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Cute wrist tattoos look great and some of the best designs that are suitable for this place include love symbols such as the heart, flowers, birds and other such elements. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Literary Tattoos, Angel Tattoos, Lady Gaga Tattoos and Music Tattoos.
The flying bird, etched on the wrist, depicts the deep desire inside the wearer to come out of the crisis she is facing.
Super cute cat tattoo, wearing a red bow, etched on the wrist, that denotes the love of the girl for her pet. The pair of girls, carved on the wrist, symbolize the childhood of the wearer, which was all about fun and play. The wearer got this tattoo to remind himself about his family members and home who are very far away from him. The peace and love symbol, gracing both the wrists in bold designs, look emphatic and always remind the wearer about the importance of the two.
Cool wrist tattoo, displaying a laughing skull that looks a little ugly but has a funny touch as well. Tiny butterfly, carved with black ink on the wrist, is a symbol of freedom and happiness that all of us desire in our life. The title character from the animated Disney film, looks lovely, carved as an outline, to express one’s love for him. White and pink flower with green leaves peeping from beneath, carved on the wrist of a woman, stands for love and beauty.
The sweet, identical paper cartoons, created with blue and pink shade, symbolize the girl and her lover. This bright and vibrant flying bird, is a symbol of love, freedom and bliss that comprise the various shades of life. The girl shows off her wrist tattoos that has the birds facing each other; a symbol of commitment and love. Based on a cute idea, this watch displays the time at which the wearer was born and the three dials inside show the day, time and date.
Simple, small and sweet heart, carved on the side of the wrist, is very plain but holds deep meaning in its curvilinear body. The cat with red bow looks super cute and has got a lovely, feminine touch; well-suited tattoo piece for a girl. The treble clef and the stars surrounding it, symbolize the love for music and the desire of the wearer to achieve great heights in his musical profession. The curvy trail of stars, adorning the wrist, is a symbol that the wearer is seeking guidance in his life.
This is a unique wrist tattoo that shows the image of the hereditary material in human beings, that consists of two long polymer units.
Simple and small tattoo, carved on the wrist of a girl, that looks cute and indicates her interest in makeup and styling.
Inspirational quote and the paw marl create a nice wrist tattoo that has meaning and shows the love of the wearer for animals.
The girl got this butterfly on her wrist as it represents her personal journey which has undergone a transformation phase-wise; just like the butterfly. This wrist tattoo is a symbol of broken heart that the wearer is trying to mend and move on in her life.

Wrist is a good place to express your love as it has the pulse beating below that shares a strong connection with the heart; this tattoo does the same with a bird and the name of the lover. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Indian Tattoos, Chinese Tattoos and Arabic Tattoos. Huge and colorful roses come together with a skull motif in this classical Mexican tattoo that celebrates life and death. The skull man with a typical Mexican style hat on his head comes to life in this dark shaded Mexican tattoo.
Check out this intricate skull design with large and colorful flower motifs on the side of the woman’s body.
Bright orange is the color of the lively skull in this richly detailed Mexico death theme tattoo. An eagle eats a snake below a huge Mexico script design in this intricately shaded back tattoo. The Day of the Dead sugar skulls come to life in green with flower decorations in this colorful tattoo.
This shaded design is inspired by ancient Mexican architecture with its graceful decorative motifs and strong lines. Styled with strong flowing lines in black ink this elaborate chest tattoo of a skull with wings is inspired by Mexican death theme designs. The typical Mexican motifs of colorful flowers and leaves come together with a pistol in this dramatic tattoo. Rich red and yellow shaded roses form an elaborate border for the Mexican skull in this tattoo design. This skull and roses Mexican tattoo is inked in artistic shades for a rich and detailed look. The Virgin Mary fuses with a skull design in this remarkable Mexican life and death theme tattoo design. Colorful flowers, the Cross, and a skull come together in this vividly detailed Mexican tattoo design.
This really cool piece of body art inspired by Mexican jewelry motifs curves across the chest forming an artistic neckpiece. A rich shade of purple marks this colorful Mexican skull theme tattoo design with plenty of roses and other flowers thrown in for decoration.
This intricate tattoo design on the upper arm showcases an Inca warrior in the full glory of his costume. Take a look at the decorative motifs studding the gun handle in this Mexican gangster tattoo design.
Styled in neat lines and flowing patterns this beautiful forearm tattoo shows a mermaid inked in black. Mysterious blue shades the face of the dead girl in this powerful death theme Mexican tattoo design.
The love of all things Mexican shines in this tattoo that celebrates the architecture, patterns, and symbols of the nation in a grand back design. The rich colors of Mexico come to life through elaborate tattoos decorating the body of a beautiful woman.

Check out this gorgeous colorful tattoo design that shows a Mexican country girl’s face in profile.
This tattoo celebrates the Mexican flag through the colorful design that shows an eagle wrestling with a serpent. The upper arm is an ideal place for this graceful single colored tattoo design showing a figure in prayer.
A dragon inked in rich single colored shades makes for a great Mexico theme sleeve arm tattoo design. This tattoo design of an angel with praying hands looks really cute a little below the ear on the side of the neck.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The end part of the forearm from where the hand starts and the slender structure ends also possesses the pulse beat of a person. The world of old Mexican culture is a treasure-trove of rich patterns and intricate designs that make for cool body art.
Even the designs that are done in a single color have rich shading to bring out the beauty of the artwork.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This is the element that is integral to our survival and tells a lot about our health condition, besides being an ornamental spot. Small and simple designs are best for gracing this space but one must be aware that it hurts quite a bit to get a tattoo here.
For tattoo artists Mexican art and culture are a constant inspiration for rich and colorful tattoo designs. The motifs of Mexican architecture and shapes of buildings also form a part of beautiful tattoo designs. Any tattoo created around or below the wrist, be it the bracelet tattoo or the cute wrist tattoos; all of them look lovely. If you are also thinking of getting your wrist inked, then this post would serve as a nice informative spot. There are many profound themes that continue to occur in Mexican culture, such as life, death, and nature.
The patterns of ancient Mexican artwork can often be seen in tattoo designs for the neck that look just like an elaborate neck-piece.
The colors of a rainbow, starting from red and green and ending at pink, yellow, and blue are used in the design, while black often outlines the strong edges and gives the design a powerful form.
Another reason that is behind its popularity is the fact that the wrist is an exposed part and any tattoo carved here gets fair attention.

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