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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  antibiotic resistance is one of the top five health threats facing our nation. It’s really a shame that we live in an age that we have to constantly worry about our food safety, but knowledge is power.
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While not everyone can agree that buying food organically grown is healthier, no one can argue that they don’t contain fewer pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. By definition, buying food with the USDA organic label means the product was grown free of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers, was not treated with antibiotics, and contains no additives.
Start by buying these 14 produce items organically grown to greatly reduce your exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Change to buying these four meat and dairy products organically grown, and you can reduce the number of antibiotics and growth hormones you are exposed to daily. Finally, if you are purchasing baby food, buying organic protects your baby from harmful pesticides that can interfere with infant development. According to research, based on thousands of government tests, you can reduce your toxic pesticide exposure by a whopping 80% when you buy certain organic foods.
There’s also a least contaminated foods list to help you choose between foods to buy organic and the safest conventionally grown foods to buy.
To greatly minimize your exposure to toxins and enjoy safer, healthier meals, you’ll want to buy organic versions of the foods that conventionally come with the heaviest burden of pesticides and hormones.
Now that you know answers to why eat organic and what to eat organic, it’s time to shop for the best natural and organic foods you can find. But when considering eating organic and the most important foods to buy organic, be sure to remember that a growing fetus and children are much more susceptible and affected by pesticides and other toxins.
Moss Greene has been studying the common sense principles of health and nutrition since 1979.
In the last few years farmers have been increasingly using pesticides to control various plant diseases and crop endemics. Organic food products are not only made with crops grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers but they also help conserving the nutrients in the soil.
Organic meat is also produced in a similar method where the livestock is fed animal feed that is organic thus preventing contamination of the meat by pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Stores like Bruno’s Meat and Deli and Tiano’s Organics located in Pickering, Ontario give customers a wide range of organic products to choose from.
The organic food products in Bruno’s and Tiano’s have labels on them which indicate whether the product or meat is organic or otherwise. So, head to these stores to purchase fresh and organically produced groceries and meat to ensure the well being of you and your family.
Up to 100% off with your next order.Join Chef Yan VIP list and get a special deal right nowOffer to select customers. When I first embarked on a healthy lifestyle 4 years ago, it was actually really difficult to buy a lot of the organic food and other ingredients in Jakarta that I needed and wanted for raw recipes, and to source the supplements and other superfoods that I wanted to experiment with.
I’d fly to Singapore with an empty suitcase and bring items  back with me, and often have excess baggage on my return trips from Australia- not from buying shoes and clothes like regular people, but from going crazy in the health food shops!
Luckily it is much easier now to get healthy ingredients and organic and natural products in Jakarta, thanks to both bricks and mortar and online stores that are now based in this crazy capital. Because I get asked all the time about where to buy various things, I thought I’d share with you my little directory of where I go to buy the items that are on my health food and products shopping list. These days, the big supermarkets Ranch Market, Kemchicks, Daily Food Hall and Farmer’s Market have pretty decent organic vegetables sections.
I really like using services such as GIF and YUM because they are supporting local farmers and their foundations are helping to educate Indonesians about sustainable lifestyle practices which I am all for!
Other options for buying these kind of items include Healthy Choice and Organik Klub which is on Jl. I head online to buy superfood powders and supplements such as maca, lucuma, mesquite, acai, supergreens and goji berries.
Kombucha– You can have this yummy probiotic tea brewed fresh and then delivered to your home through Indo Kombucha, and you can also buy the scoby if you want to try brewing KT at home.
Coconut Oil–  If I can get to Cocona on Jl Fatmawati then this is my first choice for cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Cacao Products- I am a stockist for Big Tree Farm products such as cacao powder, cacao butter, cacao nibs, coconut nectar, cashew-cacao clusters, drinking chocolate and my favourite 73% dark chocolate Wonder Bars. The Green Shop is a local-based business that offers a decent range of skincare, haircare and home cleaning products that are organic and natural.

