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It is rumored that Yoshiki and hide intended to revive the band without ToshI (who, with Yoshiki, was the only remaining founding member), but with neither hide nor ToshI most fans never even considered a reunion a possibility.
They returned with a vengeance, announcing two shows at Tokyo Dome, which is considered the top venue for a band to play in Japan.
In a cruel twist of fate, the band nearly was forced to break up again just months into their reunion. Yoshiki was able to make it onstage for a short set that New Years Eve, and apparently felt well enough to take another stab at a world tour. Tragically in July 2011, just short of a year after reconciling with the band, Taiji committed suicide by hanging in a holding cell in Saipan after being arrested for causing a disturbance on an airline flight. Later in the year the band toured Europe, and Asia again, and also debuted in South America. Bits and pieces of ToshI’s battle with his former cult had been published but this summer he released a book really going into depth about everything. While the show didn’t appear to have completely sold out, most seats were filled and the standing room on the floor was sold out.
But then the stage went silent and the lights directed to the full grand piano situated next to Yoshiki’s drums. Seven years after this song was played just once, it returned re-imagined as an X Japan song much to the delight of the thousands in the audience.
For as much as X Japan can be about Yoshiki sometimes, he once again turned over the stage to his deceased comrade.
It was an expertly sculpted transition, as this allowed Sugizo time to prepare for his next solo. X Japan took a brief breather at this point, but although the set list from their tuneup show indicated this was an encore break, Yoshiki returned to the stage in short order without waiting for the crowd to whip itself into a frenzy calling for the band to come back as is part of the song and dance of concert attendance.
He parked himself at his piano once more and played an un-named solo to an entranced MSG before slipping over to his drum for what is perhaps the centerpiece of an X Japan concert. Dramatically, the rest of the band returned to the stage and began was the night’s first ballad. This was the first that either hide or Taiji were seen during the night, and rather than presented as actually playing with the band this was more of a touching retrospective.
Well, at least they have been playing the second half of it beginning with Yoshiki’s somewhat avant garde piano solo in which he duets with a recording of himself. This was a band in need of a fresh start, one that many fans had lost patience with, but in one epic night they likely convinced even the most jaded fans in attendance that they are prepared to move forward.
They’ve also scheduled Madison Square Garden concert that was postponed due to Winter Storm Jonas.
Alt rock legends will play shows at Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, plus Bonnaroo and New Orleans Jazz Fest.
Five years after their massive farewell, James Murphy has resurrected his acclaimed band for festival gigs, new music. There was Yoshiki, principal songwriter, brutalizing percussionist and virtuosic pianist of X Japan, standing on his drum throne, casting a shadow that was, via the jumbotron behind him, framed with fluttering, demonic wings, like the final boss in a video game. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business. On July 11, 2011, former bassist Taiji also turned to suicide, by hanging himself after he was arrested.
On this night, they performed for a crowd of full of people from all ages, from 3 year olds to those in their early 50’s. He had a spectacular time drumming, on his drum set, which was placed a moveable stage that traversed down the runway, and was erected about 35 feet into the air.
They also showed a slideshow of X Japan from their inception, and all the different concerts they had, and Yoshiki and Toshi speaking about how they met. AsianInNY seeks to inspire, educate, and connect our community, using a versatile platform that engages our audience via a multi-layered digital presence that showcases the best of New York City. But in 2007 ToshI dropped a bombshell on his blog that they were discussing the matter and the hype train took off full steam. At a May 2008 concert festival played in tribute to the 10th anniversary of hide’s death, Yoshiki aggravated an old spinal injury. They finally debuted overseas in Hong Kong in January 2010, but were inactive for another four months before a two-night stand at the Tokyo Dome followed by a show in Taiwan.
But still there was no album, and those music videos still missing in action other than previews (Even though one of the singles was released). This song also features some of the widest range of notes that ToshI has to hit in an X Japan song, making it a great statement song to start a show with.

