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A proposed WinCo Foods development in Lewisville that would demolish existing retail space moved closer to final approval this week. Legions of fans have been anxious about WinCo’s debut for months and some were treated to a private open house on Wednesday before the store opened to the public on Thursday, Feb. WinCo stores do not have pharmacies but standard over-the-counter health products are available.
The City Council met on Tuesday to discuss the latest in the developments on the South side of the Rayzor Ranch development. After an extensive discussion of placemaking, site plans, elevations, and building materials, I asked what sort of commitments Red Development had lined up to move-in to this project, knowing that a particular grocer had already filed pre-application materials to the city to be there. The anchor stores for Rayzor Ranch need to offer something we can’t already get if its going to attract people and business.
I think Denton would be surprised at the amount of business a central market or whole foods would get in Denton.
Based on their parking lot, Albertson’s is struggling to survive against Wal-Mart and Sam’s across the street, now this?
Well, there were some opportunities that happened for a Central Market in the old Albertsons on I35 and 288, but for what I heard the city council wanted them to do all this renovating to the parking lot and spend more than they are willing.
And I agree, the average income of the surrounding rooftops will not draw a whole foods or central market to this area, I say go without a grocery anchor. Sprouts would be a good option since we are not likely to attract Whole Foods or Market Street. From what I have read winco has lower prices than Walmart but pays there employes a living wage.
Dave – the issue is not whether or not Denton should welcome WinCo into our community. The 83,000-square-foot supermarket in Lewisville is the 100th store for WinCo, which entered the North Texas market in February 2014.

Other tenants in the updated 226,000-square-foot shopping center include Fuzzy’s, Cricket, Sally Beauty, Mama’s Daughter’s Diner, Jimmy John’s, Leather Sofa Co., Subway, Little Caesars, Supercuts and Nutrishop. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. Many of been hoping this development would be the start of upscale retail and dining – the type of project that would keep local dollars here and serve to attract outside visitors at the same time. What is the grocer that will serve as an anchor to drawing all the other upper scale retail and dining outfits? But I’m not sure we need to be in the business of offering economic incentives for this. It would be nice not having to drive all the way to Southlake to stock up on some of the foods I cannot find in Denton. Denton may not have the average income for a whole foods but I definitely think a Trader Joes would be perfect(it’s pretty inexpensive but they have interesting and quality foods). Denton can sustain a high end grocery with the outlying areas like Argyle and some of the others, just the matter of getting a good enticing believe to be here as well. I have been to the ALDI across town, which I believe Is a similar type of low-cost grocer (with a terrible selection), and I’m not really sure how they are still in business. That would offer a totally unique retail experience to Denton, instead of just another grocery store. If not, don’t offer any or restructure them so that they are given in increments as rewards for actually doing fulfilling what the developers promise they will do. Certainly, they are free to do commerce here and it sounds like they have some promising business practices. The Boise-based company also confirmed Monday that it has another store under construction in Garland at 1122 W. Main Street where it kicked off a renovation of the Old Orchard Village East shopping center.

If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor. I’m also not sure how a WinCo Foods draws the upscale development everyone has been expecting from this Rayzor Ranch project.
I have absolutely no interest in shopping here when the store opens and think it brings very little to Denton as a whole.
Why are the shops of highland village a reference point does the world need another coldwater creek ? The developer has already petitioned the City to reduce the requirements of the incentive package (tree canopy, and mix of business to multi-family dwellings to list a couple).
They are rated #9 on Forbes top 15 companies to work for, and seem like a perfect fit for Denton… Small town feel, healthier options than the large chain stores, yet not granola enough to steal business away from Natural Grocer and The Cupboard. I need to do more research but given that WalMart is right across the street I would choose WinCo first.
If we wait too long, this could easily turn into a low-rent, high density, high revenue for the developer project … with Denton left holding the bag with no draw to increase sales tax revenue.
Albertson would eventually close or Winco would fail, they both cant survive with Walmart and Sams across the street. Shops at Highland Village was developed without a grocer, and the success is now pulling in a whole foods. Another one would be the Lake Highlands Town Center in Dallas that mirrors this project almost exactly.

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