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Tomorrow, Berkeley’s Whole Foods is hosting a school carnival from noon to 5pm at its 3000 Telegraph Avenue store to support Berkeley schools, and it will follow up on Wednesday next week by giving a percentage of its proceeds to the same cause.
The day includes a kid-friendly carnival with bouncy-house, an engine company from the Berkeley Fire Department, musicians, face painting, a BBQ and vendor fair, and tables for PTAs and non-profits. Also attending is the Berkeley Public Education Foundation, which will be benefitting from a 5% Day Donation on Wednesday, September 14. Whole Foods has also launched a campaign to support school gardens in an effort to fight childhood obesity. To find out what is going on in Berkeley and nearby, be sure to check out Berkeleyside’s recently launched Events Calendar. Kelli, try the Yam Kale Salad with the Cranberries and Mustard Dressing, it is to DIE for!!! I actually had the black beans and plantain meal a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t particularly impressed.
Tofu, Eggplant, Black Pearl Medley (Whole Grain Brown Rice, Black Barley, Daikon Radish Seeds), Black Beans, Corn, Cilantro, Southwest BBQ Spice, Salt, Black Pepper.
Reason I am talking about that is NO I do not hang out in the bakery department each time I go but I do peek over to see all the beautiful works of art they have in cakes , pies and candy.
The point I am trying to get across by posting the above picture is why in the world would I stand up slave over a recipe in the book I have zero interest doing to get something to try to take somewhere or to serve here at home. I feel so good that I am going through closets, drawers, boxes and a storage building getting rid of things. I was telling someone just last week we are pitiful here in the USA when we have storage buildings that are being put up everywhere to help us hold our STUFF..
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Combine flour with oat bran or wheat germ; baking powder, pumpkin pie spice, salt and baking soda in a large bowl. In partnership with the non-profit FoodCorps, and the newly established Whole Kids Foundation, Whole Foods Markets throughout the nation will be collecting donations to support grants for gardens for local schools. With fat cats like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey attacking the poor and the needy, it is an uphill battle.
There are just too many better options here in Berkeley to make Whole Foods seem attractive in any way.
HSH has a shelf in pretty much every section, offering a variety of low-fat and animal-free goodies. My hubby and I tried three times recently, to order some of vegan sandwiches on their deli menu and could not.
We both have had a tremendous amount of weight loss in the last two years so therefore let someone else eat cake. From now on when I want something I am going to think about it at least a week before I make the purchase.
Today my project is going through the room I have that we use as an office and has a twin bed in there.
Why would I want to stand here and figure this and figure that and it turns out like my volcano cake. Last May the store was able to donate over $4,500 to the Berkeley Unified School District from a similar event.
During the holidays we slipped around and had smoothies, ice cream and some other things while we were at the Gaylord. If you do not use something then why don’t you give it to one of the thrift stores in your area so they can sell it for their organization?
WHY IN THE WORLD would I hold on to a zillion books for them to gather dust and get mites?  I only kept the books from Rick Bragg , Don Keith, Sloan Bashinsky and Nick Myers.

I normally do not like the people that have gone on before me so I do not hold on to the items because it belonged to someone in the family.  I hold on to them because I USE THEM like My great grandmothers mission table. With the whole wheat pastry flour and wheat germ it has a more complex nutty flavor than "regular" pumpkin bread which is a good thing - something different. I have taken off two truck loads and tomorrow I have several bags headed to the Mission in Pinson, AL. We are not there now so we need to get back with the program.  I only gained 5 ounces while we were gone.
I copied that pattern  FOR MY PERSONAL USE ONLY and that magazine is now in a box to give to somebody here on my monthly give a way.
If I need and REALLY NEED something that I have given away I will figure out how to do without of if I have to have it down the road in the years to come I will go get one.
The recipe still worked very well but I cut out the honey and sugar as there was sugar in the pie filling.
I have a closet in there that has some clothes and I am sure they are too big so they will be going.
Some do not even have one book we have houses full.  I think America INCLUDING ME has become greedy.
If they can not hold the ones I want to save then I have to decide which one is the most important and the rest have to go.
My loaf baked up having a heavy, too moist, bottom but I'm not blaming that on the recipe as I had to work with the wrong ingredient. We want everything we can get our hands on and we’d be better off if we just had the basics.

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