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Quinoa, which is used like a grain but is really a seed, can be found at natural-food stores and in many supermarkets. If the quinoa salad is made ahead of time, let it come to room temperature before serving; perk up its flavor with additional lemon juice if needed. Halibut, like many other cold-water fish, contains beneficial omega-3s, which help reduce inflammation -- an essential step for a healthy metabolism. Serve iron-rich quinoa pie as part of the Thanksgiving menu -- or with a green salad anytime. Quinoa anchors this cool salad of crisp, thinly shaved fennel, pungent parsley and dill, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Sprinkles of parsley and olive oil spruce up this side salad of quinoa and crunchy green beans.
These poblanos, stuffed with quinoa, herbs, black beans, and goat cheese, offer a nice zing.
You can anonymously report this comment as inappropriate and we will review it to determine if it should be removed from the site. Every year for their January issue, Whole Living publishes a delicious dietary detox plan known as the Action Plan, and for the last three years I’ve contributed recipes.
The Action Plan is also available online, along with all the recipes for the entire three-week cleanse, provided by myself along with Sarah Britton, who writes about food on her excellent blog My New Roots, and Sara Forte, author of the exceptional vegetarian cookbook The Sprouted Kitchen.

I am so saddened to hear that this is the last issue of Whole Living ?? My boyfriend and I are currently in day 6 of the 21 day cleanse and I have got to say we are so impressed! About Whole Living, I thought they were just going to be an e-zine…I will be crushed if they don’t keep putting out new material! It’s unfortunate that instead of offering subscribers the opportunity to switch to one of their other magazines, they threw us under the bus and sold our subscriptions to crappy, unhealthly, Family Circle magazine.
Oh, I was looking for their January edition in the boookstore, and hoped it would be out next week. My first cookbookLucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life is a collection of seasonal recipes. You can prepare (but not cook) the burgers up to a day ahead, and then cover and refrigerate until you're ready to use.
The detox is meant to help readers recover from holiday indulgence, and set a blueprint for healthy eating throughout the year.
Like so many magazines in the past few years, they are shutting down for financial reasons.
The way it works is that the first week, all foods that could possibly tax your system are taken out, then in Weeks 2 and 3 more foods are added back in, so you can see how your body reacts. The editors worked really hard to make it good, and hopefully all the positive comments like yours will reach them.

I haven’t completed their detoxes, but I had their Jan 2012 edition, and tried some of the recipes.
We make aprons, tea towels, reusable fabric bowl covers, and other modern goods for your sustainable kitchen. This year’s January issue is now out on newsstands, and you can get my recipes in the Week 3 section of the detox. There are a lot of sad subscribers out there, including myself, and I wonder where I’ll be able to find such good writing, well-curated info, and healthy recipes in one place.
So many delicious wholesome foods in so many new variations, thank you, thank you Louisa and Whole Living! Going forward, we plan to incorporate Whole Living’s content into our other titles and platforms.
We encourage you to visit us online and to sign up for our newsletters to continue to receive expert advice on health, fitness, beauty, balance and more.

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