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Positive Affirmations · Make A Vision Board Make A Vision BoardHow To Make A Vision Board: 7 Great Success Tips (Free!)Sign up and get it right now, FREE! We are letting down our walls of resistance, and when that solution does show up we’ll recognize it at once.
You’ll find some additional information there, plus a fun way to discover more about yourself and focus on what you really want.
We won’t even be surprised because, after all, we knew it was coming.Sponsored Links Positive Affirmations You Can Start Using Today!Are you ready to write your own affirmations?
Before you begin, be sure to check out our Positive Affirmation Tips below!If you prefer get started right this instant, here’s a ready-made list of positive affirmations, in both words and pictures.

You can use it for anything from lifting your spirits to improving your entire life.100 Positive Affirmations forLife, Love, Family, Confidence & Happiness Sponsored Link If you think that using affirmations is a waste of time, guess what? You are already using affirmations every day, pretty much all day long!In rare moments, we actually use positive affirmations.
You might also like to see 50 Affirmations for SuccessPositive Affirmation TipsWriting your very own positive affirmations is a wonderful idea because you can make them completely personal.
It somehow finds a way to apply to any situation or circumstance so that we never quite measure up. Even when there is no denying that we actually succeeded at something, our inner voice will find a way to discount it so that all credit goes to someone or something else, or to just dumb luck.Even worse, we believe all those negative thoughts.

Constant criticism from parents, teachers, and others can do damage that stays with us for years. The point is not to get into a mental screaming match with yourself, nor is it to deny they exist – quite the contrary!The purpose of positive affirmations is to raise your awareness, and to question and challenge the negative. It’s about learning to stop letting your head run on autopilot and accepting every bad thought as some kind of gospel.

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