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There are many reasons that it’s important to eat organic foods in these modern times, and it has become a huge priority for us health nuts! First off, organic foods are much higher in nutrient content, and they taste so much better too! As for as the little ones, eating organic is extremely important to get the vital nutrients that support healthy brain and body development! Even if the testing is unbiased, the chemicals tested are not the same as the final products sold in stores or to farmers.
Policy, a leading progressive think tank and education-for-action center focusing on food as a human right and re-shaping our global food system to make it more socially just and environmentally sustainable.
If you call your local health department, they will tell you that sludge spreading, if done according to regulations, is perfectly legal and perfectly safe. Pollen flow between herbicide tolerant canola (Brassica napus) is the cause of multiple resistant canola volunteers. EPA ignores the BIG PICTURE: Cumulative Toxic Risks Overlooked From Our Children’s Toxic Legacy John Wargo 1996 Yale Univ. It is important to know that all apples have a natural wax on them, but after the harvest, apples are washed and brushed to remove leaves and field dirt before they are packed in cartons for shipping. Without wax, fruits and vegetables, like apples, lose their crispness and moisture through normal respiration and transpiration – eventually leaving them soft and dry. This entry was posted in Food, Infographics and tagged farmers market, organic apples, pesticides on apples, preservatives on apples, why eat organic apples by sbonham.
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While not one to vilify anything Western or pharmaceutical when it comes to managing our health, it is becoming more and more evident that conventional medicine is not the solution for all our health woes. If you are like many people, you are developing a growing interest in taking a more proactive role in your health and using more natural treatments instead of potentially dangerous and sometimes ineffective drugs.
I know there is a lot of debate regarding the superiority of organic food versus conventional food. Research has sometimes produced mixed results, but the general consensus is that it is probably better for you. While certain aspects of living a healthier life may have a financial cost associated with them, one of the most effective natural health strategies is also one of the cheapest and by cheapest, I mean absolutely free.
Our mental health has a huge impact on our physical health, something Western medicine is finally starting to realize. Meditation helps us handle stress better, it helps us gain control of our monkey mind, it helps us respond to the challenges in our life rather than just react automatically in destructive ways.
Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods to produce regular bowel movements and maximize elimination of toxins that can build up in the gut and move into the bloodstream. This not only promotes better digestion, it reduces eating binges, according to research at Indiana State University. About The Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who specializes in health and wellness content. Tom Corson-Knowles Blog by Tom Corson-Knowles is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
The contents of this Site, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on the Site ("Content") are for informational purposes only. She was super thankful and said that when you break it down per meal, it really wasn’t that bad. I think where we as Americans get confused is that in the US, we eat the cheapest food on the planet because of farm subsidies which give us access to very low quality foods that are genetically modified, fed GMO feed, sprayed with tons of pesticides and pumped with antibiotics. As you can tell I am a big fan of eating organic meat but I don’t want to neglect the importance of eating organic produce because that is another major source of how chemical toxins are getting into our bodies. I admit it, when I first started my transition into buying organic food, I thought the prices were outrageous! Disclaimer: We earn a small commission if you use the highlighted links to purchase the products mentioned in this post.
Fortunately our ancestors never had to worry about getting organic, that’s all there was!

Organic produce is higher in vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals like magnesium, chromium,  iron, and calcium.
They are far more susceptible to toxins than adults, so eating foods that are free of pesticides and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is crucial for creating a healthy life. It’s reasonable to think that rapidly increasing rates of cancer are at least partly linked to the use of carcinogenic pesticides, rite?
Walter Goldschmidt, now professor emeritus of UC Berkeley and UCLA, schools of anthropology, studied this issue more than a half century ago.
Many municipalities rely totally on field application to dispose of hundreds of thousands of tons of sludge each year.
Standards for heavy metals are up to 100 times higher than any other country has ever proposed.
A food grade wax is sprayed on apples to keep them shiny (for cosmetic purposes) and to protect the fruit. Therefore, the nutritional value probably has gone down to a certain extent and it isn’t nearly as fresh!
We are growing rapidly and ever-adapting to today's marketplace which is why your ideas and comments mean so much. Watch this video with Laci as she talks about some of the health benefits that come with eating organically!
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The dangers of many commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs often do not justify the benefits; the problems they treat are usually able to be addressed with lifestyle changes and other non-drug interventions if we can muster the discipline. It can be hard to make any definitive statements as the quality, nutrient value and other factors can vary greatly depending on the food, if it’s vine-ripened, and where it is grown, just to name a few of the factors. An article published in the April 2010 issue of Alternative Medicine Review reports a review of multiple studies has found that organic food tends to offer greater nutritional value, specifically vitamin C, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. The article also notes organic foods tend to be higher in antioxidants—important substances that prevent and repair the cell damage that is the root cause of many diseases.All the nutrients we eat serve specific purposes in the body and we need them in the right amounts for proper functioning. While you may associate meditation with spiritual pursuits, it can offer so much more than that. It is not what happens in our life, but how we react to it that accounts for our state of mind and how we feel every day. Promoting optimal digestion is a great way to feel better all around and ensure your body is getting the proper fuel it needs to function at its best.
Make sure to drink enough water; too little fluids and high amounts of fiber can lead to constipation. Chew your food well—this is particularly important for digesting carbohydrates as one of the primary enzymes that breaks it down is present in saliva.
If you are interested in reducing the chemical load in your house, consider purchasing organic furniture. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Last week, I posted this picture of my delicious healthy spin on tacos onto my Facebook page. Luckily, we are able to metabolize and excrete  many of the pesticides that we consume on a daily basis, but chronic exposure of pesticides sprayed on the produce we’ve eaten over a lifetime means that we always have high levels of pesticides in our bodies. The point is, we all have some non-essential items that we buy on a weekly basis that we can cut back on which will allow us a little extra spending money for quality foods.
We recommend only products that we would use in our own home or that we would recommend for our clients. Foods that have been sprayed with pesticides are commonly considered neurotoxins and are damaging to the brain and nerve cells. He discovered that where the predominant farms were large-scale, there was a highly negative effect on the towns surrounding that community. Meditation has been shown to reduce chronic pain and change our perception of pain, making it easier to deal with. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The best part was that she was so excited because she went to the store, shopped the outer aisles for fresh ingredients, and bought her family the healthiest foods she could afford.

