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Since we moved to a home with a decent sized garden I've slowly been learning about how not to kill plants how to grow things. I think this handy "when to plant vegetables" printable will make planning a vegetable garden much quicker and easier!
Knowing when to plant your fruits and vegetables is extremely important to achieving a healthy harvest. Before you even start planning what you’re going to grow in the garden, make sure you know the climate in which you live.
Corn, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes should be planted in May and are harvested in September. Early August is the perfect time for planting cabbage, which grows all through the winter months and is harvested in February.
Similarly, lettuce should be planted in August and harvested in December before the harsh winter weather hits.
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But every spring, when I start planning which fruit and vegetables I am going to plant, I can never remember when seeds need to be planted, when they should be planted out in the garden or when I can harvest them.
Growing your own vegetables organically ensures healthful produce and saves you the high prices of organically grown produce at the grocery store. After you’ve selected what you want to grow in your garden, use this helpful guide to determine the optimal time to plant and harvest each item.

Extremely cold or extremely hot climates will have different specifications for how and when to plant vegetables. Different vegetables will need to be planted at different times during the year, and will be harvested at different times as well.
Both plants can survive moderately warm summers and will provide many vegetables for harvest in November. Unlike typical potatoes and similar to cucumbers, sweet potatoes prefer warm soil and grow large vines with leaves that soak up the sun. The warmth allows the eggplants to get strong and produce the vegetable without running the risk of frost or colder weather. It can also be planted in early February and harvested in early June because it is a cool season plant.
So this year I am trying to be more organized and have created this handy printable (which I am also sharing with you!). However should observation on some common issues, The web site taste is great, the articles is in point of fact nice : D.
They shoot up in the seed trays indoors and they are ready to be transplanted outdoors in no time.
If you live in a place where the climate is cool to warm all year round, you have more options for planting your vegetables.
Knowing when to plant vegetables will help you know when the harvest will take place for each vegetable type so that you are prepared to can or freeze your crop, if that is your plan.

Artichokes could be started indoors in February or March and transplanted in April, but beans often do not survive a transplant and should be planted straight into the soil in late April. Corn stands best when it is planted earlier in the summer, but not too early, as this could cripple its growth. If you live in a climate with very harsh winters, planting them indoors during late fall and transplanting them in early spring can also yield great results. We will also break down the benefits of raised garden beds,…Tips for Watering Your Garden Knowing when to water your garden and how much water it needs can save you time and money. The National Garden Association has a zone map that will show you which fruits and vegetables you can grow in your climate. But if you want to try apartment gardening, there are plenty of space-saving options for growing plants on a balcony.…Composting 101 Why Compost? When waste is not composted, it will end up in a landfill or incinerator, neither of which is environmentally-friendly or economical. Since not all leftovers can be used, we've put together a handy…How To Compost Now that you know which items to compost, you're ready to learn the steps involved in making compost. To achieve the real benefits of composting depends on how much organic…5 Easy Steps to Creating a Beautiful Succulent Arrangement Succulent arrangements combine color and texture into an organic, natural focal point and create a perfect centerpiece for a beach theme party.

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