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As a food blogger, it’s difficult for me to return to a place more than twice because my whiteboard list keeps growing. The deeply stained wooden floors and dark wooden chairs bring additional warmth to what could be considered an almost austere setting. Our experience started in the small downstairs bar with Michael who prepared for us two beautifully balanced blood orange martinis. The menu offers a wine by the glass with each appetizer and entree, at either a 3 ounce or 6 ounce serving. You can choose from over 200 bottles of wine from a variety of regions including France, Italy, Germany and California and several good choices by the glass.
After drinks, we were taken upstairs to the the outdoor patio which is designed well, with a welcoming floor (outdoor rooftops can be cold looking) and a great view.  They have made sure the fencing is designed so that tables can be placed right up against it without fearing heights and there are nicely placed flower boxes. Never have I seen scallops served in such an earthy, sultry way, in a big bowl over mushroom risotto. Half of this entree came home with us and made a wonderful lunch, maybe even better than I remembered the night before.  Truly an exquisite dish! Hickory Grilled domestic lamb tenderloin over a ragout of young leeks, patty pans, and braised neck in a yellow tomato, olive caper and garden thyme jus. I would go back just to have this lamb dish, but there were so many other good choices that I wanted to try.
We were sent three different desserts to try, a buttermilk panna cotta with a lemon curd, a berry cobbler with goat cheese ice cream,  and a flourless chocolate cake. I think you had me at the church pew, the outdoor rooftop and then the blood orange ‘tini. We have a friend visiting-her first time to KY, and of course no trip to W KY is complete without a side trip to Nashville. Someone told me that if I ever go to Nashville, I should skip music row and Broadway and just go to the Whole Foods in town. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Nashville is like a child who ran barefoot, fishing and climbing trees and suddenly grew up and grew into a man who can wear a suit and tie when he’s not wearing a cowboy hat (or in some circles, the baseball cap). We started Friday night visiting eateries for little bites here and there and by the time we hit Watermark, it was our 13th stop. The white tablecloths and the uniforms the servers wear (tie, black pants, white apron) add to a clear sense of order and mindfulness. No one knows this little bar that used to the wine room exists, but they are hoping to make some architectural changes which will open it up and become a hot spot.
The watermark name is watermarked on one white wall, adding to the brand of this restaurant that is mindful, crisp, clean, and promises the attention to detail in the food. he dining rooms have very soft ambient  light (these pictures were taken in the daytime), but if the weather is nice, the rooftop patio is the place to be.
This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of eating sweetbreads, and i would order them again. One needs to understand that this is not really a souffle in classical terms, but  a very exciting dish that combines several flavors and textures. I’ve had two outstanding lamb dishes in restaurants in the last 14 years (and I order lamb a lot).
In the appetizer menu I am still wanting to try the pan seared pork belly, and the blue crab and wild shrimp gallette.
The stylish decor is not so over the top to feel unwelcoming, and the food will be remembered, and Watermark is especially nice when seated on their rooftop patio.
If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! It never seemed fair or right to use those events to write about this beautiful, sophisticated restaurant without sitting for a regular dinner, and getting the whole story. There is a promise of upscale food with some Southern touches presented by knowledgeable attentive servers. The only pause I had was that the lemon, pistachio and truffle vinaigrette was missing from the salad and I should have realized that long before we finished and returned it.

The server talked me out of that quickly saying the scallops dish was not one to pass over and he was so right. From the dinner items, I would love to try the seared halibut over caramelized fennel as that is a perfect match. He was there in the beginning and is back with an emphasis on local ingredients, Southern notes, Classical execution.
We got married on a beautiful, sunny, breezy Friday evening and the weather on this Tuesday night was almost exactly the same. The server switched out an option for us showing us his thoughtfulness in giving us the best pairings.
Maybe because it was our anniversary or maybe because I had a camera with me, we got the the star treatment.
The Chef will know the chocolate dessert I am referring to and I wish they could find a way to bring it back. But, this past week we received a gift card to Watermark from some neighbors and I cannot wait to use it after reading this post. I love eating outdoors, working out, outdoors and if I could I would have walls that roll up so I could feel like I’m outside. One knows right away this was once a pew that many folks have sat in to pray, to sing, and to listen to a Southern pastor. They sent out another appetizer for us to try, the red beet and goat cheese, and I highly recommend this as a natural starter with the lamb entree.
The lamb neck is so tender and the acid in the yellow tomato combines just right with the acid from the capers and olives without being over powering.

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