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Whole Foods did have a wine retail license at their Columbus Circle location when it opened. Law #2: Thou shalt get down on bended knee and ask locals for the privilege of selling them wine.
I don’t doubt that if Whole Foods got permission from the Community Board for the at-grade store-next-door-to-the-store that they would do a good job filling it with tons of interesting, biodynamic, organic or otherwise natural or even local wines. Eh, no big deal, in Connecticut no supermarket can sell wine or liquor, only beer and malt beverages (Smirnoff Ice etc), and only until 9pm and not on Sundays. Where’s the law saying the little local wine shops in Manhattan shall not be grossly overpriced and have a terrible selection? This is really well put, but I also wondered about the efficacy of simply making a reasoned argument, since the responsible forces (Albany, even local political bodies) are intransigent.
The community board includes on its membership, several wine store owners…so you do the math. To say that Whole foods is not a discounter is to be either disingenuous or simply misinformed. In any case, the idea that in NYC the choices are between over-priced shops with terrible selection and something like Trader Joes’ or Whole Foods is downright silly. Welcome to The Village Wholefood Store, set in one of Enfield’s treasured Conservation Areas in North London.
Ethos: We at the Village Wholefood Store listen to our customers and are aware of how many of them care about how important it is for us all to look after our own health, recycle and use natural, fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly products. Media kits include information about new stores, company initiatives and seasonal offerings.

Cheeses come from Neal’s Yard in London, French affineur Herve Mons, and some American classics such as Jasper Hill.
They pulled the pulled the plug on that location voluntarily if somewhat mysteriously–there was something about it not being a street-level entrance, another instance of NY wine retail craziness.
According to the NY Sun, Frank Geresi who owns local wine shop Elizabeth & Vine fears Whole Foods as a wine shop. Just because other states have crazy wine retailing laws too doesn’t mean we can take this lying down!
On the other hand, I did not realize that the six of seven law, itself of recent vintage, had in fact been modified.
Unlike many of chains of Health Food Stores, as our name implies, we are a Health and Whole Food store as well as a Village Shop. The Hall is located within its historical gardens and a beautiful country park with lakes and its own brook.
We will frequently review our operational procedures and our products to ensure we continue to improve along this path. None of the NY stores sells wine (you never know what might happen if you could buy Sancerre the same time you buy Camembert), unlike Whole Foods stores in renegade states California, Illinois and Texas–where, I hasten to point out, levels of social unrest are no higher than in New York as a result of selling wine. Think about it: bar opens in your neighborhood, spills loud people into streets while you are trying to sleep. There’s nothing like going to a small store that specializes in something and talking to an owner who can tell you about every single thing he has in stock. I do admit that I have started to wonder which day certain venues had chosen since they are always open when I pass.

Increasing Competition From Specialty and Natural GrocersTexas was among the last frontiers without a Trader Joe's. There is a French fry station, a culinary center for classes and events, and two dining areas including conveyor-belt sushi. Unless of course you are a competing wine retailer and you are attempting naked economic protectionism. We are located in Enfield, North London, near Forty Hall and Bulls Cross – close to the M25 and A10.
More Shoppers Want Convenience (Think: The 80 - 20 Rule)The Whole Foods strategy maps squarely to millennial shopping, cooking and eating trends. Who knows, WF selling wine in the neighborhood might just make more people in the neighborhood want wine. It existed as a health food store together with the butcher’s, post office, hairdressers, village store and the Goat Pub which are all now long gone.
Hence the success of convenience stores and rural general stores.In the past few years, Walmart rolled out its small, more convenient Walmart Neighborhood stores in response to shoppers more often opting for convenience. But together with the newsagents, J & A News, next door for newspapers, top ups and lottery tickets, you can get many of your every day basics and special dietary needs all in one place.
David Chang of Momofuku in New York placed his Ssam Sauce at Whole Foods MarketĀ® stores in New York City.Stay tuned for more news on this exciting Whole Foods concept.

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