If hair won’t come back at all or only very little, or if the tattoo shape is ok and the color has changed, we can correct the color and we can also correct the shape with additional tattooing placed correctly to fool the eye. There are a number of techniques to try and remove pigment: Saline, clay, laser, glycolic acid are among the most popular. The product that I use for tattoo removal doesn’t care what color the pigment is, it is just trying to lift the pigment out of the dermis, up through the epidermis, then forming a scab which exfoliates with pigment in it. Don’t have tattoo removal before a cosmetic procedure such as laser or peels that might interfere with healing the removal area. Results after 4 treatments of saline removal.We may do another treatment depending on how the results turn out after her most recent treatment.

We are also removing the arch to the tail because she wants to regrow her own brow and the tail is too high.
We've altered the picture and taken out the faded remaining tattoo to clearly emphasize how much of her own brow has come in. The original technician covered up mistakes with skin tone camouflage pigment which made it worse. Her own brow hair from arch to tail was removed because she wanted a different shape from her own brow. Her brow has now completely grown in and is a much more flattering shape than the original tattoo.

Very often if the result is quite faded and can be covered with just a little makeup, people will opt to do that and just let it continue to fade.

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