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You know those perplexing life questions—the ones that nobody seems to have answers to? I’m particularly interested in the answer to the last When Harry Met Sally question, so if you have it, please do share! After James arrived, we were seated promptly, and our waiter brought a basket of warm  buttermilk biscuits and cornbread sticks to the table. The tomatoes, which arrived at the table sizzling, were accompanied by tomato jam, as well as some sort of vegetable relish. I enjoyed these, but they would have benefited from a dash of cayenne to jazz up the flavor. However, I immediately noticed the absence of the candied pecans, which, let’s be real, were the major selling point of this salad. James ordered the traditional Southern fried chicken meal, which was served with braised collard greens, macaroni and cheese and pan gravy.
He raved about everything on his plate, and I can confirm that everything was, in fact, knock-your-socks-off amazing. I was excited to introduce James to Louisiana Crystal Sauce, which I use to add pizzazz to my eggs in the morning! Midway through our meal, the two women sitting at the table next to ours offered us the the remaining half bottle of their Red Rock merlot. I was hoping for banana pudding, which I’d spotted on the online menu, however it was nowhere to be found.
Huge hugs to you all, and a huge thank you for your unconditional love—even when I resort to corny closures.
Now, I know my comment is getting ridiculously long here, but I want to share my personal story.
I don’t know if I’ve ever had authentic Southern food (or even Southern food from a restaurant), but I do love cornbread! I’m with you, fried chicken is not my comfort food of choice, but that picture sure makes it look good! I use to think that platonic relationships between guys & girls could exist but I am slowly learning towards the other side of the argument! Until I do get a taste of authentic Southern food, I will stick to my idea of comfort food: Spaghetti in marinara sauce and vanilla ice cream :)! Another fact is that soul food really ain’t a whole lot more than things many us grew up with.
Out on Highway 49 north of Jackson, MS, Cock of the Walk is all about old riverboat days and catfish.

The Blue Biscuit, Indianola, MS has perhaps THE BEST fried green tomatoes ever had anywhere. Hoped to get to Bridgeport Conference Center last week for Winter Jazz Weekend, sponsored by the West Virginia Jazz Society. I’m pretty certain that it would save us all a lot of grief as we navigate our way through relationships. Fried chicken and hush puppies aren’t foods that typically make this girl jump and down. So instead of lushing it up at the bar, I chose to keep it classy (as a good Southern girl would) and instead  stood awkwardly in the lobby reading Yelp reviews on my iPhone (does anyone else burn time this way?).
Those Yelp reviews  had informed me that these are one of Georgia Brown’s specialties.
Even though they were breaded, I was able to pull away the outer layer, and cash in on the good stuff: a juicy tomato stuffed with goat cheese.
Instead, we settled on the oatmeal crumble-topped peach cobbler a la mode, which was served with vanilla bean ice cream.
I’ve never been the type of girl to have lots of male friends, and the ones I have there has usually been some sort of romantic entanglement at one time!
Although after seeing that you and James have maintained a friendship for 7 years, I am thinking again. I only have one really good guy friend and most my friends think he’s in love with me. Upon arriving we quickly looked thru the menu expecting to see ribs, collard greens and more.
Of course you can order something other than ole whiskers… buy why would ya, when yer in a place famous for CATFISH! Son JT discovered Johnny Ray’s Sultry Soul Food close to where he works in Herndon, VA. Reckon it’s just too hard to cut it off when yer talking about soul food, history, the blues and jazz. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
I informed our waiter of the omission, and she quickly brought a generous cup to the table.
I thin my comfort food is one of Gramma’s old casseroles…so many memories attached to them! I didn’t grow up eating fried chicken often and actually wasn’t a huge fan until I was an adult, but oh my gracious, I love it now!

My name is Sara, and I’m a 27-year-old graduate student and health coach who is passionate about food, fitness, compassionate living, and maintaining a healthy (fun!) lifestyle. The Right Reverend – JW Juke serves up some fine Southern fried catfish every Wednesday. Vera Johnson-Collins had been saying when we arrived she’d take us to the BEST catfish dinner anywhere. Of course really wanted to see Marshall Keys, but also the menu for Saturday night read like something outa deep in the heart of Dixie. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I’ve had Southern food before and though it’s not my favorite food, it is fun to experience it! All you can eat blackened catfish, chicken breast, collard greens, jalapeno hush puppies, black-eyed peas, cornbread, sweet potato pie and much-much more. Most of the time, one begins to fall for the other, so I guess in that case I’m not sure! Sounds like everything you tried was delicious but I hate when they show things on the online menu but don’t have them in the restaurant! Occasionally collard greens, grits and fried bluegill (bream for all y’all Johnny Rebs). It almost ruined a friendship with one of my best friends back in the day when the guy told me he liked me. Also found out later this is a must stop for ibbluesman whenever they’re in the area. With all the laughing, yelling and high 5ing, I’m sure other patrons thought a pep-rally was about to break out! Needless to say, we liked our huge portions of jumbo chicken wings, pork chops, greens, mac ‘n cheese, etc, etc. Since she was unable to get her first choice, the owner sent us over 2 strawberry daiquiris on the house.
One because it gets me excited for the meal and two now so I can figure out what I can eat without being annoying!

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