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I’m always looking for new ways to display plants in the landscape or in container gardens.
Here are two my my latest unconventional succulent plant displays that I hope will inspire you to think outside of the box in your garden! I bought it at a store for $50 dollars where it was sold to raise funds for the homeless artist who created it!
I ended up with a  beautiful ornament for my garden and a talented  homeless mosaic artist,  (who hopefully won’t be homeless for long) made some money! The Coke glasses are filled with gravel, a little washed sand, moss and succulent cuttings.
Okay, it’s not really a garden center but they sell lots of items for under a dollar that I can convert into planters. I had a vision of my sculptural succulent cuttings crowning the top of these puppies the moment I laid eyes on them! The succulent cuttings were taken from a variety of plants in my garden and were already calloused and ready to plant into the pre-moistened moss and sand combination. My total investment (minus the mosaic ornament) was $2 for, four, creative succulent planters!
The succulent cuttings look better in this muffin pan than the calories from the muffins would look on my thighs if I had used the pan to  actually bake sweet delights! I already had the pan in my kitchen and I just drilled a small hole in each pocket for drainage. I was more concerned with moisture pooling against the metal than against the glass because metal corrodes. As I did with the Coke glasses, the muffin holders were filled with pre-moistened moss and sand and succulent cuttings inserted. Obviously, I won’t keep the succulent cuttings in the pan for a LONG time because they will outgrow their allotted space. If you don’t want to repurpose your muffin pan as a planter, you can always use it as a creative way to share your cuttings with friends.
Do something different in your garden this week and share your photos on my Facebook page with me! Shirley, you have given me some creative ideas for Succulents I have just gotten into them in the last few years and love them.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and giveaways by email. Let me explain the two head muscle of human being located between the elbow and shoulder on the upper arm in Facts about Biceps.  This bicep is also called as biceps brachii.

One of the common health problems which affect the condition of biceps is the biceps strain. Other health problems which affect biceps include distal biceps tendon rupture, proximal biceps tendon rupture, biceps contracture and proximal biceps tendinitis.
If you are interested to know the biceps condition, you can follow different kinds of test. The dysfunction of bicep brachii occurs when you feel the pain in the shoulder or weakness in the arm.
Let me show you one of the important parts of the respiratory organ in Facts about Alveoli.
The rescued cart horses and horses for adoption at our R&R in Somerset West need to be taught general stable manners and different work. There is a large field at the back of the Epping premises which we have been given permission to use, but unfortunately we do not have the funds to have the field cleared from all the illegal dumping which has taken place, or to extend our fence. We would like to create more paddocks to treat horses, as well as build a small track where new cart horse owners and drivers can be taught the basic rules of the road.
We need volunteers to help with the maintenance and building of paddock shelters at both the Epping Treatment Site as well as the Cart Horse Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre in Somerset West. Donations of wood, 6″ nails, drill bits, creosote paint, or any other building materials are needed. Our stunning A4 Cart Horse Calendars are available annually and make great Christmas gifts.
The Greater Good has created a document with tips on how to be a GREAT volunteer:) Click here to download the Good-Guide-to-Volunteering. I have always been interested in volunteering with cart horses, and to add to that I am doing a Presidents Awards program at my school and have to for fill a certain amount of hours.
If you would like to volunteer at our Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre, please call Louis Joubert on 082 6566599 and he will be able to assist you.
I have sent an email a month ago with my volunteer form and I am still waiting for a reply. Hi Cherise, you can most certainly help our horses by volunteering at our Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre at Firlands. Sample and TemplateSample and Template is your best resource for resume and cover letter writing for any career field.
It is used to call the tendon which links the biceps on the radius and ulna on the forearm bones. The activities which cause the pain include playing violin, lifting heavy items, repetitive twisting on the arm.

Being a compassionate and giving person is not just about making monetary donations to those less fortunate, it is a donation of your time, of your services, of your skills, energy and love.
The Firlands Equestrian Estate facilities are wonderful and we even have a large indoor arena for rainy days! Shelters are important in both summer for shade, and winter for protection from stormy weather.
Click here to see all the different ways in which you can help us raise funds for the protection of working cart horses.
I would love to come volunteer as part of a community service project my school is doing, along with 2 of my friends. I would love to be around the horses and learn more, is there any way I could come and volunteer during my holidays and spare time? Please would you fill in the volunteer form which can be found on this page, and email or fax your completed form to Cart Horse. Volunteer details are added to our mailing list and we haven’t had any volunteer days recently. The proximal biceps tendon is the term to call the tendon which links biceps muscle and shoulder joint.
The person will have to move the biceps in various positions so that the health care provides can find out the condition of biceps. Keep a collection tin at your home or on your office desk – Your spare change will make a difference!
So I am more than willing to hep with the horses thats coming in and I am more than willing to find them new homes !So pls come back to me I really wane help !
Unfortunately, the week we have been allocated to volunteer doesn’t fall in with the volunteer day taking place on the 18th. Your name and contact details will then be added to our volunteer list and you will be notified when there are open days as well as when there are other opportunities to help out & spend time with the horses. Our next volunteer day is on 24 September at our RR Centre, I will load the event information soon. Other ways to find out the health of biceps are by having Yergason’s test, Speed’s test, Biceps ultrasound, Magnetic resonance imaging, and Computed tomography.
I’d like to organise a wash-a-cart-horse day before the end of summer so hope to meet you there!

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