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If you want to grow some of your own vegetables, and you’re short on space, then growing them in containers is a great option. If you’ve got something nasty in your ground, like soil borne disease or nematodes (a common result of growing lots of Solanaceae plants in one spot, like tomatoes and peppers) then container growing helps to relieve the heartache. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world.
But the thing I love most about container growing is the control you have over the environmental conditions … and by that I mean …if it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy… you can just pick up your pots and move them to a more protected spot until the environmental extremes have passed.

Well, you can just about grow anything, but some things do better than others, so here are my top ten picks to get you started. Want to start a small potted vegetable garden, but don’t know which vegetables to start with? If your soil is rubbish, and you hate digging, then it’s easy to create beautiful soil for growing in pots… and I’ll be sharing my recipe for a super soil mix a little later on. It’s also easier to make your own little microclimate for them with a shadecloth cover or a mini-greenhouse to extend the range of vegetables you can grow in your climate zone.

If you’ve never grown anything before, then grabbing a few pots, filling them with mix and planting out some established seedlings is the quickest and easiest way to get a start.

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