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At Dubai Medical Village on Jumeirah Beach Road, surgeon and founder Dr Hamid Taghaddos presides over the PicoSure Laser machine, one of the first in the Middle East. Acquired earlier this year and renowned for its effectiveness in efficient body art removal with minimal pain, it promises to clear tattoos with fewer treatment sessions and without damaging the top layer of skin.
The laser works by tearing the ink into small fragments so that it can be broken down by the body and then absorbed naturally. Lately, we have been getting female customers who are not happy with their eyebrow tattoos, or the tattoos they got on their eyelash line as eyeliner or on the lips as lip liner.
As far as I know, everyone ends up regretting getting a tattoo, and wishing they can remove it.
How does the skin feel afterwards?So far we don’t have any reported side effects from PicoSure, no skin problems.

Most people are worried about scar tissue but there is nothing like that, unlike older methods of tattoo removal.
They also come to our clinic for removing moles, for hair removal and for treating acne scars.
If you have one inch of tattoo, like a shape of a butterfly or the site of the tattoo is equivalent to the size of a one-dirham coin, it can cost around Dh1,000 per session, but it all varies and there is no fixed cost. There is no set number of sessions either – it depends on your skin colour, the colour of the tattoo, how big it is, and so on.How many sessions are needed on average?
What part of the body is the tattoo located on, what kind of tattoo is it, because the ink that is used is different ­worldwide. For a tattoo that is the size of a dirham, a session is usually three minutes long.Would it make a difference if someone is trying to remove a new tattoo versus an old one?

Pigmented cells absorb the Rejuvi, which bonds with the pigment to soften the ink and push it to the surface of the skin, where a scab forms. Laser treatment breaks up the tattoo pigment in the skin, flushing the particles away through the immune system.

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