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If you’re not sure what tutti frutti is, it’s basically just “fruit cake mix.” Here’s a picture of tutti frutti at my local grocery store.
I have an Excaliber dehyrdator and this will sound crazy but I have never dried fruit in it.
For Christians in Kerala, Christmas fruit cake (also known as Kerala Plum Cake) is tradition.

Now that we’re a gluten-free household, I wanted to make sure that Roby would still get to eat fruit cake. Then, you can either air dry it for a couple days and use it immediately, or you can dehydrate it and store it in the pantry for months.
In India and probably other places, tutti frutti is actually just candied green papaya (unripened papaya).

Green papaya is both spongy and flavorless which allows it to absorb both color and flavor very well.

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