Laser Tattoo Removal is a relatively uncomplicated process by which frequent and intense bursts of laser light break up tattoo pigment into smaller particles. Just as tattoos are uncomfortable when they are inked, there is also some discomfort when they are removed.
Utilizing multiple handpieces and settings increases treatment options for people of many different skin tones. Lasers have revolutionized Dermatology, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Podiatry, Eye Surgery and Dentistry.
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With the recent advances in technology, many people are looking for the most effective ways to smooth wrinkles or treat facial damage such as acne scarring or loose skin. A new treatment called micro-needling has produced good results for anti-aging and skin resurfacing.

Micro-Needling uses a pen-shaped device that pierces the skin, which produces collagen and elastin. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However, this can be managed with a local anesthetic injection or topical anesthetic cream.
The auto sensing spot size and other safety features make it possible to treat most tattoo colors and to more effectively treat reduction in redness that can remain after acne is resolved.
It’s been called “the fountain of youth in a pen.” People with wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc.
With more of these proteins in your face, the wrinkles or scars that bother you will reduce.
Many factors may influence the decision to remove a tattoo: changes in personal preference, style, the end of a relationship, or simply an unappealing change in the appearance of the tattoo with time and age.

A bath or shower is ok the day after the procedure, but no scrubbing should be permitted on the delicate treatment area.
At Nowak Aesthetics our caring and professional staff can assist you with cutting edge surgical technique, options for financing your procedure, and all the information and support you need during your aesthetic surgery process. Your tattoo will continue to fade as the skin heals, with redness or scabbing disappearing after a few weeks.

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