Utah Dermagraphics welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry.
The Tattoo Expo brings together leading tattoo artists from around the world, and many of them create new ink for people right onsite. Our Artist, Melissa Johnson, is a certified Dermagraphic Technician and micro-pigmentation specialist. At Utah Dermagraphics we offer a variety of services that will help you feel the best in your own skin. Live musical performances set the tone for the event, which also features demonstrations from graffiti artists, and tattoo competitions between attendees.We have now added a sepreate hall for vaping and vape vendors all at InkFest Live! Melissa has had the formal training and education to ensure that her clients needs are met with the highest proficiency. I have been in the tattoo removal industry for two years now and love it.Why is tattoo removal such a booming business right now?Tattoo removal is such a booming business because of how popular tattoos are.
People get tattoos at certain stages of their lives and life changes – even if you don’t want it to!

I thoroughly explore and go into detail about how tattoo removal works with every client and the likelihood of some colours removing fantastically and others taking a lot longer. The effort I put in to make my clients happy shows extensively on reviews about my business and the thanks I get personally.How far has the technology advanced in laser tattoo removal?Tattoo removal has come an extremely long way in the last 5-10 years!
The chance of scarring was high, the effectiveness of removing the tattoo wasn’t there, and it used to hurt a hell of a lot. About half of my clients are wanting complete removals when it comes to their unwanted tattoos. You may be surprised but the other half of my clients are getting their tattoos lasered and lightened to a point where they can re-tattoo the same area with a better tattoo!How many treatments and how long can most clients expect to see results?My clients see undeniable results after the first session. Many of my clients whose goal is to lighten the tattoo to make way for a cover up, after 2-4 sessions they have completely all the laser they require. Clients wanting complete removals are generally looking at anywhere between 6-10 sessions for a complete removal.
In tattoo removal, there are major varying factors that influence how fast a tattoo will remove.

How deep the ink is, how dark the ink is, and the colours of the tattoo are all factors, which influence how fast the tattoo will fade. If they have a dark tattoo, they will require more sessions to see the same results somebody with a lighter tattoo will see.
What do you need to do to treat these colours?Blues and greens are a difficult colour to remove. If you have a blue or green tattoo you want completely removed, you need to start your laser treatments with a Q switch laser with the 1064nm wavelength.
Once the blue and green have been lightened by taking the dark pigment out, you have to continue your treatments with a ruby laser which uses a 696nm wavelength.

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