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For the home gardener, building our soils to make them as rich and fertile as possible is generally an ongoing endeavor. During each growing season, the plants we cultivate draw out and utilize nutrients from the soil, often leaving the earth in our beds more depleted at the end of the season than it was at the beginning.
Rebuilding our garden soils with various amendments, before, during and even after the growing season, has multiple benefits. Depending on where you live, one of the great things about manure is that you can often get it very cheaply, and sometimes even for free. Look for ads on on your local craigslist or perhaps at the bulletin board at your local farm or feed store, as folks who raise livestock are often more than happy to have others cart away their animals’ droppings for cheap or for free. Much of our soils have become depleted in trace minerals, and replacing those minerals is an excellent way to amend soil. Please check out my post Soil Demineralization and Remineralization for more information on this subject.
Adding rock dusts, greensand, sea vegetables or desalinated sea minerals to your soil is a very effective way to augment its trace mineral content and also boost the yield, vigor and overall health of any plants grown in that soil. Greensand – helps loosen hard, clay soils and contains magnesium, silica and other trace minerals.
Biochar is charred, or partially burned material such as wood, that has a variety of benefits as a soil amendment.
The better the quality, bioactivity and mineralization of the soil in which we grow our food, the better for the earth, and the and healthier that food will be for us to eat – so amend away! CATEGORIES • PLAY with the + buttons to see a category's drop down list of sub-categories. Several organic methods, both homemade and store-bought, work well to control outdoor fleas.
If you are interested in organic gardening and better health sign up for our intensive course taught by Master Gardener Darren Butler. Hello, Can anyone tell me what I can use safely on my leafy veggies, such as spinach, lettuce and collards, that can rid of bugs, especially beetles? Hello all, I am looking for organic (and therefore pestiside free) edible Nasturtiums, Elderflowers, Dandelion Heads and Violets that I can get relatively fresh in (or shipped to) Spokane WA.
QUICKLY TEST YOUR soil FERTILITY COUNT EARTHWORMS It sounds crazy, but by knowing how many earthworms are in your garden soil, you can quickly estimate your soil fertility. The Soil Association, the body which both certifies and promotes organic agricultural practices in the United Kingdom has been attracting attention this month with its new and exciting initiative, Organic September.
Small changes has been an important theme for Organic September, with the Soil Association encouraging consumers to make changes to individual items in their basket, rather than their whole weekly shop. The Soil Association has a long track record of bringing organic practices to a wider audience. Peat bogs are unique ecosystems, similar to wetlands, and one of the biggest stores of carbon and greenhouse emissions on the planet.
Organic soil is naturally rich in inactive nutrients and is devoid of hazardous chemical fertilizers. Organic soil is considered to be natural without even traces of chemical add-ons to enhance the fertility. In this course, Samantha Langlois, conservation biologist, avid organic gardener, and edible landscaper makes soil ecology and soil building available to people of all educational backgrounds.
In this course you will gain the scientific background to understand the science of soil ecology. Mom of 3, keeper of mad collies and chickens, in search of lost perennial veg and into all thing permaculture. Wheatgrass; step by step directions on how to grow your own organic wheatgrass and wheatgrass growing, harvest, storing, saving and juicing guide. Soak about two cups of ORGANIC wheatgrass beery seeds in water (filtered water preferred) for about 18 to 24 hours. After about 24 hours remove the soaking wheatgrass berry seeds from your sprout container or soaking tray and lightly rinse and let drip free of water (for convenience a strainer can be used).
Water your organic growing soil til it drips out the bottom of the growing tray (shown with water catch underneath growing tray).
Add your pre-soaked wheatgrass seeds on to the top of your prepared organic soil in your growing tray. Southerners; on very hot humid days start the growing of your wheatgrass inside and near a window for sunlight. Cover seed growing tray with a vented or upside down draining growing tray or board to keep the seeds dark until seedlings sprout into light green new wheat grass. Notice 3 tier tray configuration; vented tray on top, draining growing tray middle, solid catch tray on bottom.

