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If you are a recovering perfectionist like me or going through a creativity block, this post is for you.
Whatever your creative medium is, commit to spending some time every day or every week exploring it. When I first came to America as a student and got some essays to write as an assignment I soon had to find out that what I was doing was a form of plagiarism.
When you ditch all the layers of conditioning and other people’s opinions, there is a voice that is uniquely yours, and it wants to say something.
If you are an artist pick up that paintbrush and just start putting some strokes on the canvas. You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.
Paragraph 1. What is the title of the job you are applying for and where did you see it advertised? Since we launched GradCornwall in 2012 we’ve matched hundreds of highly talented graduates with great companies here in Cornwall.
Cornwall College is a statutory corporation set up by order of the Secretary of State under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. The film will be an animated adaptation of something originally written and recorded by Kevin Eldon, the voice of Yorkie in Man in a Cat and all-round comedy leg end.
Being an independent adaptation, the project has thrown up some interesting freedoms and limitations. Despite having the dialogue already written and recorded there are several challenges on the writing front.
Should a business or organization consider seeking grants, the first thing they should know is whether or not their business or organization is qualified to receive the grant.
This section of the proposal focuses on the mission statement of the business or organization.
A project summary in a proposal is always a good idea even in those that do not require it.
This section provides a detailed description of staff and volunteers, including their qualifications and professional experience relative to the project. This section of the grant on evaluation demonstrates to the funder how objectives are achieved. This is one of the most detailed sections of a proposal that needs to be very realistic and accurate. Shaking the Funding Tree: A guide to grant writing for literacy programs developed by California Literacy in partnership with CALPRO. Writing Effective Proposals: A web page from the California Department of Education that provides guidance for writing grants.
Association for Fundraising Professionals: This group has been a standard-bearer for professional fund raising for 50 years. Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI): Administers a certification program called the Grant Professional Certification (GPC), which determines the ability of a person in providing valuable and ethical grant-services.

Proposal Writing Guide: This guide helps an individual wanting to be either a principal investigator (PI), or project manager for a grant. New York State Library Internet Bibliographies of Grant Resources: This site provides a listing of selected grants and fundraising resources, as well as which organizations can search online and apply for grants. Grant Writing Tips Sheets: This is a valuable source of guides and tips for writing grants.
For a long time I’ve been feeling like there is so much inside of me that wants to be expressed, that wants to be heard and understood by others. When I was at school it was all very much about filling the children up with information (a lot of it quite useless). It is about fully expressing that joy, love, passion and sometimes pain that is inside of you via whatever medium speaks to you the most. Perfectionism often makes it difficult to even start something, so you never do because you are afraid it might not turn out well or it might not be perfect. Make sure you are mentioning skills and experience the employers are looking for, not just what you think is great. There’s a blank world that needs populating by a writer or director and imagination and storytelling need to be employed from the very start of most animated projects.
The audio Kevin has already recorded is hilarious, and being fans of both Kevin and laughing, Louis and I got in touch and suggested we turn his work into something new and visual.
First we have to cut down over 10 minutes of dialogue into a more palatable length for a short animated film. We have no script to work from, so I listened to it many more times than I already had to absorb the characters, story, jokes, and feel of the material.
This presented the story in a new form and allowed me to listen for any continuity or pacing issues, but also allowed me to visualise the material from a new perspective and feed that back into the script, adding jokes or story points. If grants are not appropriate for their business or organization, other ventures such as bank loans should be considered instead. Adding a sentence or two may be necessary to make the application more appropriate to the funder. Required materials and services for the project are provided in detail as well as the manner that they will be used. Also included in this section is a full description of the facilities or equipment needed to ensure the success of the program. This should provide a detailed account of the evaluation procedure, such as the tools to be used in evaluating the program or organization, the way success will be measured in the long-term and in the short- term, and the policy for carrying out the evaluation process.
Included here are the budget specifications of the funder, such as the amount of administrative cost that they will pay for or the allowable percentage of funds that can be shifted from one line item to another. There is nothing like the feeling of plugging into that creative energy and losing yourself in the process. The pain of keeping all those words bottled up finally became stronger than the voice of perfectionism. Decide you’re going to make the ugliest painting ever and just allow yourself to break all the rules, combine the wrong colours, create a complete mess.

In doing so we have to keep the jokes and story intact, add a new ending without additional dialogue, and add visual gags and signposting to our new ending. I then transcribed the whole script from the audio, cutting out sections of exposition (descriptions of the setting etc) that could be replaced visually. It has to deliver the message (or messages) of the film whilst tying up all the loose ends and providing a satisfying and logical conclusion to what you’ve just seen. In the event that they are worthy of a grant, they should seek funding that is directly related to their mission. But be sure that it is no more than the length indicated in the guidelines which the funder has provided.
This is actually a documentation of the detailed action plan as well as a timeline for accomplishing the project.
But this energy can be difficult to tap into, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies. When you honour your spirit and your essence and commit to exploring it and freeing it out into the world, that voice inside of you finally gets permission to be heard. We also have to create a whole visual world and language for the story that will be developed further through design and direction. This reduced the run-time significantly and started to create layers in which visual jokes popped off the dialogue and vice-versa.
I think it’s telling that of the most successful shorts tend to be the ones with water-tight or surprising endings.
Being clear about the organization’s mission and strengths as well as the activities of the organization will ensure that the time they spend on writing the grant is worthwhile. If possible, it should include a positive result as a consequence of the proposed measures.
The person who will manage the money should be identified and the process by which financial dealings will be accounted for. It took a while but I finally started to understand what it meant to actually write something in your own voice. We’ve identified what our ending needs to do and have several ideas, but the current task is to condense those themes into the most efficient and effective scene we can, being mindful of runtime and continuity. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, a lot of the belief structures and values stayed pretty much the same.
If you really focus and listen to it you might start to notice your body moving, or flashes of colour and images coming to you, or words. But very soon a new voice appeared and the thoughts and sentences started becoming more coherent.

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