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Several months ago, the public space was surrounded by scaffolding for building tuck-pointing. Who wants to hang out in a little patch of concrete next to Broadway traffic and two blocks from the Tombs?
A plaza full of cool looking motorcycles doesn’t seem like something one would want to complain about.
It’s illegal to ride bicycles on the sidewalk, why does NYPD allow Harley Davidson’s? There used to be a brass plaque bolted to the exterior brickwork at 376 Broadway (Mandarin Plaza) designating it a public space. Then, two years ago, Harley Davidson asked for permission to redo the ground floor commercial space in front of the plaza so as to open a motorcycle store. It might be worth investigating whether the retail space is zoned as a garage—that’s effectively what it is since the dealership is renting bikes as well as selling them.
With the recent news about finding the fungicide Carbendazim in some of the oranges that had been imported, now might be a good time to stock up on organic oranges from California, and make your own juice. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Not long after baby arrived, my husband first brought home a loaf of this brand new bread and I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to give it a try. Thankfully though Schar has stepped up and given us a phenomenal new loaf of gluten free bread, one that I hope sticks around for a very long time. Along with growing our family, 2015 is a big year for us as we’re celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary just about the same time Baby #2 is due to arrive. I always tell Dan that life with him has been a true fairy tale, filled with tons of adventures, love, laughter, some challenges too, but always a happily ever after. So to honor our five year anniversary this month, which happens to land just a week or so before our due date, we decided to push up the celebration just in case baby makes an early arrival.
As part of my gift to Dan for our five year anniversary I went to our favorite bakery, Classic Cake Company, that just so happens to have made our wedding cake and a few of little one’s birthday cakes and requested a gluten free recreation of our wedding cake topper. My most favorite addition to their gluten free product line are these delectable Everything Bagels. No gluten free pregnancy would be complete without an indulgence in some gluten free pastries. Okay, so I obviously indulged in some of my regular snacks but what did I try out that was newer? The last three desserts were new to me so since I don’t get to the bakery too often I decided to pick them up and try them out for blogging purposes of course. One of my favorite and most special parts of this pregnancy has been that we’ve celebrated two huge holidays while our smallest little girl has been in my belly. By the time Easter had arrived though my belly was in full bloom and there was no denying that we had a second little baby on its way, in fact another little girl.
Changing your diet though for medical reasons, either your diagnosis told you to do it or your symptoms did, is totally different motivation to stay strong than just following a new diet fad. So today I wanted to share my biggest gluten cravings this pregnancy, you know the ones that make me wish I wasn’t gluten free for just a day so baby and mommy could eat safely and happily. Pregnant or not I get my fair share of cravings, but nothing beats that relentless hankering that won’t seem to get out of your mind or belly until you satisfy it. Whole Foods is a chain of natural and organic grocery stores based out of Austin, Texas and operates over 365 stores nationwide. Hurry to Whole Foods to score free Orgain shakes when you stack a $1.00 store coupon with a $1.00 manufacturer coupon! Hurry to Whole Foods to score an amazing deal on Madhava Organic Fair Trade Raw Blue Agave!
Whole Foods Market in Brea will be offering a new unique shopping experience to its locals such as a self-serve pizza station, a juice and smoothie bar, fresh poke, expanded vegan options in all departments, a coffee bar, a bar-restaurant with local brews, and an upstairs mezzanine area for tastings, a community kitchen, a lounge space that can be rented for events and Kids’ Club that will host events and activities for area families with young children. Whole Foods, purported purveyor of products that support healthy people and a healthy planet, nearly broke the internet over the weekend as images of shocking product packaging went viral.
The oranges in question aren’t just any oranges, since this is Whole Foods we’re talking about after all. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
13: Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center also wants a piece of the LMDC’s $50 million pie. Thats when Harley Davidson secretly cut down the small trees and bushes and pulled out the flowers and ferns in the 2 planters.
I'm Lindsay, a gluten free wife, mommy to two adorable little girls, and blogger here to share with all of you the way I live my life, the gluten free way. Could it be that my favorites were going to be packed and ready to go for a busy mom out the door?
Nice soft powdered donuts ready to be enjoyed as a quick breakfast or treat at a school party.
Their Artisan Baker White Bread is soft, fresh, and needs no prep before eating, a huge win in the gluten free world! First off, while the loaves are still the same size, you cut the packaging open and the slices are ready to eat then and there, no toasting needed. I have to admit in my postpartum recovery where easy to make sandwiches are a new mommy’s best friend this bread has been a savior. Everyone says it but time really does fly by, it’s hard to believe just 5 years ago that we were exchanging our vows and becoming husband and wife. I’m a firm believer in fate and destiny and I truly believe that Dan and I were made for each other in every way. Dan treated me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants that we’ve been to ever since our dating days and now offers the most excellent gluten free meal.
Creamy gluten free vodka rigatoni followed a perfect chopped antipasto salad, and Dan, well he was in heaven too with a seafood galore entree following a special meatball appetizer.

Over the years I’ve admittedly had some doozies but fortunately it seems like many a gluten free company is catching on and putting out some decent bagel substitutes.
