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It saves time, money, and really helps with staying on track with healthy eating—so what better time to share an example week than the night before the DietBet starts? I keep things simple—my apartment kitchen is not a restaurant, and serving up a different dish every meal of every day would be cray. I want to recreate the coconut “fruit” pops from Whole Foods without dairy, so I added that to my list along with a pea soup using coconut milk as the base (Joe loves pea soup). Joe usually buys lunch or has lunch meetings, so I don’t worry so much about planning those, and between me teaching late and Joe playing hockey late, we only have a couple nice “together” dinners and then the rest of the week can be leftovers or quick meals. I love this, one of the things I look forward to the most about moving out and having my own place is being able to plan what I’m going to eat! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. It's already proven to be a very interesting read, like who knew there was a Texmati Rice!?!
I look forward to a future where I am no longer the lost and ignorant soul in bulk, 2013 is the year of bulk! Select a storeSelecting a store allows you to see that store's content throughout the site, such as sales, store events, and more.
Customers shop for produce in Berkeley’s second Whole Foods store which opened today at Tenth and Gilman streets.
An estimated 600 people took tours of the new Whole Foods store last week in the lead-up to today’s opening at its location on 10th and Gilman streets.
The 47,000-square-foot market, with 85 car parking spaces, including electric charging spots, and 12 bike spaces, is employing 200 staff, two-thirds of them from other Whole Food stores while the rest are new staff members, said outreach team leader Kristen Tantarelli.
Whole Foods is testing some new concepts at the new Berkeley location, including a designated space and table in the specialty food section where certified cheese professionals will be on hand to cut cheese fresh from the wheel to customers’ specifications.
Other features of the store are a full-service butcher, a bakery that will be making 10 breads from scratch daily, homebrew supplies, a craft pizza bar, a Paleo cold bar, and a sophisticated bulk-bin section. The new store has given Andronico’s an incentive to make improvements at its Solano Avenue store and to invest in a high-profile billboard campaign as the retailer reminds Berkeley shoppers that it has a long history in the area dating back to 1929. Renwood Opportunities Fund, Andronico’s owner since its bankruptcy in 2011, is giving all five of its stores facelifts by mid-2015. Andronico’s is particularly proud of the food it stocks from local producers, she said. Asked whether the store will address local crime problems and traffic congestion, Tantarelli said the business is working to improve the area in collaboration with the community. Bostrom said he is personally excited about the early-morning coffee that will be on offer. Neil Mishalov, who took some of the photos included in this story, lives a 7-minute walk from the new store. Mercelle Carlson, a local mother of two and an enthusiastic foodie, said she would be visiting Whole Foods for its wine and cheese department as well as for its cafe.
With a 2-year-old and a little girl in elementary school, Carlson is often looking to pick up a few things after school drop-off in the morning. She hopes Whole Foods’ hours will prompt some other local food retailers to change their opening times. But Diane Yasuda, co-owner with husband Glenn of the much-loved Berkeley Bowl, said the Berkeley Bowl stores wouldn’t be doing anything any different. The Berkeley Bowl owner said she thought Monterey Market might feel the competition from the new Whole Foods store.
The Natural Grocery Company is another local retailer watching Whole Foods’ arrival closely.
Tantarelli said at this time of year the fresh produce section at Whole Foods is 65% organic. Subscribe to the free NOSH Weekly email which positively bursts with mouth-watering East Bay food news. IMO the area is still not super transit-rich, so it probably wouldn’t work to go much higher.

