Lila Cover-ups --> Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. The ultimate mistake: Getting a tattoo that you completely regret at one point in your life. It can be a dreamy second chance at fixing one’s own body art, with endless possibilities so long as you choose a good cover-up artists. Below you’ll find 58 absolutely stunning cover-up tattoos that our friends here have had the privilege of receiving. Not quite sure what that quote says… But I’m sure the wearer is glad to get rid of it! One of our favorite cover-ups, the wearer here held onto their love of spiders and the ink artist cleverly incorporated the old tattoo into the new design, placing it the shadows of the newfound three-dimensional spider.
A classic example of someone that got the name of their lover mistakenly tattooed onto their chest.
Halloween is awesome, who doesn’t love to get a few scares each year and celebrate by going to corn mazes and carving pumpkins? A lovely design of realistic feathers has successfully replaced both a name and the Nike symbol (I mean the real Nike symbol – Greek mythology and such). This guy really wanted an Asian design regarding his lion, not too far from what Foo Dogs look like.
Maybe this design was cool at some point in the wearer’s life, but it looks like a huge blob of black now.
This isn’t exactly the most clever way to cover up a tattoo, but we suppose it does the trick. This guy must do some kind of black-smithing, either in real life or on an online gaming role play or PvP game.
The original tattoos seen here look as if some young teen randomly went on a tattoo splurge with no real design or direction as to what themes they wanted on their body. This wasn’t exactly a cover-up, the original just needed a little bit of sprucing up! Butterflies are always cute, but whenever we decide to get one when we’re young, they usually come out looking similar to the original one above. The two original tattoos here aren’t exactly bad, but their placement in regards to one another are horrible.
If you’re far away enough, the original design here might look like some kind of skin deformity instead of a tattoo.
Zodiac signs and symbols truly make great tattoos, but the one seen here doesn’t quite make the cut.
Believe it or not, Foo Dogs are one of the best cover up tattoo designs you could possibly choose. This little fairy lived a lovely life, but it was time for her to move on (along with whatever that thing is above her). Looks like there has been a classic transformation from love to hate, fashioning an old lover’s face into that of what looks to be Death.
We’re glad this guy decided to take the porn off his leg and replace it with… a Gorilla? Not sure which one looked better… the cute teddy bear with honey and bees or the weird gremlin-looking demon that lacks real hands and feet on the right. While the original was cute and didn’t actually show anything inappropriate, we love the new old design formed over it.
The Day of the Dead tattoos that are presented in this site not only provides striking ways of showing your love and affection for the deceased, they also make a dynamic style statement which allows you to stand out in a crowd. Hey there, got this Batman tattoo during summer didn't give any thought into it could someone help me with a possible cover up that will flow with my newest tattoo I got on my forearm I look forward to hearing your ideas thanks. As the above advice you will better off having a few laser sessions to lighten it up first. A guy from Steel beauty London, I decided to cover it with a Day of the Dead women instead and it's possible.
Originally Posted by ShootingStarzX A guy from Steel beauty London, I decided to cover it with a Day of the Dead women instead and it's possible. Trust us, you don’t want to go with the cheapest design or cheapest artist when getting a cover-up. The unlucky number 13, a skull with daggers through heart shaped eyes, a blood-dripping rose… The new design looks far better, with a Dia Des Los Muertos design on the skull and far better rose designs!

