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Best sashimi everrrr.Every time my boyfriend and I come here, we always get the Sashimi For Two (comes with 2 small lettuce salads, 2 miso soups, and a 36-piece giant plate of sashimi).
This is hands down the most fun I've ever had eating sushi in my 30 years, and the same goes for my husband's 51 (today!!!) years!
The atmosphere is defintely drinking oriented however its fine if you dont drink as well, as the chefs will often coordinate the sake bombs and take a shot with you. Teriyaki chicken, which could be more accurately named drowned-in-teriyaki-sauce-chicken, was only slightly better than the service, which was horrendous.

They are also funny and very interactive after a couple drinks in.You can sit in the conveyor belt area, or sit in the dine in area where you purchase rolls and dinner sets (good for just casual dining) The sushi here is very solid, they focused rolls involving the fryer. The flaming joy roll is very good due to its combination of a traditional tempura roll and spicy mayo. They make you feel welcomed and like they are actually glad you are there, it's a Tuesday and maybe it's slower then normal, but boy are still ready to party! We sat at the conveyor belt area and grabbed as much as we could until our little bellies were satisfied.

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