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Nd Yag Q-Switched Laser For Tattoo Removal , Birthmark and Freckle removal With CE Quick Detail : 1. Best Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser tattoo removal and pigment Aluminum Case Packing or Carton Packing.
EO Q-Switched ND YAG Laser Machine, View Q-Switch ND-YAG Laser, GBS Product Details from GBS (Beijing) Science And Technology Ltd. Tattoo Removal Beauty Equipment Q-Switch ND-YAGLaserT-pulse adopts the active EO Q-switch module with unique resonator technology to get stable high energy laser output. DIY Tattoo Marker with Fine Tip for Funny Drawing on Body Skin Black Brown Colors Easily Wash Off Descrition: Colorful DIY tattoo marker pen for tattoo designer or young guy party show, inks can stay several days and disappear after 2 ~ 3 times washing. The principle The Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser delivers light of specific wavelengths with high energy which are absorbed by the pigment particles, releasing them from their encapsulation and breaking them into fragments small enough for removal by the body.
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The giant laser pulse has only 6-10ns pulse width which produced the mega-watts level high peak power!
With our special housing and hardware platform, it can be used in different application environment including high humidity and high temperature circumstances.Q-switched Mode for Pigment Lesion RemovalAccording the selective photothermolysis theory, the laser with different wavelength can do effect to different color pigment lesion. With high peak power, the focused energy concentrating on the pigment granules can break them into pieces, which are get rid of body gradually through lymphatic system.EO Q-switch is an electrical signal controlled Q-switch. With this electro-optic device, the repetition rate could completely be controlled and energy can be adjusted continuously. All the action is in a single pulse rather than multi-pulses enable longer effect time on skin.Peel Mode for Skin RejuvenationSoft laser peeling is a new skin rejuvenation technology with a special carbon lotion or carbon powder. The longer pulse width laser can scan the skin and make the skin softer and younger.With the special hand piece for peeling, the laser peel provide additional function than any other types of Q-switched lasers in the market.
You can also treat the skin with Q-switched mode and peel mode alternatively.Intelligent Cooling SystemThis cooling system is our patented superior design on water cooling system management.

The intelligent cooling management system provided real time monitor for the water cooling status.All the alerts of cooling system are monitored by MCU control system.
In case any function work abnormally, the MCU can protect the system with corresponding procedures. With warranty period, we will provide spare parts free of charge including DHL delivery cost.

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