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Winter gardening is only successful if you know the average date of the first killing frost in the region in which you live. There are many ways to add anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees of warmth to the fall and winter garden by taking advantage of free solar energy from the sun.
Greenhouses extend the growing season by protecting plants from harsh weather and making great use of solar energy. Raised beds are popular amongst gardeners wishing to control soil quality and extend the growing season. The good news is that you can start anytime and anywhere you like to grow vegetables and herbs in containers. THIS page is about what are the best vegetable and herb varieties to grow in pots and the sort of pots to use. To find out HOW to GROW vegetables in containers, including drainage, soil, watering, feeding and my first-hand experience tips, go to Container Vegetable Gardens. Porous: A porous container is generally made from wood, clay or terracotta, or any of the hanging basket linings like wire and moss, coir or other fibrous plant material.
The only reason you need to know that is because porous containers will lose moisture more quickly through their walls, so those plants will require more watering. Also plastic pots in hot sun have a habit of semi-frying roots, particularly in root-bound plants.
I do use plastic pots for seedlings and such, but personally I don't BUY NEW plastic pots; there are plenty of old pots and buckets around that others throw out, without littering the land and sea with more plastic.

Recycle imaginatively; try carved out pumice, hollowed logs, drainpipes, barrels, old tin cans, teapots, kettles, jugs, coal buckets etc. Large containers don't overbalance, plus more room means more roots for bigger plant growth. There are plenty of vegetable varieties for containers, and there are some outstanding ones just perfect for pots.
Because new hybrids are continually bred, it's difficult to keep up to date on the new names and attributes of all plants introduced onto the market. Heirlooms set seeds that will predictably grow the same or 99% similar as their parent plants, whereas seeds from hybrids will often revert back to the characteristics of their parents or grandparents. Look through plant catalogues, visit garden centres and talk to others to get the best selections for your needs. If you can choose plants that are labelled with such words as tolerates dry conditions, drought resistant, hardy, likes full sun, or happy in shade, and so on, then grab yourself an easy street container gardening life to suit your circumstances. Herbs need constant snipping to keep them compact and producing and to stop them rambling away to seed with few leaves.
Crops need to be planted early enough to let them reach full maturity before the killing frost arrives.
Fall and winter crops flourish in a cold frame and are protected from strong winds and cold night temperatures. Today, however, there are countless options when it comes to building your own greenhouse or purchasing a kit to put together.

Soil in raised beds heats up very quickly, and the bed can be covered with a hoop that protects crops when frost is a threat. Succession planting of summer crops when the season permits, maximizes garden space and provides a bountiful fall harvest.
With many wooden containers, especially troughs and planter, plastic or tin liners or pots are often used.
Plenty of hybrids have been around for ages and are favourites; and plenty of heirlooms also. Local Cooperative Extension offices can provide information pertaining to the average killing frost in your area. Cold frames are very easy to build and once the vegetables are planted they require minimal care.
The crops listed in this article are particular to regions whose killing frost comes in late October.
Build a frame that is 18 inches high in the back and 12 inches high in the front and attach the window sash.

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