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XKL Skyfruit Juice Premix is formulated utilizing very high concentrated Sky Fruit extract as raw materials and processed using hi-technology. XKL Worldwide is a multi-national corporation which expertise in product research, development and sale of SKY FRUIT range of health products.
While having background expertise of managing public listed company, XKL Worldwide is the one and only company in the world to acquire the rights to harvest SKY FRUIT in Solomon Islands. SkyFruit Instant Coffee is a blend with premium Brazilian coffee beans and top quality SkyFruit extract.

XKL Worldwide has already set up its branch network in 15 countries in the region, complete with logistic and financial system facility, it has moved to establish global profit sharing of its sales model and distribution system, growing steadily to become a professional bio-tech international corporation. XKL Sky Fruit Instant Milk Tea uses only high quality premium grade red tea, specially formulated with Sky Fruit extract and other ingredients to provide a nutritious and aromatic beverage. XKL Skyfruit Juice Premix works on principle of promoting blood circulation and hence improving the delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

With excellent political and economical resources, it has earned strong recommendation and support from the Malaysian government. Being a financially sound entity, it too owns the world's first SKY FRUIT research institution and a dedicated production facility.

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