Are you trying to say that there is not demand for dense, resource-efficient living or just being judgmental about people who choose to live that way?
Isn’t it a shame that this extremely important info about the solely organic produce never got into the article? Andronirip’s will have to become competitive or their chapter 11 will become chapter 7. If Andronirip’s does go down, I hope the Shattuck Ave store will be torn down and a larger store (perhaps the third Berkeley Bowl or Whole Foods in Berkeley?) with an underground garage and residences, will be built in its place. BTW, the best thiong about Whole Foods opening on Gilman, is that Northwest Berkeley is no longer a quasi food desert, as there are now grocery stores west of San Pablo on Gilman, on University (Grocery Outlet), and near Ashby (Berkeley Bowl). Density doesn’t mean you can walk to shop if the buildings, like those on San Pablo in Albany, contain nail salons, dentist offices and care repair shops. That will be convenient, but as an employee of BB, I like that our hours are designed such that the staff can actually have lives. You are saying you want to design the city to make it easier for people to drive rather than to make it easier for people to walk and take transit. A store like Bi-Rite in Ess Eff is curated for the high end shopper and generates revenue at ~$4,000 per sq.ft .
Not that easy for many: the elderly, the disabled, people with young children, or with multiple shopping bags, illness, etc. You can buy as much or as little as you need, so you can experiment with new products without fear of commitment kicking in. You can buy as much or as little as you need, so you can experiment with new products without getting stuck with something you don't like.
All kinds of things: rice, grains, flours, pasta, soup mixes, beans, cereals, trail mixes, nut butters, sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Write down the number you see on the bin — aka the PLU number — on a twist tie or label to place on the bag or container. Some things are just no brainers, like knowing you can always find a lot of organic food at our stores. The links in this post may contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. One of the tricks to saving on your bulk bin purchases is to buy only the quantity that you need. Most Whole Foods offer several different grind your own nut butters, including peanut butter and almond butter. Nutritional yeast may not make every grocery shopping list, but the savings at the bulk bins is so significant, I couldn’t leave it out. I promise this isn’t meant to be a bad Easter joke, but I feel like I’ve just come back from the grave. Even if you’re not participating, having ready-to-eat snacks, prepared lunches and the ingredients on hand to make healthy dinner makes the week that much easier.
I think of it as switching things up week by week, not day by day (this helps keep the bill down, too!). Lately for breakfast I’ve been loving green smoothies and for lunch I typically do leftovers or have a work function. I will randomly do it, but a lot of times I just scrounge in my fridge and throw things together like veggie patties and greens or smoothies or eggs (not all together).
This is the first time I’ve done one of these posts, but I’ll keep sharing them on weeks I meal plan! I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger (you probably figured that one out by now) and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA. The store, and the competition it represents, has been a catalyst for at least one other local grocery chain to sharpen up its act.
This is the second Whole Foods store for Berkeley (the first one opened at Ashby and Telegraph in 1990), the 41st Whole Foods in Northern California, and the 401st nationwide. We have also been working with the police department, requesting more frequent patrols of the neighborhood.

Outdoor outfitter REI on San Pablo Avenue routinely works to build connections with the local community. The food retailer is also looking at ways of expanding its organic produce sections due to customer demand, said Yasuda. Natural Grocery prides itself on its organic offerings, especially its fresh-produce department.
ElCerrito Natural Grocery on San Pablo (near Abby Carpet) is a terrific store and has a restaurant now attached which is good.
In fact it seems to me that the new WF has modeled some of their departments after similar improvements made two years ago by Andronico’s Shattuck. That said, I hope Andronirip’s will rise to the situation and offer better value for its customers, as people in its neighborhood would rather not drive down to Whole Foods on Gilman if they could find comparable quality and value close to home. Even though Whole Foods founder and former CEO is a conservative ass, all in all, I think this store is a good addition to Berkeley.
The prepared food section was just beautiful, I brought home samples of 6 different choices. Light rail could reduce traffic but we don’t have light rail and there is no plan to build it. Whereas when I’m at BBWest, I could be in Ethiopia, Tibet, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. Rice, grains, flours, pasta, soup mixes, beans, cereals, trail mixes, nut butters, sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. By carefully selecting what I buy, and how much I buy, I’m able to save a significant amount on my groceries. Buy what you need, spend less money than buying a whole bottle, and nothing lingers in the back of your spice rack. Thursday night I got hit with some terrible stomach flu and couldn’t leave my bed until Saturday morning.
For dinner, I like to mix it up and try at least 1-2 recipes per week mixed with old favorites.
Early reports suggest the market will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood for local residents.
We are also discussing options with University Village [in Albany] for increased security,” she said. With the stores being so close, this will increase, said Brad Bostrum, REI’s market manager of outdoor programs and outreach. I am just delighted to have such a great food store within such a short distance from my home,” he said after visiting on opening day.
If they can lower their prices while raising their quality and level of service, they might be able to survive. What we do have is bumper to bumper rush hours more frequently on San Pablo and that’s without the development that has been planned for the Plaza and the village. I eschew visiting their stores as much as possible because of their excessively high prices. And don't forget snacks and treats. Many of our stores also have bulk herbs, spices, salts and peppercorns. Although I’m still weak, I feel much better today and decided to do something I always wish I did more regularly: meal plan, grocery shop and food prep for the week. Not only am I an organic coupons expert, but I find the best green deals, helping hundreds of families save on the frugal, green lifestyle. Nothing makes me happier than to help people realize being organic doesn't have to cost more.

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