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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Podolski would do well to have a word with Arsenal fan Mark Brewer should he decide to have a club crest on his body. 2016 is the year of creativity and it requires creative approach in every field starting from fashion to body art. The thrilling prospect of big money signings, international stars rumoured to be joining, Sky Sports Jim White shouting from your television. This time we’ll refer to travel inspired modern map tattoo ideas for 2016 which will give you the chance of getting acquainted with styling tattoos which you can get in different ways, styles, shape, sizes and designs.What do map tattoos represent?
This is a very teaching and creative approach towards the act of discovering the world around us.
Starting from old to the modern times people have always used and continue to use maps for various purposes but the main and the most important reason still remains finding out and discovering places, countries and different destinations. The 25-year-old, back in 2009, was so convinced that Brazilian star Kaka was jointing the club that he committed the World Cup winner's name to his chest.

After he had the old version of Arsenal's badge pasted on his arm, the club changed crest and with it flipped the direction of the gun. There are people who wear the shape of a map and as soon as they visit to one country they get the shape of that country colored. This road map of the northern half of Ireland is printed in four colours on one side with the place names index on the reverse. When we travel other continents and countries we always keep the map of the particular destination with us. Those who like more complicated and large tattoos get a globe or map tattoo on their back, chest, rib, or on sleeve.
But your memory might be jogged when you're told that Robert was the man who famously got a thigh-sized tattoo of then Newcastle United striker Andy Cole drawn on his, well, thigh.
Even if we are not traveling and just like to spend our lifetime in our hometown we are still interested with the rest of places that exist on pour planet. The colors for tehse tattoos are not limited and they give you the chance to get the most colorful tattoo that you have ever dreamed about.

And for this Leeds United and England fan, walking in to a pre-match pub that stipulates 'no colours' is no longer an option. Just for this little reason we need to have a globe or a map to study lots of things about our world.
If you want to get a map tattoo in 2016 then consider some of these examples as great ideas.
The legend that proclaimed the club's date of establishment was out by a decade, 1877 when it should have read 1867.

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