When you eat meat from a conventionally raised animal, you are not only eating the toxins, hormones and antibiotics from the animal but also the toxins and pesticides from the GMO-feed that they consumed throughout their entire lifespan. A study came out recently showed  that eating an 80% organic diet can reduce the amount of circulating pesticides in the body by nearly 90% in just 3-5 days! But when I took a step back and realized that I was investing in my health now so that I don’t have to pay for it later on down the road in medical bills, then it looks a WHOLE lot cheaper. Your purchases help to support our blogging activities such as creating yummy recipes to share with you and also helps us to bring even more helpful nutrition and training information to you on a weekly basis.
The contrary was true in communities with smaller-scale family farms, where the local economies were healthy and vibrant. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this site! Plus, when I really started to do price break downs of food, like I did above, it really wasn’t very expensive compared to some of the silly stuff I was spending my money on each week.
It’s about doing our best we can to incorporate more healthy organic foods into our diet so we can start lowering our exposure to these chemical toxins and live longer healthier lives! In general, the signs of a healthy community were present in the communities with small farms, and absent from those with large farms.
Where larger farms were found there was greater decay in the surrounding towns with regards to all aspects of life.
They have seen a breakdown of the rural way of life; it’s families’ makeup, social attitudes and solidarity, and the towns’ infrastructure. Dependence on technologies to solve problems aided large corporate interests in carving out increasingly larger pieces of the farming income pie. In 1937, farming income was 18% below that of 1929, but International Harvester made record-breaking profits. Here’s the full list)Why Are Organics More Expensive?In most cases organics do cost more.
While sales of organic products is growing, they still represent a small sliver of total grocery sales.
Smaller sales volume means less economies of scale for the producer, and therefore higher prices for us.This price comparison was done last year in California. Avoid ChemicalsMany people argue that eating organic is healthier because it allows us to avoid eating harmful chemicals that have been applied to our food. Higher Nutritional ValueThere is a lot of research that indicates organic foods are more nutritious than non-organics. Some even argue that the differences are quite substantial and that eating organic is the only way to go if you are eating with your health in mind.Not convinced? Much non-organic produce has been genetically modified (GMO) to grow faster, bigger, more colourful, resistant to weather, or even to produce its own form of pesticide!What is in your genetically-modified produce?A lot of research has shown that GMO produce is lower-nutrient, more toxic, and can even cause allergies in those who consume it. Yikes!But Is Eating Organic REALLY Better?While some pro-organic arguments seem pretty compelling, not everyone agrees that the benefits are clear-cut.
A research team out of Stanford conducted a series of studies comparing the nutritional makeup of organics vs. Going back to our DDT example, it’s unknown how long DDT can impact land it was once used on, but some experts estimate that lingering effects could last hundreds of years!Dirty Dozen And The Clean 15Like most hot topics in the health industry, the organic debate is somewhat inconclusive.
Maybe we don’t know exactly how these chemicals will impact our health but we certainly know that chemicals are present when we buy non-organic varieties of these foods.Better safe than sorry? Buying organic versions of the Dirty Dozen (now 14 actually) is a great way to avoid a lot of chemical contamination that is likely not good for your health.On the opposite end of the contamination spectrum is the Clean 15. How was it processed?Shop LocallyOne way to become a more informed shopper (and eater!) is to buy locally. That’s good information to know!Grow It YourselfIf you want to have complete control over your food supply then consider growing some of it on your own. Want a hint?…start with Kale…it will grow anywhere and requires basically no effort!Want to be a successful gardener? He knows how to get fat-loss results and was even chosen as Canada's Top Fitness Professional for his dedication to his clients' success.

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