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If this time space reality has the wherewithal to give you the desire for something, this time space reality has the wherewithal to deliver the goods. As Better Feeling Thoughts become Better Feeling Beliefs, a Better Feeling Life is then reflected. Here’s a little mantra I like to use whenever I get caught up in the minutiae of pretending to be human.
One of my Facebook friends shared this Abraham quote this morning, which inspired me to make the condensed picture quote and share with all of you.
I’ve always loved Florence Scovel Shinn and I just learned that Louise Hay has recently come across her last writings and is publishing them via Hay House. If you’re wanting assistance on how to deal with (or even avoid) arguments with your loved ones, then this Abraham-Hicks video excerpt shared by Youtube User dewdrop157 may be of assistance.
Wishing everyone a Happier International Day of Happiness, and offering a reminder that every day can be the happiest day of our lives thus far if we simply choose to set that intention and then allow the universe to arrange itself accordingly. Here is an EFT video from the Genius that is Brad Yates for those of you who would like to attract a special someone or just more Love in your lives in general. And may we have the rockin’-est, fun-est, most supercalifragilistic-est day of our lives thus far!! Please enjoy this heartwarming video, friends, and remember that your miracle is only a better feeling thought or two away.
Laughing is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways we can raise our vibration and otherwise experience the frequency of our True Selves. Their bright eyes, adorable little mouths and noses, their curiosity and the way they pounce when they’re playing as if they were kings and queens of their jungles, their precious little mews and so, so much more…kittens shoot me straight into the Vortex every single time!
I believe that Source wants for me what I want for me, because there’s no reason not to. And as I believe all of this for myself, I believe it for all of you, because there is just no reason not to. Remember, it’s always mind first and then the physical expression, not the other way around.

The only criteria I use to determine whether or not something is True and Real in my world, and therefore worthy of my focus, is Love. Because more than not being sure about whether you want this thing or that thing in your life, it is the doubt about whether you can really have your desire and whether or not you deserve it that makes the difference between having it or not.
Planetary forces have no power over you except to the extent you choose to believe they do. Don’t let doubt interfere with you living your Dreams, because doubt is the only thing that could ever possibly interfere with you living your Dreams.
Are you sleepwalking through your life, blindly stumbling into the walls of limitation and mindlessly eating whatever’s in life’s fridge, not grasping that you are only bound by the limits of your own beliefs, and that you not only have a choice as to what aspects of reality you indulge in, but that you are, in fact, the only one choosing, and that you are, in fact, always choosing, whether you do so consciously or not? Hopefully, you have Awakened to the dream, and are using your imagination to create the life of your dreams; and, more importantly, to be the Liver of those dreams before you ever see them manifest in your so-called physical world. You've been studying the Universal Laws of Attraction, you've been reading Abraham Hicks books, and you've even heard or seen some Law of Attraction Art of Allowing workshops and videos, but still the question remains:If everything I want is IN there, HOW do I get into the Vortex???? Right here, right now - put on some fun music and do a little "get into the vortex of attraction" dancingPick someone you like and care about, and make a list of their positive qualities - write down at least 25 things you admire or appreciate about them (their positive aspects.) Bonus: The Law of Attraction will then immediately start making you aware of more of those qualities, and you'll be drawing more of that experience to you too!Breathe deeply!
We get what we ask for (expect), whether that be a big screen TV or socks and underwear (or C, all of the above, for those that dare to dream big enough). The only validation you EVER need for anything you want to do, be, or have is that it feels good to YOU.
I always take them as reminders that everything (including me) is exactly as it should be, I’m on the right path, everything is unfolding perfectly for me, and so on and so forth. Great time to release unwanted patterns and create positive intentions and expectations for your next Now moments. Unconditional Love, confidence, trust, certainty, joy, fun—these are the frequencies where Truth resides. Since I Am Aware of this Truth, I choose to release all insecurities and Live this Truth, confident and secure in My Goodness and the Goodness of all My Creation.
Ames sings with his 4-year-old daughter in an attempt to keep her occupied after the excitement of watching a fireworks display.

I appreciate these little (or not so little, I suppose) winks from the Universe, and I appreciate all of you for sharing in this journey with me. And the Truth is that you have already been given everything you’ve ever desired, and the instant you desire something new, you are given that, too. There is no evil in this world except to the extent you choose to believe it into existence. And the only reason what you see appears to be the established order of things is because you have chosen to believe it is.
It is nothing more than a beautiful figment of your imagination just as we all are nothing more than precious figments of the infinite imagination of the One. Getting into the vortex is feeling as if nothing needs to change in this moment, noticing that things are generally nice, and fine, and sweet as they are right now.
Not so much the books ABOUT the Law of Attraction (because those are about action for the most part, but the Sara books are about DOING it, actually BEING in the space of allowing, and feeling it (and they are just fun, too!))Sit in the sun for 15 minutes and feel your own radiance in the warmth of the sun on your faceGo someplace where you can see the expanse of the sky, or be in nature and know that all is well - the same source energy that created all of this can handle your concerns, and IS handling them right now. It is not about ego, it is about Love—understanding that You Are that One who Loves and You Are that Love. Everything and everyone in your environment is a collection of infinite potentials, and the potential or version that you end up experiencing is not up to them, it is entirely up to you—your beliefs and resultant expectations. Being in the vortex can also be the feeling of bliss, love, fascination, excitement, joy, and exuberant enthusiasm (but, we don't always have access to those high vibrations) so just being happy, curious, in love, or simply content, is enough. And among the infinite choices to make and life experiences to have, that’s as valid as any other. But it’s still good to know that no matter what you are choosing for yourself, you, and you alone, are the one that is choosing.

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