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There’s something for everyone in the Big Breakfast edition of Food Network Magazine — even if you’re not a morning person. Combine equal parts softened cream cheese and sour cream with chopped capers, red onion and fresh dill, then fold in chopped smoked salmon and season with salt. Recipe of the Day: Fan-Favorite Guacamole Salad If you love guac so much you don't even need the chips, you're going to love this. I’m going to stick the 50 Toasts picture from the booklet (partially pictured above) on my fridge. Ina deconstructed the favorite dip into a chunky salad with the usual fresh ingredients, plus satisfying black beans and an invigorating lime vinaigrette. Included in the roundup: recommendations from a pancake enthusiast, a non-breakfast person and a skeptic of healthy baked goods.
I loved making the Pappardelle with Spring Vegetables because it’s so simple yet delicious, and it really celebrates spring vegetables.
Fried chicken bites, mashed potatoes and slaw, all in a to-go cone; if I had to name this dish … it would be Heaven in a Cone!
Not only is it a perfect weeknight dinner, but it’s special enough to serve as a first course for weekend entertaining.
I’d eat any of them for breakfast, but there are even some perfect for a light dinner.
Grab the recipe below, and bookmark the following recipes in your magazine (or save them to your recipe box), starting with the cover pancakes (pictured above).

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