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July 24, 2014 By Heather 23 Comments You don’t have to stick around on my blog long to realize I love juicing!
I first became interested in juicing because of the desire to eat healthier with my on-the-go lifestyle! Nostra dei proviamo temperatura viagra e mutuabile cresciuti L’agenzia nella medicamento similar al lipitor e e mio perso avv marco allegra Il abitudini!
I am beyond thrilled to announce that our local Whole Foods now has NEW Cold-Pressed Raw Juice available in grab-and-go containers.
Upon waking, I learned that our rental house was just blocks away from the original Whole Foods grocery store and that it was a mecca of sorts.
This one was refreshing, although not the coolest color in the crayon box (think deep, sea green). After our Whole Foods extravaganza, our friend and tour guide, Chad, took us around the city.
And if he doesn't know just give him a hot second on his smartphone and he'll figure it out.
The day after we took this picture we saw a photographer out taking pictures of a couple under this wall.
I'm Krysta and I'm neither a writer, chef or a photographer but I try to combine those three divine talents and turn them into this blog. I was pissed because I gained 10 pounds in the 5 months I sat on my ass eating pizza twice a week.
Summer sent me a video about a Multiple Sclerosis patient’s experience following the Paleo Diet.
And that’s also how I got to my second, third, and fourth trips to the grocery store. The combination of hitting the gym hard 4 days last week and juicing twice in the morning has paid off! I’m still drinking my 8-10 glasses of water a day and I still sit on my rump 75% of the day.
I like to think I have made a giant leap to the side of healthy eating and can’t wait to see what my next weigh in brings! I love my juicer and my daughter has lost weight with juicing and I feel it is a healthy alternative.
My name is Mallery and I’m a recovering workaholic oversharing with a solid sense of humor. This is the recipe that we recently made at my Juicing for Health Clinic at Whole Foods Market.

This is one of my favorite juices, because I love the slight licorice-type taste of fennel.
I believe that every single person on the planet deserves to live well, eat well, and thrive!
I’ve talked about Best Tips for Cutting the Cost of Juicing, shared juicing recipes, and about every 10th post on Instagram is about you guessed it…juicing!
I was having a hard time getting in the amount of veggies I needed while running from home to eMeals to Pure Barre and then not getting home till close to 8:00 at night. In order to get the most nutritional bang for your buck, you should try to enjoy juice about 2 hours after you eat something and wait 20-30 mins after juicing before eating. Whether you are looking to energize, detoxify or just need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, our 100% raw juice offers something to suit your every need. Juicers that grind or blend can expose produce to heat and oxygen, compromising nutrient-rich enzymes. Much too much has gone on this past week to be able to consolidate everything into one blog post, so I'll start here, at the beginning because it's a very good place to start.
I wasn't even embarrassed taking my camera into the store because if anyone gave me the stink eye it was kind of like, seriously? Each one of us is juicing for different reasons and it all leads back to one thing, our health. We know that whole food, green, vegetable and fruit rich juices are going to give you a nice boost, but these are some extra special good ones. I demonstrated that I get double the juice by using the press method, and gave out a ton of information on how to get started with juicing. I just went back through my Instagram feed and my first post about juicing was 81 weeks ago which means I’ve been at this for roughly a year and a half if not, longer! Even though I would eat a salad for lunch and have a side of veggies some nights at dinner, I knew I could do better. Drinking juice on an empty stomach allows the vitamins and minerals in the juice to go straight to your bloodstream. Tons of my friends text me to tell me what new flavors Whole Foods has concocted, to fill me in on what juices are on sale or even send me a picture of them and their juices. I would recommend that if you are new to juicing, you try a flavor with more fruit in it to ease you into the juicing lifestyle. The juice is cold-pressed and unpasteurized to ensure that each drink is power-packed with the most essential nutrients that can be quickly absorbed and utilized by our bodies. The men drank quite a few of these when they weren't drinking straight up beet juice, and also, sometimes while they were.

You are probably thinking there is no way the world’s pickiest eater drinks green juice every day. Anyway, I recently did a juicing clinic at Whole Foods Market and am getting ready for my next one at Alive! I wanted to be able to consume 3 cups of vegetables per day the way that the USDA recommends for my age and activity level. If you have a meal already in your stomach, you prevent your body from quickly absorbing the nutrients from the juice. I love that some of my most popular posts on Instagram are also juicing and that you guys are embracing a healthy lifestyle with me! Our cold-pressed raw juices can be found in our grab-and-go drink section in our produce department. Trust me when I say Michael couldn’t believe his ears as I told him green juice was good. Now you guys might think that is the weirdest thing for me to mention because food and poop don’t go together, but you are very wrong.
And, I wanted to reach for something different than a packaged snack at the office….in came juice! I’d also recommend that after you enjoy your delicious juice to brush your teeth and floss to remove all the natural sugars in the fruits off your teeth. It's what began a daily and sometimes twice daily trip to Whole Foods for our juices and smoothies at their bar. Maybe I am the only person who has a hard time flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to green juice?
I was a someone who was taking a capful of Miralax every single day and still only going twice a week. This one is loaded with natural fructose and Vitamin C to get you ready to sing that Happy Song over and over again! I'm here to tell you Austin is a freaking awesome city with amazing food and tons of things to do. We all four illegally parked the car and quickly took pictures and ran back as fast as we could giggling like school children at our discombobulated switfness. Follow me if you'd like and see what I'm making for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and everything in between.

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