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All I had to do was build a habit of waking early and then I’d figure out what to do after that.
Once my grogginess wore off and I became more awake, I sprinkled in some positive habits that I found in the book The Miracle Morning. A few other habits I experimented with were lucid dreaming practice, pushups, planks, pull-ups, going for a walk, yoga, spending time in nature, breakdance practice, practicing piano, write blog post, drink more water, eat vegetarian, sleep by midnight, make music, log expenses, cold shower, dance, say no to one thing, delegate at least one task, random act of kindness, organize for ten minutes, declutter, get rid of one thing, listen to audiobook, listen to podcast, no caffeine, no sweets, no social media, etc. Once the weather got warm and the sun started coming out earlier, I felt the urge to get up early again. After watching Sean Webb break down how emotions work in his Body, Mind, and Spirit 101 videos, I was blown away. I had a new reason to meditate every morning – to get in touch with my True Self and identify my False Self, the ego. In one of Robert Monroe’s books, he talked about how his curiosity led him further down the rabbit hole of out of body experiences. Lo and behold what people discovered during out of body experiences was the same kind of stuff I was reading in my other spiritual texts. Then that same friend turned me onto George Kavassilas who had a 6 hour YouTube lecture that would blow my mind even more.
The rest is much too deep to get into right now. For more, check out my posts on Soul Retrieval, Starseeds, and my Quantum Spehere Healing experience. The morning routine in and of itself it doesn’t exactly change a life, but it opens the door to many life-changing habits.
If the only thing you did each morning was meditate for 10 minutes and journal for 5 minutes, that alone would make a shift in your life. I feel every person should spend at least 15 minutes a day focusing on their own personal development. I usually go to bed at midnight, but sometimes I end up in bed at 1 and then it makes it a little harder. It is then much easier to take that gratitude for the smaller things and create desires that you would like to manifest which are more aligned with what you need rather than what you want. To start this meditation I use meditation beads and go all the way around the strand to make sure I come up with enough I AM positive statements.
To begin you can put on some meditation music or simply get in position and close your eyes.
When you have either finished going through the beads or the A-Z method you can then move onto the gratitude portion of this meditation.
Go through as many as you can think of and keep that steady breath in and out of the nose as you make your statements of gratitude.
Hopefully at this point you feel great about yourself, the energy of gratitude surrounds you and you can more clearly see your manifestations becoming a reality. Earlier we worked on an exercise of using past statements and turning them into affirmations that can help you move past those experiences. The idea of believing something when you feel you are in a place of complete opposition to the affirmation can be plain difficult to comprehend.
A great way to accomplish this is to write your affirmations out onto a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it often.
Having it on your bathroom mirror serves another purpose, it allows you to see yourself repeating the affirmation. Before we go into how to use affirmations it’s important to understand how to create them and which ones can serve you the best. When you come up with the affirmations that can help you the most I encourage you to think of where you are lacking self love in your current emotional state.
The other important thing to know when creating affirmations is how you use the words “I AM”.
Knowing now that we can write affirmations hat focus on our own self love, that we use only positive words after I AM, it’s also important to finish the affirmation with words that bring that feeling of certainty. Knowing the power of affirmations, lets start to create ones that can help you let go of those thoughts of past mistakes or experiences that are holding you back so you can move into a more joyous present moment.
This affirmation you can see doesn’t focus on what went wrong, name the person you haven’t moved on from and brings in a feeling of certainty with the word ONLY while utilizing a positive I AM statement.
Once you have your affirmations created write them down on sticky notes or even type them on your mobile device and set a reminder throughout the day that alerts you of the affirmation. This video has some of the best spiritual authors and how I am has worked for them as well.
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Today, she vowed, she would fan the flames of creativity, passion and excitement and not the flames of hurt and anger. Whether you are a mom, know a mom, have or had a mom, this day honors the highest qualities of mothers. She began to realize that happiness could be achieved by making a series of small positive choices every day. It was amazing was how quickly a call with an agenda-free friend could help her sort out the options and choose what was best for her. My trick was to watch a new episode of some addictive TV series first thing in the morning while I sipped my coffee. This was Silence (meditation), Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (journaling). I noticed I tend to fall much easier into habits of journaling, reading, and meditating every morning because those were pretty easy. I would use the Wake Back to Bed technique and while I still got up at 6 AM, I was back in bed sleeping by 6:30.
I was not a spiritual person at all, but I was interested in meditation to help relieve stress and yoga as exercise. I started listening to his podcast Super Woo Radio and all of this was so far out yet so interesting to me.
Affirmations are a way to overcome the subconscious mind that often tells us something bad will happen, that we need to focus on the past and that we don’t deserve happiness.
While your spiritual drill sergeant wants you to feel better and sees that you have the choice to be happy sometimes we want to tell him “listen you’re crazy and this one slice of cake won’t hurt”. I like to put these notes in my wallet, on the bathroom mirror, and even on my dashboard in my car. This might seem silly at first and can even feel uncomfortable but as you do it more the image of yourself exposed only to yourself and stating something positive about yourself helps you move into that feeling wholeheartedly. While an affirmation can be anything that encourages positive feeling within yourself for the purpose of self love it should be focused on just the self. If you put a lot of thought into past relationships focus your affirmations on how you are in relation to yourself. Start with affirmations that relate to the things that you worry about most or that you haven’t been able to move past.
