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Byron's sure to be hunched over a laptop after the checkers are flown, caught in his own little version of heaven. Suzuki announced a refreshed version of its V-Strom 650 during the 2014 Intermot Show in Cologne, Germany: the 2015 V-Strom 650 XT ABS. Differences lie in the details, one of the most prominent being the new wire-spoked aluminum wheels. There’s no indication of MSRP for the 2015 V-Strom 650 XT ABS at this time, nor any suggestion of whether this particular version will make it to American markets.
This collar bone tattoo is a great example of using simple black ink to make powerful statement that is accentuated by the anchor symbol.
This is a wonderful collar bone tattoo that shows off the artist’s ability to draw the eye-line down the collar bone.
This is very nice black ink collar bone tattoo illustrating the wearers belief in something that will last forever and a day; finished of with a whimsical butterfly! This person is obviously showing the admiration and love for music where the whole world can view it.
This individual has chosen to pair up matching nautical stars on each side of the collar bones.

This is a great colored dragonfly tattoo.  It almost appear to by wandering its way over from her back!  Notice that the design for this collar bone tattoo required actually getting inked on the bone area. This is a great collar bone tattoo that is a rather large quotation but was designed well using part of the chest area.
What a beautiful example of colored ink work that make viewer wonder whether the stars continue on over to the back.  Collar bone tattoos present a great opportunity for creating that kind of mystery!
This collar bone tattoo is a nice illustration of choosing a different style font.  One can only guess at the meaning; is it about love or are they a Motley Crue fan?
This is a stunning example of some fine colored ink paired cherries tattooed on each side of the color bone! This is a great collar bone tattoo ouline in black.  This body art leaves room for color later or looks great on its own! This colar bone tattoo is good example of an body art lover who is obviously creating a themed piece of upper body art!
This collar bone tattoo is almost a chest tattoo.  Its a good example of the variety in placement of collar bone tattoos.
Whether on dirt, street or a combination of both, MotoUSA's newest addition knows the only thing better than actually riding is telling the story of how things went down.

Suzuki claims the new wheels, fit with tubeless radial tires, will be more effective in absorbing low-speed bumps.
The V-Strom 650 was one of the few beakless hold-outs in the adventure segment, the most recent iterations retaining a flat-nosed front. There are top and side cases available in plastic or aluminum, touring windscreens, knuckle covers, skid plate, grip heaters, LED fog lamps and more to make the 650 XT ABS a more able tourer. This new cowl brings the aesthetic of the V-Strom 650 XT closer to that of the larger V-Strom 1000, with the noticeable difference being the 650’s dual horizontal headlights, as opposed to the stacked set-up on its larger sibling. The real truth with knuckle tattoos is that most people who choose the knuckles tattoos do so because they have a deep personal or deeply symbolic message and they truly want the world to see it.

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