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Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. Due to the bottlenecking of the parking lot as it took us 10 minutes to try to get out of the parking lot from In-n-out, we saw Whole Foods and I think I found my new spot to go for lunch everyday now. I previously wrote a little bit about the upcoming September 21 Feast Portland event with Whole Foods, the Best Butcher Contest and Fishmonger Faceoff, summarizing the previouslies in that post.
The contest and faceoff consists of a series of quick-fire challenges in front of a live audience (which could include you- it definitely is going to include me!) and panel of expert and celebrity judges (recognizable names include Jenn Louis and Paul Qui who have been on Top Chef Masters and won Top Chef respectively, as well as owning restaurants; also Adam Sappington of Country Cat and Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ).
See the detailed list of the panel and the competitors at the The Whole Foods Newsroom, but here’s a quick glance! According to the Feast Website for this event, besides being dazzled by their presentation, craftsmanship, and swagger, there will also be opportunities to sample some surf and turf from Whole Foods Market’ partners, and also enjoy live music and a photo booth. In addition, this is also an opportunity to learn about the background behind the sustainable meat and seafood at the counters of Whole Foods. I also learned that they are all ready to help you get your seafood prepared for your dinner. The flavors options they offer are wide, varying from Lemon Dill or Blackened to Northwest Chipotle, Tandoori Spice, Tequila Lime, or Thai Curry or more for rubs, and choices such as Caribbean Mango, Ginger Teriyaki, Maple Chipotle and Raspberry Chipotle to select from! When you see they have specials with that whole fish, don’t be intimidated to ask them for help on cutting it for you- it will save you so much work and worry, and they are more than happy to give you a hand and be of service. I wanted to also mention one of the reasons that when I do purchase meat, I like going to Whole Foods.
Meanwhile, as I was admiring the case, I became interested in a cut I had never seen before- a Jersey Boneless Short Rib Steak. For now though, I encourage you to think about attending the FREE Feast event at Directors Park- both for seeing the mastery of the sharp knives from the butchers and fishmongers and also the surf and turf samples!
Disclosure: I was provided a gift card for Whole Foods in order to create a meal using the surf and turf from Whole Foods Market, and asked to promote the Best Butcher Contest and Fishmonger Faceoff event at Feast.
Disclosure: There may be at times sponsored posts where the ticket to an event or meal or sample product to review was complimentary, but I will always provide my honest opinion and assessment of all products and experiences I may be given. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

I've been working in Irvine for well over a year and my coworkers and I always had trouble deciding what we want to eat.
They have a huge selection of products, and to name a few sections of the place: food bar, salad bar, juice and coffee stand! After already winning regional competitions, 11 butchers and 11 fishmongers will be here at Director Park from 11am-2pm Saturday for the final battle. I spoke with a local fishmonger at the nearby Whole Foods in the Pearl, and was impressed to hear that one of his coworkers, Jesse, won in competing with his other coworkers at the store in terms of yield. They have tasted all the rubs and marinades and can help you pick out what to add to your selected seafood- and will season it for FREE for you! My rep was quite fond of Lemon Dill for fattier fish and the Maple Chipotle (though if you want more heat Raspberry Chipotle is hotter). I am willing to pay a little bit extra because they label all their meat with a scale of 1 through 5+ based on the animal welfare standards.
Apparently, there is only one cut of this per animal, and you don’t see it in stores much because butchers usually take it home to their families. Come cheer on the butchers and fishmongers as they can demonstrate their craft at this event, and learn about the meats and seafood of Whole Foods!
I enjoy adventures in eating - dining out and cooking and imbibing for local Portland deliciousness or wherever travels lead. He then faced off against all the other fishmongers at the Portland stores and won, which then took him to the regionals to compete. There are 14 rubs and 7 marinades for you to choose from!  That’s right- FOURTEEN rubs and SEVEN marinades. They also provide several options in whcih are already prepped for you, and just waiting for you to finish and cook!
This ranges from 1-no cages, no crates, no crowded as the minimum to 2 -enriched environment 3-enhanced outdoor access 4-pasture centered 5-animal centered no physical alterations step 5+animal centered, entire life on same farm.  Of course, this is not the same thing as organic. I’ve had short rib before, noticeably and most often in Kalbi, a marinated grilled Korean version of the meat, which I love. But I will always provide my honest opinion and assessment of all products and experiences I may be given.

When I first came and saw the price ($3.25), I expected a pretty standard small size for the drink. Although he did not win the regionals and is not competing tomorrow at the Fishmonger Faceoff, you may find that your neighborhood Whole Foods gives you access to some pretty top notch talent! However, I strongly support stepping away from factory farms and a return to farming and ranching with respect for the life that is being taken. Selection of 10 types of Dosas which is rare for an Indian restaurant if you order off the menu.
In any case, today was Tuesday and when I read that there was Taco Tuesday here, I was sold !This is a perfect place because the options are endless.
Not super clean or nice, but always tasty and consistent.I always get the chicken enchiladas, the chicken is always moist, sauce is simple, topped with cheese and lettuce I also get rolled tacos, to most people they are taquitos. My coworkers and I circled around the place deciding what we want to eat because we were overwhelmed with it all. Furthermore, their employees are really nice, another reason to love this place.I just love Whole Foods. Several kinds of Indian beerService was outstanding - very attentive to take your plate away, refill water, etc. In addition, the tea quality is wonderful and not too sweet and artificial tasting like some other places.
Sometimes they will offer to brew a new cup of unsweetened tea for you but then it's hot and not iced.
Street taco just consisted of corn tortilla, meat, cilantro, onions and your choose of sauce. Also, they did not charge extra when I asked for no ice.Definitely will be coming back here.
I'll probably come back here and get the gelato and macaroon because nobody was there to help me when I wanted it today.

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