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August 15, 2013 by Shantha Leave a Comment Vegetable Au Gratin is a casserole prepared using vegetables in a cheesy sauce.
There are a different ways you could make an Au Gratin, with different vegetables, meat & seafood. I adore Gratin, veggie or meat based, I enjoy it all but what I noticed was the dish you are using, is that corning ware< it reminds me of when I was a child and my mum would use it? This looks mucho delicious and you’ve triggered fond food memories.My mom had a Corelle casserole like this!

Love Gratin dishes, here are very common because we’ve a great influence of French cuisine.
The bowl doesn’t matter, I have eaten in France gratin regardless of shape of the bowl! I love gratin, gorgeous n delicious gratin…one of the healthy way of having veggies na!!!Lovely click dear!! Sometimes cheese is sprinkled¬† which melts & gets crispy under the broiler, but is not a requirement.

I had been using this for SO long now that i forgot really for how many years it has been with me! This Au Gratin has become a family favorite (initially introduced by my husband )- even my little one who is an extremely picky eater, eats this with a lot of enthusiam.

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