It is easily one of their most distinctive tracks, opening with a synth harpischord but in no way shape or form is the song a ballad. Its a throwback song, one that towards the end of the bands first incarnation was not played.
This song represented a great deal of the concept of X Japan as a reborn band, moving into the future. Throughout every show the band has played up until this mini-tour, the deceased guitarist has played a very heavy role in the band’s live performances. Sugizo stepped to the side as well, to let hide’s guitar tracks shine through and let him once again sing back up for Toshi. Rather than just play the song, the band spent several minutes teaching the audience the chorus…because at an X Japan concert most of the crowd sings along to most of the songs, and a number of them feature call and response.
This is a high flying number that is sure to be a hit in karaoke when the new album is released. As the light show focused in on Yoshiki and he started pounding away, his drum platform rose up from the stage and slowly over the course of about five minutes moved, about ten feet in the air, towards the end of the stage’s catwalk that stretched a good 70% of the way across the arena floor.
Now, I keep mentioning ballads because X Japan’s catalog is very ballad heavy and they have, in the past, stuffed their shows with them. Aside from representing their long awaited international debut, this song was based off some unused guitar demos from hide’s private collection. When they returned, Yoshiki restarted the set by playing The Star Spangled Banner on his piano. The full piece has only been played by the band twice, and perhaps some fans had hoped they might attempt it for MSG, but that’s not to say anyone would be disappointed by half the song.
Not just as a nostalgic relic, but one that could be relevant again and bring it in concert as intensely as anyone else on the Japanese rock circuit. When they had run out of things to throw out as souvenirs Yoshiki gathered some remaining roses and dashed at a full spring to the end of the runway. In the meantime, X Japan member Yoshiki recently embarked on his own solo tour, during which he’ll perform 13 concerts in 10 countries. The technical exactitude that allowed that moment to happen -- planning where and how the star would stand, and illustrating the projections to match it exactly -- were in full supply at the band's much-advertised return to New York at Madison Square Garden on Saturday (Oct. This appearance at New York is a special one, since they made their U.S debut in New York at a Rockefeller center press conference more than 20 years ago, in 1992. He was left brain dead, and on life support after the incident, and his mother and fiancee decided to pull the plug. As this was happening, the huge screen behind the band was being covered by large rows of interconnecting lights that were lit and folded into a huge X for the crowd.
AsianInNY has established itself as the premier social and cultural authority for Asians in New York City.
Our pages are updated daily with a rich cultural mix of news, events, interviews, and more.
New singles, with music videos already recorded during a high profile shoot on a massive stage constructed on a rooftop on Hollywood Boulevard in LA, went unreleased.
In the wake of the tragedy and the reconciliation, X Japan began to credit the bassist as a member of the band.
They more or less weren’t heard from again until this year when they announced they were finally going to do it. Things such as the cult leader forcing him to only perform songs written by the cult, performing hundreds of shows a year dedicated to these songs, or how his wife ended up being part of the plot to brainwash him. Especially with ToshI’s very distinctive high pitched voice (Its really unlike most any vocalist.
Other than Yoshiki, the only two members to write fully fleshed out songs for X Japan dating back to their first album were Taiji and hide. This has included his guitar tracks being played along side the band with video of him playing synced on screen behind the group, as well as their ground breaking use of hologram technology to actually bring him back to the stage (something later used to being Tupac back to the stage). This number lacks the symphonic flair the band developed in the late 80s and is pure power and speed. The song featured more ballad style lyrics than most of the band’s driving songs but was backed by the full band rather than orchestral tracks or acoustic guitar. Given all the news about ToshI decade plus ordeal with the cult, its easy to draw meaning from this song in context with the band. But not tonight, this was 13th individual piece of the evening before they got to a ballad. Yoshiki dramatically strolled back to the main stage, embracing the vocalist with a long embrace before climbing the stairs to his piano.

Most of the photos were private snapshots rather than official photoshoot images, adding to the intimacy.
Even before the band broke up the first time it safe to assume it would never be heard live again. Without hesitation he tossed the roses to the side and dove headlong into the general admission crowd and was mobbed by screaming fans, shocked by something he probably hadn’t done since the 80s.
Besides a jaunt in 2010 that included Lollapalooza, the last time the Visual Kei pioneers were on American soil was 2011.
They have come full circle, having played Yokohama Arena on September 30 and October 1, and Madison Square Garden, promoting their “X Japan World Best” compilation album.
Most of the seats were unused during most of the performance, as almost everyone stood up and cheered for all the songs they played. There was honorable and sad tribute for Hide, and they performed a song, with Hide accompanying them. AsianInNY maintains the highest standards in providing reliable online content and producing live offline events. They were riding a storm of hype: This was one band that no one really thought would ever get back together again, and with Japanese rock at that time reaching some degree of success in the states the iron was hot for one of the most enduringly popular bands in Japanese history to strike. Several western publications have indicated that he was a member of the band at the time of his suicide, but in fact he never rejoined the band beyond the two songs he played for the band in 2010. If you’re thinking Axl Rose, not that despite the comparisons between the two bands). ToshI returned to the stage as the intro to the track played but Yoshiki and Sugizo did not. Then, in perfect unison all four joined ToshI in the song as a slide show of behind the scenes photos and videos dating back into the mid 80s began playing on the screen behind them. After the birthday salute, Yoshiki addressed the crowd giving a reminiscing walk down the band’s memory late dating back to when ToshI and Yoshiki met at just 4 years old and made their first music together at age 10. While massively famous in their home country, their relative obscurity has been a long-established question mark.
Last time that X Japan came to town, they made it so that it coincided with Comic Con so that they could attend it. There was also a sizeable crowd of people at ground level, with glow sticks, whose eyes followed Yoshiki running down the runway, spraying bottles of water at everyone, and being received to raucous screams.
Yet it was not over, since they came out to play even more grandiose music on the piano, with confetti exploding and falling all over, and flames shooting off of the stage. When X Japan re-united and Sugizo joined X Japan as the new guitarist (The band does not consider him a replacement for hide) that project was indefinitely shelved.
They did the same this year, on October 10, making sure their band had access the Comic Con crowd which would be the most likely be receptive to a Japanese Visual kei band.
X Japan attempted to come to the states in 1992 once they had made it big, but by that point metal was fading and grunge was king. Yoshiki and Toshi were said to have been working together in 2007, and it become official in 2008.
Last time they played in New York was in 2010, when they did an all-American tour, visiting in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto and New York. Last time they were in New York, they timed it so that it coincided with New York Comic Con, yet it was difficult. After the suicide of their lead guitarist, Hideto Matsumoto in 1998, they were still hurting. In August 2011, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu debuted with her first mini-album, Moshi Moshi Harajuku, produced by Yasutaka Nakata.
Attendees would have been right to complain if there were no fireballs sent forth during the show, or epileptic lasers or a giant X composed of tiny x's that emerged from either side of the stage. As a result, the words a […]“The Graceful Night in New York” – Nao Mitsuya Live Concert featuring Senri OeSunday, July 24 07pm to 08pm The Duplex Cabaret Theatre 61 Christopher Street (at the Corner of 7th Avenue) New York, NY 10014 Nao Mitsuya, veteran musical performer and alumni of Japanese theatre company, Takarazuka Revue, will be performing “The Graceful Night in New York” at the Duplex. Watching people young and old, from disparate backgrounds and probably vastly varied musical tastes, celebrating the virtuosic glam-speed-drama metal band.
It's like seeing a bunch of bearded, black-denim clad metalheads at a Katy Perry concert.

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