They come pre-sliced in a four pack for $5 on their website and are good at room temperature for about a week and then in the freezer for as long as necessary. While they still have more of a bread feeling, they certainly have accomplished a slight chewiness factor resembling the classic bagel we all might remember. They offer tons of different gluten free treats from sweet and savory crepes and sandwiches to smoothies and tons of different desserts, check out their full menu to get the whole picture.
Light and fluffy cheesecake with chocolate chips scattered throughout, you can’t get any better than that.
And even though mommy is moving a little bit slower, we had an amazing (and a little chilly) Spring day that we could celebrate all of the Easter festivities.
Being a mommy and being pregnant are truly two of the most special and my most favorite things to do but when we finally welcome our smallest little girl and we hold her for the first time, it’s that moment that I live for. Definitely getting up a few times for some bathroom trips but I’m managing to get at least a few hours in.
I just had that lovely glucose test so I’m waiting on those test results but for now everything appears to be going well. Once I saw the huge change in my quality of life I knew that living wheat and gluten free for me was a change for forever, not for a few months.
Faced with already an extremely picky palette, daily sickness, and other appetite suppressing feelings, on many occasions during both of my pregnancies I looked at my diet with more frustration than I had in years. Yes, yes I know this is a nightmare to even think about the what ifs but this is pregnancy, not every craving can be so easily gluten free, and this is a real gluten free life where thins aren’t always easy. I mean, I know we traditionally bust out the pumpkins starting in September, but you can get canned pumpkin year round.
The natural grocer was selling pre-peeled oranges in clear plastic tubs, essentially replacing nature’s own biodegradable packaging with an unnecessary and wasteful product. The company selected the sweet, juicy, snack-friendly Sumo Mandarin for its ill-planned “convenience” option.
This incident has caused consumers to think twice about the rest of the pre-peeled, pre-sliced, pre-packaged produce still on the shelves of this so-called healthy grocery store. After a few years of being gluten free, I've realized that living this life is about so much more than just the food. Plain bagels that are perfect to throw in your bag for lunch or bring along to put together a breakfast sandwich at a restaurant. The convenience, texture, and flavor speak for themselves and are on my list of must gets before our Disney vaca in a few months! And trust me, when it comes to gluten bread I’m hypercritical seeing as I love my sandwiches and have greatly missed them over the years.
I absolutely love being able to just pull the bread out of the packaging and use it straight away, a rarity for gluten free breads which usually come frozen or fresh, requiring heating in some way before eating. I’ve had many a gluten free sandwich for quick lunches and dinners without any thawing, microwaving, or toasting. And even though I look back on our wedding day and wish we could be there again just for a second to experience the joy, love, and fun that we did that day, now five years later and two little girls in hand (well almost) our lives couldn’t be better and it all started with just our love. We squeezed so much into just five years of marriage from exploring the world to growing our family and imagining what 5, 10, and 15 more years will look like is just a dream. We’ve become regulars here over the years, spending most romantic occasions and date nights surrounded by familiar faces.
The cake was beautiful, covered with sugar flowers and shimmery buttercream, but the inside was my highlight seeing as it was filled with gluten free chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream filling.
One of my favorite gluten free bread companies by far is Canyon Bakehouse, you know the ones that make that fantastic Deli Rye Style Gluten Free Bread that I raved about along with their amazing Gluten Free Focaccia that I used in my appetizer bites. Even though cream cheese is my favorite topping for any kind of bagel, I can imagine many a delicious bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with this little number in my future. Starting on the left is a gigantic Gluten Free Apple Turnover that was so light and doughy and stuffed with just enough, but not too many, cinnamon apples. And lastly, the Gluten Free Strawberry Tart, a pastry tart filled with vanilla pastry cream and topped with fresh strawberries, a great treat for this Spring and Summer.
A huge thank you goes out to Wildflour’s for consistently making me one of the happiest gluten free mommies in the area.
I’m just so excited to meet this little girl and see who she is which makes the waiting feel that much longer. Since we were pregnant with our first little girl and have had her since, that spirit hasn’t changed.
We were just beginning to get used to the idea that our next Christmas we’d have two little ones running around. But no matter what we were doing, our smallest little girl was certainly making her presence known the entire time by kicking and turning around constantly, always reminding us that she’ll be coming out very soon and joining in next year.
For now, I’ll keep dreaming of who our smallest little girl will be and one of my favorite dreams of all, how much our tremendously happy little girl will love her little sister when she finally arrives. She definitely is starting to move from being horizontal the entire time to now being vertical so breathing is getting a bit harder.
I have to say I’ve felt completely different this time from my first pregnancy with the exception of a few things.
Living gluten free without worrying about nutrition for you and a baby, without feeling tremendously more hungry than you normally would, and without pregnancy cravings that will drive you mad if you don’t get something that tastes similar is a challenge that was completely new to me a few years ago.
I never frequented Dunkin Donuts on a daily basis but donuts popped up here and there often enough during my gluten days.