I also endorse Miessence products which I personally use for my skincare and haircare.  The import fees can sometimes be exhorbitant which is frustrating but I really do love these products so much, trust their quality and feel luxurious using them that I try not to think about the customs fees.
I really like the products made by Bali-based Utama spice, particularly the body butters and lip balms. Another option for buying organic skincare,makeup and haircare is the online store Naturisimo which is based in the UK but has free international delivery.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the options, but these are the places that I regularly use and therefore recommend personally. I’d love to know if you have any other suggestions for places to shop either in-person or online for healthy products and organic food in Jakarta. So I have been back into civilisation for a few days now, after my amazing four-day trek up Mt Rinjani in Lombok. Currently writing a book for women relocating, and wishing to do so in a healthy and happy way, should anybody wish to participate in my research.
So if you are a tea fan, you can order all types of puerh, green, yellow (or my personal favorite dianhong black tea) and all kinds of quality leaf teas there. Every year, the Environmental Working Group updates their Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides, which identifies those fruits and veggies with the most and least trace pesticides (dubbed the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen”), even after washing or peeling as the typical consumer would do.
Genetically modified foods are actually pretty easy to avoid when it comes to whole foods (non-processed foods, that is).
Sign up for Body Unburdened email updates to get a free printable PDF pocket guide of the most important foods to buy organic so you can always have the info you need on hand to shop smartly! Disclaimer: The content of Body Unburdened either through this website, social media pages, or any other materials distributed by Body Unburdened is intended to provide helpful and informative material. I hope these charts and lists help you make the best choices you can afford for your family. This site accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. In addition, for a food to be labeled organic, the food can not be genetically modified or irradiated. Dairy products – most conventionally raised cows are fed grains with pesticides and injected with drugs, antibiotics and growth hormones. Meat and poultry – To meet USDA requirements, organic meat and poultry must come only from animals that are fed organic feed, given no hormones or antibiotics and are generally allowed to free range.
The Environmental Working Group found that the 17 non-organic fruits and vegetables below had little to no pesticide residue. She began writing professionally in 2002 as the Nutrition Editor for BellaOnline, the 2nd largest women's website on the internet and in the world. The increased use and side effects of pesticides and fertilizers has led to this surge of organic foods.
This literally translates to humans ingesting pesticides which can cause harmful side effects like cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems and kidney failure.
Various chemicals present in the pesticides and fertilizers cause degradation of the soil thus rendering the patch of land barren after every harvest for at least a year. The farmers also ensure that to produce organic meat they do not inject the livestock with any antibiotics, medicines or growth inducing hormones. The stores ensure that the products, both groceries and meat are organically produced for a healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal. Since the meat products are free from any chemicals you can be sure of providing a healthy and nutritious meal to your family. I am still dreaming of the day we can get a Wholefoods here, but in the meantime at least we now have some decent options! I do sometimes get my veg from these places, but my preference is to use The Green Initiative.
This is my Big Tree Farms Product Price List  with ordering details for your cacao pleasure.
These orders arrive in a regular postage box and I have never had to pay any additional fees or duties.
I order these through the Singapore office and have them delivered to me via courier which is a set fee depending on the quantity and weight of your order. I’ve never paid duties on Naturisimo stuff- it is sent via Royal Mail from the Uk and arrives in a beautifully presented box without having to pay any duties or customs.
I used to live in Singapore where I could source almost everything, but have been struggling here.
And as much as many of us wish we could buy all of the food on our grocery list organically-grown, we unfortunately simply cannot.

This year, in addition to the Dirty Dozen, they identified two veggies, kale and hot peppers, that exceeded the levels of trace pesticides typical of the Dirty Dozen. However, I only support and endorse products that I use personally and feel would benefit readers.
I am not a doctor or a “registered dietitian,” and I do not provide medical advice or treat diseases. I'm a wellness nerd, natural beauty junkie, DIY enthusiast, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. One of the most beneficial ways to protect yourself from antibiotic resistance is to buy organic. My hope is to inspire others by sharing my experiences, tips and recipes to make it as easy as possible for you to choose a a plant-based diet.
As your budget allows, it makes sense to make sure the items you buy the most of each week are also purchased organically grown.
Hence various local and central governments have also introduced new regulations and various guidelines to produce and sell organic food.
The chemicals contained in most pesticides are not metabolized in the body often causing a toxic buildup. The stores offer a wide variety of meats ranging from organic beef to organic turkeys and even organic chicken and poultry.
All meat products stocked in the organic food stores in Pickering, Ontario are certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and are also certified by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Club Sehat has physical stores around Jakarta, but I use their delivery service to have my items sent to my home for convenience. Organik Klub also stocks a small range or fresh organic produce and will deliver with a charge. It has taken me years to find my feet and figure out how to be healthy in a developing coountry that loves meat and fried foods like you have no idea!! If you go to the Freebies page on my website you will find a download of my recommended places to buy organic and healthy products in Jakarta.
I received a letter in the mail from the customs office demanding a huge array of letters from doctors and such if I want to get the herbs out of customs.
For this reason, it’s very important to know which foods are the most important to buy organic so you can prioritize. These both tested positive for organophosphate pesticides (potent neurotoxins that can affect children’s IQ and brain development, even at low doses) and organochlorine pesticides (including dieldrin, DDT and heptachlor, neurotoxins that studies have linked to cancer, neurological damage, Parkinson’s disease, birth defects, respiratory illness and abnormal immune system function).
They also consider animal-products such as meat, eggs, dairy, and honey to be high-risk due to the common use of GMOs in animal feed. I personally drink raw milk from pasture-raised cows and eat meat and eggs from pasture-raised animals.
Thank you for supporting Body Unburdened and the work I do to help readers live non-toxic, healthy lives! Here I share all the healthy living tips & tid-bits I've learned while working towards a body unburdened: a healthy, all-natural body the way nature intended.
Thus most of the stores in Pickering, Ontario stock organic grocery supplies and organic meat.
Unfortunately I don’t eat meat so I have no idea where you can go to buy good quality meat, but I will ask around for you! If organic isn’t completely affordable, choose from the list above to avoid the foods with the most pesticide residue. Find out exactly where their food comes from by asking where the farm is located and how far it is from the market.
Though the stores still maintain separate organic and normal foods section, in some they plan to stock only organic food and meat. Not only am I an organic coupons expert, but I find the best green deals, helping hundreds of families save on the frugal, green lifestyle.
Nothing makes me happier than to help people realize being organic doesn't have to cost more. Learn more about the local farms attending the market by going to your local Farmers’ Market website.

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