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Costs should be coming down soon, though, as crops farmers planted after the winter freezes start to reach stores, said growers, grocers and analysts.
The Iowa-based Hy-Vee supermarket chain, which has more than 230 stores in the Midwest, already is seeing cheaper prices for lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables, spokeswoman Ruth Comer said.
The result was the biggest one-month increase in overall food prices Americans have seen since 1974 and the steepest rise in U.S. Although shoppers are paying more, farmers in the Sun Belt say they haven't been getting rich. Bob Spencer, co-owner of West Coast Tomato in Palmetto, Fla., said two freezes in December left him with about 30 to 40 percent of the crop he usually gets on the 4,000 acres he planted this year.
And, for many tomato farmers who "overplant" their crop, a freeze can prevent the price drops -- and loss of profits -- that a strong harvest can cause, he said. That was a problem last year, when a bad freeze caused similar jumps in tomato prices, but then farmers flooded the market with a second crop and prices plummeted. In Yuma, Ariz., where much of the nation's winter lettuce is grown, Steve Alameda said two days of temperatures below 20 degrees froze his Romaine and Iceberg plants.
But greens grow relatively quickly, and Alameda said production of some lettuce and other crops grown in his region are already starting to pick up. Prices for a handful of crops, like melons, that take longer to grow could take a longer to drop, said John McClung, president of the Texas Produce Association, a group of produce shippers and growers in the Rio Grande Valley in deep south Texas.
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The sharpest increase in produce prices in decades should ease in coming weeks as growers deliver more tomatoes, lettuce and other crops to grocers. Grocers also typically switch this time of year to crops planted for spring, said Jody Shee, an analyst for the market research firm Mintel. But tomatoes and cucumbers, which were hit hard by cold weather in Mexico, could remain high for one more month, she said.
Most lost at least some of their crops, and they said the higher prices have just been helping make up for it.
But with tomatoes selling for more than $30 for a 25-pound box in some cases, at least double what farmers usually get, according to the U.S.
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