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Laser tattoo removal apart from removing tattoos will also removes the mindset that tattoos are permanent and cannot be removed. Tattoos once considered permanent can now be removed either completely or partially through the various treatments available. Laser tattoo removal techniques break down the ink in the tattoo to completely eliminate it. Laser tattoo removals are usually done in few sittings and seen here is the result after the first session. Black inks are generally removed more easily and completely as seen in this laser procedure. A so-called R-20 method was introduced to remove tattoo.  The idea is to do multiple laser hits on the tattoo four times at an interval of 20 minutes between passes.

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Fill out the form below to to qualify for a free consultation for tattoo removal, Botox, fillers & more! Can laser really remove permanent tattoo?Yes, Laser tattoo removal is a safe treatment and there are very less complications which can be in the form of hypopigmentation or white spots on the dark skin or hyperpigmentation dark spots on the skin in rare cases.
The price is reliant on quite a lot of factors, including the type and area of the tattoo, and the expertise and training of the surgeon. Not only is it a painstaking task but a much painful procedure as well and in most cases leave visible scars and discoloration. The various methods involved in tattoo removal are surgical excision, salabrasion which involves scrubbing the skin with salt to burn away layers of skin, dermabrasion which involves using acid to remove the top layers of the skin and laser removal which is a more standard and effective procedure that reduces scarring and discoloration to a greater extent while in some cases completely eliminating the tattoo without a trace.

Colored tattoo designs are far more difficult to treat with some of them requiring selected lasers depending upon the pigment color.
The duration of laser removal therapy can take as little as two to four sitting down to as far as 10 sittings depending upon the size and color of the tattoo.
Laser treatments by far are a much preferred choice as it is safe and available in almost every part of the world.

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