The jeweled and pearled rose cover-up was well done, but is that a humongous diamond on the top corner or a bongo drum? The design seen here was done by a crafty ink artist, one that truly knew how to shade evenly and draw an amazing seascape. Well, we’re glad that he has the designs etched on him for a new cover-up tattoo, otherwise people would have to stop and stare and wonder what the heck is on that dude? This guy took his love of the holiday to the ultimate level, getting some rather childlike tattoos of Halloween’s symbols inked on him. The shading of the white feather is truly impressive, it’s hard to imagine a name is hidden within the shadows of such a lovely piece of work. Looks like Kiara is nothing more than the mouth’s shadow of this incredible vampire skull design. Unfortunately, the artist wasn’t quite up to par with what the design should truly encompass. Thankfully, the ink artist here placed a Samurai helmet atop this tat, with great shading and cleverly placed lines. It’s not too often you come across a skull with an anvil and hammer, but it looks much better than the old howling wolf paired with pine trees. This beautiful design looks like a lovely Native American anklet, and the added beads give the entire tattoo more dimension, like a piece of art that draws your eyes up the wearer’s ankle.
This person must really like the Hispanic holiday Dia Des Los Muertos to have its signature look tatted permanently onto him. But now she’s decided to cover it up with an artistic paint-soaked feather sporting cold colors. The colors are amazingly vivid and eye-catching, the surrounding art clashes well with the fish, and the design covers up his entire arm!
Turning the blotched out sun into a decorative flower beneath the dragonfly was a marvelous idea, and now the wearer has an entire piece of art covering her upper arm! Now that the miniature dandelion and butterflies have been turned into a large rose, it’ll be easy to tell that this girl has a tat and not a transmittable skin disease.
Sometimes, simplicity is all we need to successfully cover up a lingering memory we wish to get rid of. Though she wanted to keep the memory of the Johnetta Baker with her, she decided that the original tattoo didn’t do her loved one justice. If you look closely, you can see several tattoos on this person’s back are being covered up. They’re usually extremely detailed and use lots of dark colors and shading, making them a great choice if you have a blob for a tat you want covered up. Taking her place is a sophisticated dinosaur, complete with a monocle, book, Sherlock pipe, and hat. It’s still kind of ugly, but far better than being flashed by two fictitious and naked women. Flowers are great cover up tats since they can be shaded in differing ways depending on which parts of your old tattoo are dark and light. Wonder what those awkward lines going through the original moon were of… Oh well, the new one is unique and stunningly beautiful. Changing a face from a person to Death is certain transcending and perfect for getting over those old memories. It is the event which involves the gathering of friends and family to pray and commemorate the passing away of family members and friends who have died.
Need cover up advice hybekj Tattoo Talk 13 22-10-2013 02:04 AM Cover up help needed castigers Tattoo Talk 5 17-06-2013 12:27 AM Polynesian cover up design HELP NEEDED! We love the vivid colors, and the old tattoo of a heart and name can’t be seen at all! Looks like he’s going to get a great tribal cover up that reaches up and over his shoulder. The cover up is marvelous, taking this guy’s obsession to a whole new level of awesome. Glad to see this fellow had a change of heart and got a cover up that is far more appealing to look at.
The skull’s teeth are done wonderfully, even incorprating a chipped tooth along with vampire fangs. Either that, or the wearer now has a family of five, the cover up of a male and female lion with three cubs.

Why they chose to have some of the simplest designs of flowers placed over it beats us… There could have been so many possibilities of better designs.
Switching from blue to green in the main design of the butterfly was a great idea, bringing out the art to better catch their audience’s eyes. We’re just wondering what his girlfriend or future wife will think of this design… Or maybe it is of her? The cover up done here takes the original memory of the tat and enhances it, simply helping the butterfly evolve into something more beautiful. The artist here really knew what they were doing, especially because the original tattoo was anything but artistic. It’s not finished, but judging by the colors already used, the final product will be stunning and shaded well.
The rose that covers it up, however, is one of the best shaded roses we’ve ever seen.
Instead of ridding of the tattoo completely, she kept her love for this individual by hiring a better tattoo artist and having them enhance the original, making it look more realistic and adding a large ribbon. Tribal is often one of the worst things to use for a cover-up because of the negative space that is left… you end up with the old design sticking out all over the place!! Something else may have looked better or more chic when covering up the end of the feather. The rose looks a little off, but at least the dagger looks like something you’d find off of World of Warcraft. What a clever way to have your family tattooed on your body without having to have their faces staring back at you forever! Luckily, he didn’t mind filling them in and adding a really cool looking haunted house with a graveyard in front of it. Some blue petals were added here, with the old flowers, sparkles, and a part of a butterfly still peaking out over the edges of them. Look at how realistic it seems, with shadows, deep reds, light reds, and even white used to create the dimension!
The detail is out-of-this-world – whoever the artist for this cover-up is was truly gifted.
Day of the Dead is celebrated by offering marigolds, sugar skulls and favorite food items in the name of the departed. Now do some research and go to someone decent before you get another load of turd on your arm, sorry its harsh but its true.
Anything could really be possible, but looks like the wearer was definitely ready to move on from that memory.
People also love to wear Day of the Dead-themed tattoos as a way of showing respect to the departed souls. Relax, think about getting some amazing work and then you will be able to look back and thank fuck you did. Get a piece of black paper and scribble on it with soft pink pencil crayon and see what you come up with.
The newfound skull cover-up is fantastic, with great shading and a demonic red glow that really draws attention. Colorful floral skulls and ghostly female or male faces with floral prints are some of the most popular choices for Day of the Dead tattoos. Third, price shopping probably isn’t a good idea, and may be the reason why you are in this situation to begin with. More time than starting with a fresh piece of skin, and they are challenging and somewhat stressful. I say lots of ideas because not all things you may want will be possible, so you need a back up plan. And plenty of reference so we are certain we are on the same page (you want a rose for example? There are 20 ways I can draw a rose, so by bringing reference you eliminate any guess work ). Some people will try to email photos, however I cannot truly tell how dark or faded they are this way.

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