Yes, I can certainly make myself a lunch meat sandwich on a gluten free roll or baguette but I miss so much being able to go to our local Italian hoagie place and order a delicious thick roll stuffed with all of the hoagie fixings.
During both my first and now second pregnancies I ate pretty similarly, never really craving anything bizarre but always pulling from both sweet and salty sides. Okay I have to admit, I’ve always been somebody who needs to eat something salty after something sweet or vice versa, I mean can you ask for a better balance than that?!?!

The best way to save at Whole Foods is to shop their sale prices and stack them with store and manufacturer coupons. And considering the serious deliciousness of these pumpkin bars with orange butter frosting, I’m pretty sure we should eat them every holiday. Plus most products come in both natural and organic selections, which is great because I don’t buy organic very often.
It won’t always earn you an extra entry in a giveaway but it will give you warm fuzzies.
You can read more about the inspiration for this site here and connect with me (please do!) by clicking any social media icons above. The company has since issued an apology and pulled the plastic-encased oranges from their shelves, but many other ridiculous packaging decisions are still being made in this and many other grocery store chains.
The Sumo is a cross between a typical mandarin orange and a California navel orange, resulting in a larger version of the sweet treats.
After all, it’s not uncommon to see other fruits like melons, pineapples, berries, and grapes carefully piled into clear plastic tubs of various sizes and stacked like sentinels above inflated price tags. Making this huge change is about living your life in the safest and most enjoyable gluten free way possible.
Hey, we can all totally admit that we’ve brought our own bread and put together our own burgers, sandwiches, and beyond, right? This bread literally reminds me of gluten breads from my past, soft and pliable slices of bread that are squishy and elastic to the pull who’s taste blends with any and all kinds of concoctions. They’re flavored with garlic and onion along with poppy and sunflower seeds giving that perfect everything flavor. Now, if only my local grocery stores would catch on and sell any if not all of Canyon Bakehouse’s products then I’d really be in business! For this particular stop in I decided to of course start with my favorites, the Gluten Free Pink Smoothie along with some Gluten Free Brazilian Cheese Puffs.
While the filling was superb, what always surprises me with every tasty treat from the bakery is just how perfect the breads and pastries are. The tart was moist and held together perfectly to envelope the sweet, but not too sweet, cream and strawberry filling.
As our Easter came to a close and we said goodnight to our little girl, she shared one of my favorite moments with us and kissed me belly telling her little sister that she loved her. Thankfully, I guess I have a ton of it because I’ve never cheated once since the big change many moons ago. Since going gluten free, I’ve certainly found a substitution that makes me more than happy when I really need it but there are times when we get our little girl a special holiday donut or when I saw a gigantic chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles at Epcot that makes things so much harder for me. I many a time this pregnancy, more so than my last, have talked about this with my husband and he is a good reminder of why I’m on this path to begin with. My favorite pairing by far has been a bite of ice cream and some baked potato chips not far behind.
In addition, you save 10% off when you buy a case of product to make stocking up on healthy food even better!
So, the next time you’re craving fruit on the go, take a look around the produce section and consider whether nature’s packaging is good enough for you. Going gluten free meant getting my life back and starting one of the most exciting chapters yet, as a mommy!
We all know that anything bread like in the gluten free world can be really off putting texture wise but this bread is a huge exception.
You can enjoy them fresh out of the bag or if frozen, a quick defrost and toast later and you have yourself a tasty breakfast or lunch. Needless to say these didn’t survive too long post purchase but I have managed to snap some pictures of these in the past so make sure you check them out. So this pregnancy we’ve really tried to continue doing the same, and even though Disney was a fantastic vacation, I’m so glad Spring is starting to appear and we can give our little girls some amazing days the next few months, filling them with park days, zoo trips, and beach and boardwalk adventures! We really are so lucky that we’ve been blessed with such a special little girl that has the biggest heart in the world.
Gluten free donuts are all cake donuts which certainly come close to pre-packaged varieties in the grocery store but they don’t hold a candle to the light and airy ones at Dunkin Donuts.
This has been a huge craving this pregnancy and while my husband has been great getting me gluten free lunch meats from time to time, they’re nothing like the hoagies from my memory. Living this way is the best thing for me and my baby and no matter how difficult, challenging, and lonely it may feel, it’s to hard to always see it but it is completely worth it. But they don’t just do sweets, their bagels have always held a sweet spot with me too!
These slices have that elasticity that lacks in so many other types of gluten free bread, but these definitely hold their own in so many different kinds of meals, trust me I’ve tested it.
The Pink Smoothie is just delicious and didn’t bother my acid reflux too badly, or maybe that was the cheese puffs that helped out, either way I was a happy mommy drinking down my strawberry banana and almond milk smoothie.
My husband is a great calming influence for me and always lets me vent my frustrations but sharing all of these feelings with you is what’s most important. So let’s start off with some fun, gluten free friendly pregnancy cravings that we can all enjoy safely!
They were the first to offer this gluten free mommy a gluten free Everything Bagel that could rival even it’s gluten competitors.
Ahem, not to mention those early morning flights to Disney that can now start with a fresh powdered donut or egg sandwich on a bagel.

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