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Finesaler Wholesale Fine Foods of Connecticut offers Specialty Gourmet Foods and Imported Fine Foods.
Discover Black Truffle Paste, Spanner Crab Meat, Boutargue, Poutargue and Kosher Bottarga.
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Approved buyers and those wishing to order wholesale gourmet food, click here to login or fill out our online trade application. Sell Gourmet is in business to provide specialty food retailers a source for unique, distinctive and rare gourmet food brands to sell to their upscale consumers. We are continuously adding new gourmet brands each week, as our mission is to focus on matching quality gourmet food products with quality gourmet food retailers.
Unique, Upscale, and Hard-to-find Gourmet Food, Gourmet Food Gifts, and Gourmet Chef Products from Wholesale Gourmet.
Artichoke Fennel Pasta Sauce with Chardonnay Winea sauce that sings!Artichoke hearts, fresh fennel, Chardonnay wine, and locally-grown tomatoes make this sauce sing! Chunky Tuscan Vegetable Pasta Sauce with Merlot Winechunky & earthy!This was Milo?s very first sauce! Fire-Roasted Portobello Pasta Sauce with Shiraz Winedinner with a kick!This is Milo?s favorite sauce!

Fresh Herb Marinara Sauce with Malbec Winefresh and smooth!We?ve always called this a ?marinara for grownups? because of the gorgeous fresh fennel.
Moroccan Marinara with Pinot Noir Wineauthentic flavor!Our chef lived in Morocco for more than 10 years, and this sauce is a completely authentic meal eaten there daily. Daddy Cook's Chipotle MolassesA unique blend of heat from the chipotle peppers and the sweet of thick rich molasses comes this true southern favorite. If you are looking for a wholesale Fine Foods supplier for your gourmet kitchen or restaurant, consider ordering your Specialty Gourmet Foods from Finesaler in Connecticut. You can find Australian Spanner Crab Meat, Plantin Truffles, Le Tennier Flavor Pearls and Kaviar to impress your clientele.
We represent only the finest and unique products that will offer your retail customers the best the industry has to offer. What this means to you is you now have an easy-to-use online catalog of great gourmet food products to showcase and sell in your business. If you manufacture a high quality gourmet product, please contact us for consideration to be included on our website. Our all around blend with sweet spicy flavors and the heat from the pepper to finish it off. Finesaler features Imported Fine Foods including Prinz Octopus, Kosher Bottarga, Australian Crab Meat, Plantin Truffles, Le Tennier Flavor Pearls and American gourmet specialty foods like Semi-Dried Tomatos and Sweetypep.

Octopus Carpaccio, Pressed Italian Octopus, is Ready to Use Octopus Meat direct from Italy. If your kitchen needs fine foods like Truffles, Caviar and Octopus Carpaccio, you are in the right place! These Le Tennier Caviar Pearls are Cocktail Pearls, a delightful Specialty Food, preferred by pastry chefs, foodies and upscale bartenders.
Finesaler features Asia Wholesale Specialty Foods, Online Gourmet Foods and Fine Foods at Wholesale prices.
For the Kosher kitchen, there is Memmi Bottarga, a Kosher Bottarga mad with Mullet Roe and Tuna Roe. This Kosher Bottarga is French Bottarga, a Mediterranean specialty Battarga crafted with the kosher tradition in Italy and France. For your Caviar needs, Kaviari, a French Caviar, is offered in Kristal Caviar and Prestige Caviar.

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