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No matter what brought you to this moment, however, or how emotional you may be, you can understand why now is not the time to let your feelings dominate whatever financial decisions you need to make. If this is your situation, people like Derrick Kinney have some advice you may want to consider. He recommends hiring a Realtor to help take some of the emotional pressure off of the transaction, and to get as much as you can for it. His first stage encompasses the first thirty days, in which some basic re-organization of your new reality takes shape. Stage two takes up the next 90 days, in which you track your income and your expenses to develop a new budget. From his smorgasboard of church experience, ranging from the Christian and Missionary Alliance to the Presbyterian Church in America, Tim Laitinen brings a range of observations to his perspective on how we Americans worship, fellowship, and minister among our communities of faith. As an aside, I love it when I get questions like this one because it means that not only are freelancers making real money writing SEO content, but they’re growing it beyond themselves into thriving small businesses that employ others. In the The Freelance Writer’s Outsource Package, I cover all of this – and a whole lot more. I want to clarify something — I should have responded “WHEN” I use a contract because I don’t always do so.
I usually use a contract when it’s a new client that my gut tells me I should use one with, or if it’s a project that’s out of the norm where many things need to be clarified (like ebook writing).
If you’re just starting out and feel more comfortable having one, then by all means get clients to sign on the dotted line. To sum up, I just want to say, if you really want to make some good money as an SEO writer, you should aim to grow your freelance business to the point where you outsource.

When I first started out, I got so busy that within a couple of months I had to bring on other writers. I would never be able to make headway on this plan if I was still writing for clients full-time. Maybe you have kids, or a house, or other considerations for which your faith in Christ doesn’t explicitly lay out a clear roadmap.
Despite the emotional attachment people may have to their home, Kinney has a gentle reminder about being practical.
This is when you address nuts-and-bolts issues like your will and insurance (which, remember, you can change later on as things evolve). Kinney does not generally encourage his clients to make any more major financial decisions during these first two stages. It may sound like too much to expect from you, right now, considering all you’ve just gone through, but Kinney is an eternal optimist! He’s been freelancing as an SEO writer for a year, and now he’s ready to take flight and really grow his business.
It’s also outlined in the ebook mentioned below (the freelance writer’s outsource package). It’s time for me to do some comparative shopping in this area – cuz while I may be in good hands with Allstate, I think one of those hands is reaching deeper in my pocket than it should be!
Learning SEO is about so much more than learning a new skill; it’s about changing (taking control of) your life!
She recently wrapped SoapNet's new series, Bank of Mom and Dad, coaching young women struggling with debt.

Each category is further divided into areas important to you and your Christian faith including Bible study, daily devotions, marriage, parenting, movie reviews, music, news, and more. If you look too far out it can become overwhelming and can cause you to take no action at all, which can actually set you back. Being a believer in Christ gives him confidence in sharing with clients his views on the role of money in the Christian walk.
And, while you can earn a quite comfortable living working alone as a freelance writer, you stunt your earning power. Her first book, You're So Money: Live Rich Even When You're Not, helps young adults earn financial independence. Maybe the shock of finding yourself in this place has begun to wear off, but the pain lingers, and even deepens. In the post How to Find Reliable Freelance SEO Writers to Outsource To, I outline four things you should look for when hiring freelancers, and give a whole bunch of other insight as well. Her upcoming book, Psych Yourself Rich, gives readers the mindset and behavior for building a strong financial foundation.

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