time might bring back interest in those who were fired up about the game at release, and just as immediately turned off by greedy cash shop design. It was the runes that made for a P2Win situation, while the perfume was more to un-cripple your toon in PvP.
Some of the similarity to WoW was what made it so accessible and easy to pickup but it definitely had its own feel and functionality (ie. I think the fact that there are people like us that had invested time and perhaps actually money into the game, got shafted (sometimes more than once), but are still willing to give it another go, speaks to its potential. There is soooooo much a player gets for FREE and yes, you can play and see and do everyt6hing in the game for FREE without one purchase from the store. Gotta love a game that is going all out, LISTENS TO ITS COMMUNITY, holds weekly in-0game events and wants to keep the game growing while keeping its players happy and thats what keeps mos of allods fans LOYAL. I only play one character per faction in the mmos i adventure in just because I like seeing content ONCE and enjoy every second of it. Sooooo may amazing games have had wrong reviews and promoted incorrectly – dont let that stand in the way of amazing adventures! The game is set in a fantasy period where a planet named Sarnaut is shattered into thousands of pieces called Allods. There are various Allods hacks and cheats accessible over the internet, which provides infinite amount of virtual game benefits to the users.
Now, you can buy whatever you wish as our hack allows you to instantly generate unlimited amount of Gold and that too free of cost. The game, which is free to play and features an item shop to generate money, is supposed to be done during the spring. However, it is unsafe to use such hacks without doing good amount of research as most of them suffer from limitations such as compatibility issues, inadequate protection against bans, repeated crash downs and errors, etc.
Where are all the raging feminists I expected in the comments?i»?Valentin Teslov: Wth, he changed so much. Community was one key element that stood out for me, as it surpassed WoW greatly in this regard. Our dedicated team has created a multi feature hack called Allods hack 2012, which is different from the rest of the available hacks and will make your gaming experience more rewarding.
The openness and sharing of veterans to help out newbs was amazing and made you return the favour in turn as you became a veteran. The game has a vast storyline where players need to battle countless demons and complete tons of quests in order to level up in the game.

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