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Here is the ONLY photo of one of the yellow Swallowtail butterflies that I have seen in Alaska.
This is an introduced European Hornet, Vespa crabro, a species that has been established in North America since the end of the 19th Century. Thanks for the update Paul.  We will be tagging this posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award for your kindness to the lower beasts. Please could you take a look at the attached picture of an insect which was in my friends house and identify it for her please? This sure looks like a Queen Southern Yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa, based on this BugGuide image.  Since it is December and you found her under a tarp, we believe she was settling in for winter hibernation. Our wheels are spinning with the book released and we are so thrilled to hear of people trying out and enjoying the recipes we’ve included.

Tech will set foot on Grant Field tomorrow evening at 7:30 for what I hope is a complete beat down.
Using ephedra to help with weight management has become one of the top methods for weight loss.
This is one of them, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but it is the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail. I ended up removing the gas cap and filling the car before i even noticed, and was too afraid to put the cap back on.
One type is big in size and just starting a nest, very slowly (they seem to take forever, it has been the same size for weeks) and I only see like 4 or 5 of them (see picture 1).
Queens emerge from hibernation during the spring, and they search for a suitable location in which to start a new colony.
She then begins to build the nest with chewed up wood pulp, which dries to make a papery substance.
Thanks to some kind readers, we are aware that the Kindle edition is having some hiccups at the moment.

These workers eventually take over the care of the nest, and the queen’s life is then devoted solely to egg laying. At the end of autumn a number of eggs develop into new queens and males, which leave the nest and mate. To say that our priorities changed pretty dramatically with the addition of him to our lives would be an understatement!
Julie and I count our blessings each and every moment of the day for Scott and for the opportunity to share our passion with so many of you.

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