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Construction of a seven-story, 458 stall parking garage is planned to begin in June 2016 and be completed by March 2017. Construction of the Roberts mixed-use building lining the parking structure will begin in November 2016 and be completed in August 2017. The garage will be owned and operated by the City of Fargo and will double the number of surface parking spaces currently available on these lots.

It will add 74 residential units of varying price points, ranging from studio units to two-bedroom townhomes. This mixed-use building will include 9,500 SF of ground floor space for retail, food, and beverage concepts along 2nd Ave N and Roberts Alley. The SW and SE corners will be designed for food and beverage concepts, with retail space in-between.

The retail spaces along Roberts Alley will average 594 SF and feature overhead doors, inviting passersby.

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