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This is my To-go to grab a Hot mocha or latte and a croissant for breakfast before I head to school in the morning!!
At Urban Plates, we prepare our food from scratch everyday using high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients. I was in town for a few days and came across taco surf 30 minutes before they closed on a Friday night.
We at Spice Merchants Laguna Beach strive to offer our customers the best and freshest herbs, spices, spice blends and loose leaf teas from around the globe.
This is a reasonable price to get your eyebrows down here and my friend recommended just getting your eyebrows done by Nira. This is my go to spot to get some ice cream and I love to take my nieces here to get them ice cream!
The chips and salsa were promptly brought to our table and drink orders taken but that's the extent of what good I can say about our experience. From their twelve big screen TV's to their comfortable seating, Ole's is great place to meet friends and have fun!

This place is tucked away in a Mexican grocery store, but is well worth the trip - the tacos are amazing and authentic: corn torrillas, meat, onion, authentic salsa and cilantro.
You can also change your side of fries into onion rings which is crispy and really delicious!!
Think again - not working today but we weren't told till they brought us our beers in bottles. The staff know be by name now and are always a pleasure to chat with.I come here every Saturday to do my shopping for the week. The carnitas tacos was my favorite and just had the best flavor I have ever tasted anywhere ever. Small is 2 scoops, medium is 4 scoops and I have never gotten a large since a medium is already a lot!! They serve you the tacos, but it self serve for the lime, salsa and the onion and cilantro! I mostly only get the teas and the slushies are good, but not a big fan of their smoothies.

The chips were just OK but the salsa tasted like watered down tomato sauce with some ingredients added. When I finally asked the waitress what was going on she informed me the kitchen had run out of potatos.
I usually come around 11-12 when the lines dies down and usually would only wait about 5-10 mins The corn man works with his son and they are nice to talk too!!
The staff is super friendly and upon leaving the bar we stopped to talk with the woman who dropped off our chips.

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