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Shay is wearing some bold accessories, from her statement necklace, chic silver ear cuff and a tiny, yet dramatic, nose ring. Though a typical island stay would consist of doing “NOTHING” and lots of it… Boracay (not to be called “Bora” according to many yuppie purists) is quite different. Yes, I know, it may seem lame to those with real tattoos, but I’m assuming that majority of people don’t quite have a real tattoo yet, so this is the perfect gateway drug for that…. OK, let me break it down for you… You’ll get to play on this cool 4×4 ATV toy and drive it around the beautiful Boracay Island. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. Better known as her confident and go-getter character Dintle Setuke on eTV’s soapie Scandal, Mapaseka has grown on a lot of South Africans – she’s also appeared on an advert for cellphone service provider, Vodacom. Let’s talk about your acting career, whenever people see you they ask for a picture…does it ever get to you? It sometimes doesn’t but I’ve accepted that it comes with the job and it means that people appreciate the work that I do. Okay let’s say that day is just not your day and you not in the mood to take pictures…would you turn someone down? You’ve been nominated at the Royalty Soapie Awards for Outstanding supporting actress, did you see it coming?
The Pretty Little Liars actress posted a fierce new selfie that has an edge to it: It's in 3D!

She's still rocking the pretty Henna tattoo she showed off a few days ago and that dark lip color is perfect for Fall. You’ll make your way to the peak where you can get a virtual 360 degree view of Boracay Island. Vince graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a minor in Business. The design that you choose will remain on your body for the rest of your life, so it is important that you love the design that you pick.
If you want to make your search easy, consider going on to Google and searching for different images. We had a chat with the Bloemfontein native on her rise to success and the nominations she has received for her sultry role. The magazine is created for the young, professional, funky and sharp African youth who make up the majority of the youth population in South Africa.
Is it just us, or does this 3D effect make her hair look even better, which we didn't even think was possible? Fresh sea food from neighboring fishing towns keep the supply of giant prawns, lobsters, crabs and fish abundant in the island of Boracay. Then, you can also choose to drive your ATV to the other side of Boracay where the water is just as clear and beautiful, but without the crazy Boracay crowds so that you can get some real relaxation and quiet. He has over 10 years of international experience in marketing, advertising and creative writing.

The question is, where will you find the perfect design that depicts who you are as a person?
The problem with this method is that numerous amounts of people have done this, so any design that you find will not be original.
As angry as I was, school kids came to me and asked to take pictures with me and I did that. Dintle started as a school girl, past motherhood and now she is trying to make her way to the top.
He served as an Information Systems Technician in the United States Navy, was a Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Senior Media Planner for Bright Box Media, was a radio DJ and hosted a tech TV show in Manila. If you do happen to get this design on your body you will be so happy when you look at it and show it off to your friends.
Mapaseka brings the fun into the character that’s the person I am naturally bubbly and energetic so I bring a part of myself to the character.

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