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January 6, 2012By Robert BucklandA remarkable story lies behind this week’s OBE for Mary Mead, founder of the spectacularly successful Yeo Valley organic food group. Today the farm covers more than 1,250 acres producing organic dairy products, beef, lamb and arable feed crops while the Yeo Valley business employs around 1,500 people in its four production centres and is heading rapidly towards an annual turnover of a quarter of a billion pounds. The company produces Yeo Valley Organic yoghurts at its dairies in Blagdon and Cannington, bottles organic milk purchased from a West Country organic farming co-operative at its Crewkerne dairy and makes luxury desserts and ice cream in Newton Abbott, Devon.
Yeo Valley also produces a range of conventional retailer branded products for most major UK supermarkets. The business kicked off in earnest as a result of the increasing influence of what was then the Common Market’s agricultural policies.
Indeed, millions have seen the company’s pedigree British Friesian cows in its TV adverts screened during the X Factor.

In fact 42 employees have been with the company for more than 20 years and 18 for more than 25 years while the longest-serving has clocked up 37 years. ADVERTISE HEREReach tens of thousands of senior business people across Bristol for just ?75 a month.
Most customers have their staples delivered weekly, so this item is set to automatically order itself every week.
Yeo Valley has been making yogurts since 1974, and made the important switch to organic yogurts in 1993, with milk from the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative.
Beautiful when combined with our apple & sultana muesli, all our yoghurt should be refrigerated and used within 3 days of opening. In addition, it has two logistics centres at Highbridge and Axbridge while its head office is in Blagdon. Roger believed they should do something with their own milk and started experimenting with yoghurt production.

She is also involved with The British Friesian Breeders Club and was a council member of The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers for some years.
The first in 2010 featured rapping farmers while the 2011 creation starred a farming-inspired boyband call The Churned. The rest, as they say, is history with the business winning three Queen’s Awards in recent years for enterprise and sustainable development. What makes the success of the commercials even sweeter is that TV advertising is very much a David-and-Goliath battle. Without those kind of resources, Yeo Valley has chosen to make its adverts entertaining – a strategy that has paid off spectacularly with millions of hits on You Tube, alias Yeo Tube.

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