We could use the tools I suggested earlier and create affirmations that allow you to feel better about yourself and that don’t focus too much on what isn’t in your current life. If we were to say “I AM at peace with my breakup from Bob” you would be bringing in the energy of that person while you could be attracting healing and self love to yourself that shouldn’t be affected by Bob anymore.
A transformation in her personal and spiritual life inspired her to conceive Radiance Coaching with the intention of supporting others in transforming their life with a holistic approach. They nurse, teach, comfort, encourage, protect, reveal, challenge, accompany, inspire, delight and more. I did do mild yoga and occasionally lift some weights, but that was never a big part of my routine.
This turned me onto the concept of the Ego and how it’s to blame for all the suffering we experience in the world. All the world’s religions are based on the same kind of spiritual principles, most notably around this idea of God. I went down the rabbit hole and noticed when I would feel fear or judgment before approaching a topic.
A friend lent me Barbara Hand Clow’s Alchemy of Nine Dimensions and holy smokes, she just took everything I knew already and turned it up to 11. Think of affirmations as your spiritual boot camp drill sergeant who you know wouldn’t want you to eat that slice of cake but wouldn’t punish you for it either.
The reality is when we are in that place of not feeling good about ourselves, the self loathing can feel safe and even comfortable to many people.
At times when I wouldn’t think to read the affirmation it’s there in my daily life to remind me of something positive. If you feel uncomfortable doing the mirror work laugh at yourself in the mirror be silly, make faces and try reading the affirmation again. When you are laughing, passionate about something and fully open to an experience , that is your true self coming through.
If we write out affirmations about someone else influencing your life you shift that self love energy into one that is dependent on another’s feelings or thoughts. If financial issues plague your daily thoughts create affirmations based on financial security. When you say I am anything you are sending out a message not only to others but to yourself of how you feel about yourself.

The second affirmation leaves no room for doubt and doesn’t allow uncertainty when you are allowing yourself to believe the affirmation. Bob obviously didn’t make you feel too great so why attract more of that energy into your life. I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that changes week to week but reminds me of how I would like to feel. This led me to reading my first book from Eckhart Tolle, the Power of Now. What a game changer this was. For instance when I started realizing the overlap between spiritual concepts and aliens and ETs, my bullshit radar went off. Again, stuff I discovered through meditation, yoga, and Buddhist practices were lining up with my discoveries in out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. I ventured into fringe knowledge and esoteric subject matters and it changed the way I see the world forever.
If we all spent time each day learning and practicing how to become a better, more integrated and whole human being, the world would be a better place. Even if I don’t feel I’m in the emotional state of that affirmation the constant presence of it in my daily life slowly expands into my present conscious beliefs through repetition. Affirmations are a way for you experience what your true self has waiting for you that you haven’t actualized yet because of resistance. An example would be “I am at peace with who I am” vs “Others see that I am at peace with myself”. The affirmations you choose should be simple and short so you can set the vibration of that belief without too much effort. Certainty is a feeling we want to allow into our thoughts whenever we are coming from a place of self love. If you were to say “I AM at peace with not feeling abandoned” you are attracting a feeling that you could be abandoned by another person or reliving that feeling of abandonment that you allowed yourself to feel in the past. The first day I have the affirmation up I can read it out loud but don’t always belief it immediately. But I realized it was really just stereotyping and judgment of paranormal material being superstitious, fake, or batshit crazy. And here was a book that was putting these concepts in a context of the cosmos and the multi-dimensional nature of reality.
He’s there to help you get into spiritual shape and feel better about yourself but only when you were ready to allow his help. Just as when you put effort, thought and repetition into feeling bad about yourself the same can happen by repeating an affirmation.
When you experience joy and laughter you take away the power your ego has over you achieving the affirmation. When it comes to self healing affirmations you should focus your feelings to just the way you want to feel about yourself. The reality is you are never sad, broke or fat you are just experiencing that emotion or belief but you are not those things. When there is no wavering in your belief of how you feel about yourself its an incredible place to be.
The goal of affirmations are to bring about a better feeling than where you currently stand in relation to the emotion you want to feel. I find that after days of reading it and feeling it to be true that it becomes a core belief and allows me to attract that statement into my life more easily. Faking it till you make it is a tool to overcome a strong ego but the reality is when you connect to your true self there is no faking it, you can only experience well being. I encourage you to start to believe the affirmations you write out for it to really effect you in a positive way and to heal from what’s holding you back in life. When you say I am sad you are allowing yourself to believe you are that sadness and you are sending a vibration of attracting more sadness. There are many books based on the I AM theory which can be traced back to the name God told Moses he was when asked from the burning bush. For the purpose of this book and in relation to affirmations lets focus on keeping the words that follow I AM as something positive and uplifting.

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