At this point you may want to add a no drip (solid bottom) growing tray underneath the wheatgrass draining growing tray to catch over watering. SPACE BETWEEN TRAYS; the hanging roots from the top tray will need to easily reach the water in the bottom tray. If indoors you may want to leave the bottom tray with NO holes for added protection for your floors or counters from water damage (but be careful not to over water to avoid constant soggy soil conditions). Water when soil or seeds begin to become dry (remove top to check and then replace the top cover).
Day seven of wheatgrass growing cycle pictured and time to take your first partial harvest for juicing.
At some point in the growth cycle the wheatgrass is at an optimal nutritional juicing point. High humidity during the growth cycle may cause mold to grow at the base of your wheatgrass. Fresh manure also often contains pathogenic bacteria and perhaps even parasites that are potentially harmful to humans. I thought about buying some Burpee organic seeds for my vegetable garden this year but I'm totally in the dark. Just as soil is central to the success of a garden, it can be the determining factor when you’re concerned with having the healthiest grass on the block.
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Aiming to change consumer habits, and promote organic produce, The Soil Association launched the month long campaign reminding supporters that “organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species – that's more birds, bees, butterflies, beetles, bats and wildflowers. Knowing that consumers have often been put off by the perceived price premium attached to Organic Goods, the Soil Association have moved away from the more daunting campaigns of the past which called on consumers to change the behaviour across their purchases. When the Social Association was set up in 1946, the idea of organic agriculture was one in its infancy. Organic Mechanics soils are 100% organic, use locally sourced ingredients, and are one of the few peat-free garden soils available.
Although peat is a common ingredient in soil mixes, current use is unsustainable because the bogs are harvested rapidly, but take hundreds of years to replace, growing just millimeters per year. Though the fertility factor of organic soil is high compared to other type of soils, fertility can further be enhanced by the use of organic compost and manure. Organic gardeners recognize that their job is to build rich soil; abundant, nutrient-rich food is just a by-product of healthy soil. Feed the soil and the soil will feed you!
Delivered lecture-style and with supplemental PDF downloads, Samantha clearly breaks down the science behind healthy garden soil! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. For your convenience use a soaking tray or sprouting cup which is preferably either glass or a BPA free plastic container (plastic soaking tray shown).
Wheatgrass grows best with warm days (65 to 75 degrees) , partly to mostly sunny with medium humidity and cool nights (55 to 65 degrees). On days of high humidity and heat you may place your wheatgrass outdoors for short periods of time (three to eight hours per day depending on the humidity level) to receive sunlight. Please do not use newspaper as some recommend, newspaper contains ink and other chemicals which may leak in to the growing process. Adding this bottom tray properly also adds a second watering system to the roots that almost always grow through the drain holes in the bottom of wheatgrass growing tray. Therefore, I create a space of no more than one half inch height between top and bottom tray. Most people can tell if the wheatgrass tray needs water by picking up the tray after watering to get a feel for the weight of a fully watered tray. This point is just before or as the grass starts to split and begins it’s reproductive cycle. If mold does appear rinse your wheatgrass thoroughly before juicing or consuming raw wheatgrass. The difference in the time growing cycle is due to watering, sunlight, humidity, temperature and soil differences. We encourage doctors, dentists and alternative health, sport and fitness businesses to use this website to help promote modern medicine and wholesome, natural, holistic, organic, alternative health, sport and fitness lifestyles to the residents of the Treasure Coast.
All content protected by copyright and any use or reproduction without permission is prohibited (linking and fair use permitted). So it’s best to allow fresh manure to age and break down with time before using it to amend soils in which food is to be grown. Even if it didn't I plan to mulch with straw or hay anyhow so weeds seeds shouldn't be a problem.

And believe it or not, going green in terms of your lawn care is often the best choice for achieving the greenest looking lawn!The first step will be evaluating the native soil, so that it is clear what sort of additives will be most helpful. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This ‘soft sell’ approach to making users go organic seems to have been effective too, with major brand names including Sainsbury’s announcing tie in offers, with discounts on organic goods to support the campaign. Today organic in an altogether different position, and the Soil Association is credited by many as being at the forefront of an organic produce revolution in the UK. Instead of peat, Organic Mechanics uses compost and coconut coir, both recycled materials with the added benefits of greater moisture retention and increased nutrient content.
This increases the soil fertility that is suitable for a wide variety of plantations independent of chemical fertilizers that affects the pH.
Chemicals are avoided even in traces as the manures used are also from organically fed animals. Most importantly, you will learn how to apply this knowledge to your own backyard organic garden. The spacer between trays should always be as chemical free as possible (natural wood or glass). This is why I recommend to harvest all the wheatgrass at this point and juice what you need to immediately consume and store the rest in a container in the frig.
The Soil Association hope that the act of changing one item for a month might help break some of the myths about organic, especially around affordability, and simultaneously show consumers the benefits in quality that organic has to offer. The Soil association today is the UKs main accrediting body, and boasts more than 26,000 members, and still plays a prominent role in promoting organic agriculture with initiatives like Organic September. By the end of this course you will know how to build the soil you need to produce abundant, nutrient-rich food in your own organic garden. If mold does appear rinse your wheatgrass thoroughly after harvesting or before juicing or consuming. Harvested or cut wheatgrass placed in a container will last about seven or eight days in a common refrigerator. Organic wheatgrass growing remains have a high natural organic make up and will add to the natural value of vegetable garden soil as well as many other types of gardens. Soil borne organisms break the complex and inactive nutrients in the soil to simpler forms that can be easily absorbed. Do not let harvested wheatgrass freeze and do not eat or juice wheatgrass if it has begun or has turned yellow. These changes affect what grows with the most ease, since grass prefers a neutral or just slightly acidic pH, but many weeds show up once the level has gone too high or low.It can also be useful to add a layer of topsoil to any lawn, since grass will come up greener if it is able to put down deeper roots. Discovering what is beneath the soil already on your property is a good idea, since it may be just a few inches down before the dirt begins to get rocky, and if so, that will make a lot of difference to the future success of what is planted. The acidic and alkaline pH soil does not support a wide range of plant growth unlike the neutral pH.
Using high quality soil with all the nutrients and a good pH is the best possible way to encourage the growth you want. Organic soil mostly maintains neutrality in pH, thereby supporting a wide range of plantations. Apart from supporting a wide variety of plantations, it also determines the type of microorganisms that resides in the soil. It isn’t necessary to mow the grass all that short, since doing so will only cause the lawn to grow faster and in the end have little effect on the length.
Extremely acidic soils lack soil borne organisms and any kind of microorganisms that aids in plant growth. Neutral pH soil becomes a habitat for many kinds of microorganisms that helps to increase plant growth. Natural, rich, nourishing soil is the key to an attractive lawn that is simple to keep up.A beautiful lawn does not require artificial fertilizers, over-watering, or other less than ideally environmental practices. The component that will really have the biggest impact is also the one that is most organic and natural.
Your lawn will look better if it actually is better-off so putting in the effort to provide the right base is worthwhile.
Rather than spending all your time fighting against problems, the best strategy is starting with a strong foundation – and then letting nature take its course.

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