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We could all do with some helpful financial advice now and again, but with so many conflicting messages from the media these days, it’s difficult to know who to trust.
Enter your email address into the form below and click "Subscribe" to receive the best of DIY Home World delivered direct to your inbox. Money Saving Tips- Free in Ten Years - Great Money Saving Ideas ↓ Free in Ten Years Retire in ten years by becoming a frugal machine. 100 Simple Money Saving Tips For Your Small Business provides you with a concise, clear and easy-to-read guide on how to thrive financially. Implementing just one of these 100 simple money saving tips will pay for the cost of this book many times over.
These include small changes and concious choices that will contribute to your financial success.
Make sure you keep it out of reach of children and animals – preferably re-use your old washing liquid containers.
While they are useful, the most useful tip of all is to make sure when you spend money you are doing so consciously. If you like setting fire to money because you hate freedom and love working for The Man, that’s cool. If you don’t, please try eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree (Australia), and just plain old Google before you walk into a bricks-and-mortar shop. Live close to workThis is without doubt one of the best ways to save money because it increases the time available in your day to cook your own food, repair broken possessions, and engage in non-work activities.
Install solar panelsSome states, including most in Australia, provide great incentives to install solar panels.
It gets you fit, and can almost eliminate your need to spend money on petrol if you live close to work. Bicycles are efficient and require very little maintenance all of which can easily be done by yourself with a few minutes of research. Cook your own foodCooking for yourself is enjoyable, allows you to control exactly what you put into your body and saves you a boatload of money. The food you prepare is normally higher quality and there are a multitude of recipes which require very little preparation,  last for months in the freezer!

Keep warm with more clothesPutting an extra jumper on, or thick socks, or a beanie could save you a heap of money if it means you turn off the heater, burn less wood, or lower your central heating temperature.
Stay tuned for a regular feature I’m planning which will show you how to cook five delicious meals for $5! Grow your own vegetablesThis may or may not save you money depending on how good you are at it, whether you live in a suitable climate for what you want to grow, and how cheap and plentiful fresh vegetables are in your area.
Buy second-hand unless it’s impossibleThe voracious appetite of your typical consumer is famous.
If you have pests like rabbits in your area, consider building an enclosed vegetable garden. Exploit this by purchasing perfectly good items from them for fraction of their retail price after they are finished with them, wanting the Next Best Thing. In some ways, getting a fresh crop of vegetables from your own garden can be even more satisfying than the money you saving doing it! This money saving tip is best practised at Craigslist in the US, Gumtree in Australia and Kijiji in Canada, on eBay or on Freecycle. Cut your own hair and save $2,473.87!Fear not, this is very simple to achieve provided you are happy with a short haircut.
Soon you will find that certain products are cheaper at different times of the year – like seasonal fruit and vegetables. A good quality pair of clippers cost approximately $50, and should last more than ten years. Also, with products that last forever, like canned food, buy up big when a supermarket has a huge loss-leading sale on.20. It is obviously a more dramatic saving if your clippers last as long as they should, or if you normally get an expensive haircut. It is not uncommon for otherwise sensible, rational adults to spend $15-20 per day on food simply because they are too lazy to plan ahead and bring their own lunch to work. Making food for lunch is no harder than making more dinner the night before and reheating it at work, or putting together some sandwiches before you leave for work in the morning.
Consciously decide that something is worth the money you are spending rather than acting on auto-pilot.

Television is a powerful platform for advertisers to push messages at you begging you to consumer more goods you don’t need! Suggest free alternatives like walking in the park or just tell them that you’re trying to save some money.
A complete waste of time for the most part, particularly if you choose to pay for the privilege! Post navigation← Reduce Spending or Increase Income?How much money do I need for my early retirement?
If you can’t do any of these things, furiously do whatever it is you can do and exhaust yourself for free! I’m in the process of posting a much longer better article on the same topic which will go up today or tomorrow.
There are masses of websites dedicated to body weight exercises and free outdoor activities you can do like hiking, walking, dancing and extreme ironing.9. Investigate whether you really need insurance for your jewellery, or better yet sell it if it has no family importance! If you leave your lights on when you leave the house you should feel an urgent, stabbing pain in the chest! Buy quality toolsA $10 hammer bought 20 times over your life time is more expensive than an $80 hammer bought once. Be careful to research what is actually a quality item instead of simply an overpriced and dressed up $10 hammer.
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