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Part of planning for a successful year includes identifying an inspiring principle to live by at all times. To stay pumped up and get back on track we must overcome feelings of overwhelm by returning to our personal success mantra. When life throws us a curve ball, our underlying paradigm will dictate our reaction, and often our expectation of success or defeat. According to statistics published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8 percent of people who make resolutions actually stick to them. For example, the last time that you accidentally spilled or dropped something, did you find yourself -- whether in your head or aloud saying -- "Doh! I would give these to my students but I might get fired for telling them they have great bums. I went Christmas shopping yesterday and stopped for lunch at the mall food court which has a vegan restaurant called Urban Herbivore. Years ago our friends’ young daughter was sent into a downward spiral of anorexia due to a comment from a boy at school about her body.
I was told by a random stranger once that I looked like Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. I got a compliment at work yesterday on my outfit and honestly I just through it together without a thought.

When we set goals or make New Year's resolutions we often get sidetracked when daily life overwhelms us. Similar to positive affirmations, this personal life motto is a positive motivational statement that we empowerment coaches call an empowering paradigm phrase. And let's be honest, though we are working on becoming more positive and optimistic, life will often hit us over the head with challenges! You could likely tell me many areas of your life where you've performed or succeeded quite well. The girl you overheard is wise indeed, and I love the idea of random acts of complimenting kindness as a way to help people. The beauty with using kale is that you can completely make it up and let it marinate all morning.
I have a whole section in my post for tomorrow about giving compliments ?? And Urban Herbivore looks great!
I thought to myself – it would be awesome if I could listen to Positive Affirmations all night and as I start my day. From increased demands for our time from family or work to petty emotional skirmishes in our close relationships if we aren't dialed into the mental radio station of positivity our personal and professional goals may suffer. I might have to start saying that the next time I hear someone say something like that (which is hopefully never haha).

If I want a quick homemade dressing, I usually whisk together ACV, olive oil, minced garlic, dijon, honey, salt, pepper, dried basil & thyme. While that sounds complex, you could simply think of your paradigm as the rules or guidelines for living your life, adjusting to conflict and overcoming challenges. Low self-efficacy is linked to negative self-talk for many of my clients who say they feel like a loser. As I pointed out in my recent TEDx talk, you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for! Your paradigm is just your belief system that dictates how you behave in or react to everything you do in your life. These paradigms get installed during our upbringing -- like an operating system in a computer.

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