Growing up as the Middle Child in my family I always had to fight for my Mother’s attention. I am seriously considering get a tattoo -- a lyric tattoo if I can ever decide on a lyric -- within the next year or so (depends on if I can decide and not be a weenie). My first question: what happened at this concert that made you literally TATTOO YOUR TICKET on your arm? I find tattoos with celebrity's faces on them to be creepy as it is, but this is just an abortion. I was so happy that he was our MTV VMA Host this year because he did an amazing job cracking me up! Really, who wants to be a 40-something mother of three with, say, a Dashboard Confessional tramp stamp that dates back to high school?

In trying to find some tattoo inspiration, I've been looking up other lyric tattoos that other people have gotten. I have non-lyrical tattoos, 3 dots connecting the target area for the radiation treatments 14 years ago. Our friends at Buzzfeed have rounded up 22 truly awful lyric tattoos, from a misspelled Goo Goo Dolls line to what appears to be a toilet paper roll bearing the words of Staind.
I started losing interest and eventually made the conscious decision that I'd never get one. I thought she looked young!And I might have to take you up on the weird questions sometime! There are so many people I see with tattoos that I know they regret, and if they don't, they should.

As for me, I've deleted enough tweets and status updates to know I should never get a tattoo. He must've had a reaaalllyy good experience at that concert that he has to remember it forever. Your face is one tattoo that you absolutely cannot cover up, unless you wear a ski mask for the rest of your life.Found you from the We're Not Mommy Blogs blog hop and so happy that I did! It's not even that you have a sprawling tattoo of Creed lyrics, but that you are a big enough Creed fan to think that was a good idea.

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