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Good food, nice service, some times waiting is too long !!prices are awesome and so is taste ! My dad felt spontaneous and offered us (the family) to go out for dinner at Olive Garden so we went with him to Palo Alto. Keep in mind that that when we left, it was already getting dark so having lights on is pretty important.
With the shiny gold badge, there are many more exclusive Yelp events that are being offered, which is definitely a great perk. Had to wait until all were present before we could be seated which was an inconvenience but otherwise it was great.
Their front sign and sign towards El Camino Real was off so we actually missed the restaurant and to make a U turn a couple of blocks away. Our waitress was nice, but when I asked if she could possibly change my order right after I ordered it she said no.
Our waiter, Andy,  was nice enough to not charge me my meal & remade it fresh for me to go! When we arrived, we were given a booth and our waitress was quick in asking our orders, which I actually like so that the food can get in faster. I'm already a fan of Olive Garden, so to try some of their new items and as well have dinner with the Yelp fam was a great opportunity.

The chicken was so dry in the Rosemary chicken that I had to let it sit right where it was and fill in with the bread The mashed potatoes smelled and tasted really stale.No thanks not returning here ever ! At these events we're used to seeing our CM, Farrah, instead it was her assistant an ambassador was there to greet us, and with two complimentary drink tickets, yeeee! Generally speaking, the appetizer should come first followed by the meal, but in this case the soup came first then a few moments later (~15 min later) came the calamari. I arrived early and got to mingle with some YelpE's I haven't met before, then about 5 minutes before the hour, the room started to trickle in with more folks, it was a packed room! I sat with veteran gold elites that I met that night, so thanks ladies and gent for making room for me!
We went there for lunch about a month ago and it was the same deal, great service with lousy food.
Once again, considering how much you could pay for a meal at most restaurants in Palo Alto, this place was a bargain.
The pasta dish took forever to arrive (I wanna say ~20 min since when we finished the appetizers) and they generally bring in the food together.
The night featured a tasting menu of some of their popular new seasonal dishes and as well current favorites. Of course, Olive Garden serves up their complimentary bread sticks and salad, but had to ease up on these in order to make room for the 13 menu items that was going to be served the night.

My favorite items were the shrimp fresco, chicken parmigiana bread stick sandwich, and pot pie Italianos. I like small sliders and the chicken parm bread stick sandwich is pretty much the equivalent, a great size and still tasty, I would say a great go-to meal of the kids, and also the kid in all of us.
Also, I feel that they should set up a timer for the lights outside properly because we barely saw the place and had a little bit of trouble finding it.
I probably wont be coming back for a while so hopefully the next time I come there I will get a better experience.
With a table of four, we still had boxes of leftovers, so the restaurant was generous in their portions.Another experience that made this dinner memorable was the staff, besides being on top of things, they were definitely friendly.
A good crowd makes all the difference.As always at these events there are social media contests, I never win, but the consolation was that everyone did get a free I heart pasta shirt, which was cool, and as well a gift card, now that's pretty cool!

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